JustGiving: Guide to Fundraising with Social Media


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Help us raise more – fundraise on JustGiving.

We use JustGiving because it helps us raise more. The proof: over 12 million people already have raised over £700 million for charity on JustGiving.

JustGiving makes online fundraising simple, fast, effective and fun.

It only takes 60 seconds to set up your JustGiving fundraising page for our charity. The JustGiving team then gives you everything you need to get your fundraising out there – the tips, hints and tools, like their Facebook and smartphone apps, that let you reach more sponsors faster. And because JustGiving gets your donations and Gift Aid to us quicker than anyone else, your fundraising effort goes straight to work for our charity.

Plus, JustGiving provides you and your sponsors with a 100% secure, spam-free experience. They will never sell or share your personal details. They won’t try to sell you anything, either. That’s why we trust them with you, our fundraisers and donors.

To start raising money for us on JustGiving, click here:


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JustGiving: Guide to Fundraising with Social Media

  1. 1. The JustGiving guide to social media fundraisingSo youʼve already asked your close friends and family for donations, but are still short of your fundraisingtarget. How can you reach more people? Social media is a powerful way to get your story, and your fundraisingpage, to a potentially unlimited audience.Here are JustGivingʼs top tips on using social media to reach your fundraising goals. On Facebook On Twitter• Update your Facebook status with your • Use Twitter to share your JustGiving page –JustGiving link – so all of your friends see your write what youʼre doing and why peoplelink in their News Feeds. For an extra push, should sponsor you, in the shortest sentencepost your link on their walls. possible.• Ask friends to ʻdonateʼ their status update to • Ask your followers to ʻretweetʼ your link –you. Via their statuses, you can reach people so it reaches their followers too (remember:you might not know. the shorter your tweet, the more retweet-able it is).• Use the JustGiving Facebook application toinvite people on Facebook to sponsor you: • Ask your charity to share your link on theirhttp://apps.facebook.com/justgiving Facebook or Twitter sites. Or post it yourself on their Facebook wall.• Ask your friend to use Facebook Connect onJustGiving after theyʼve donated. This way theycan share your page with their Facebook On a blogfriends. You can also use it to promote yourpage. • If youʼve got a great story, start a blog about it. Blogs are a great way to share your photos, videos and tweets in one place, keeping your supporters up-to-date. On YouTube• Get on YouTube. Make a video – maybe afunny parody of your training, or just you On the internettelling the camera what youʼre doing and whypeople should donate. • Search ALL of these sites for people talking about the charity youʼre supporting. If you find people interested in the same cause, talk to them. They might be interested in sup- On Flickr or Picasa porting you, and you might make some new• Take photos of your training or event and friends along the way.share these on sites like Flickr or Picasa. Showpeople what youʼre doing and why they shouldsupport you. Donʼt forget to link to your page. JustGiving widget • Use the JustGiving widget to show your latest fundraising total on your own website – Create a presentation www.justgiving.com/widget• Create a presentation and upload it to siteslike Prezi or SlideShare. Donʼt be boring! Youcan make it fun, like this one:http://blog.justgiving.com/preziStill got questions? help@justgiving.com www.twitter.com/justgiving www.justgiving.com www.facebook.com/justgiving blog.justgiving.com