College Magazine Research


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College Magazine Research

  1. 1. College Magazine Research Sam Bailey
  2. 2. There are many different types of college magazine. These include; music, art, technology, science, maths, fashion and many more. Almost all of these magazines have the same kind of layout including a mast head and feature article but they vary in content and style. The style and content will depend of the type of magazine that is being produced. For example; a college fashion magazine would be stylish, retro and eye catching to those who are interested. The content would be articles about new fashion lines, new styles, quizzes involving money and clothes as prizes. It would only be appealing to people who are interested in fashion and clothing. The style and content of a college science magazine would be very different to a college fashion magazine. The magazine would have a large masthead and picture eye catching to those interested in science. Articles would be about new experiments, health, ways that the body works and maybe about space. This would be very interesting to those interested in science. A good college magazine will include an eye catching mast head, a large picture and a feature article that relates to the type of magazine. The layout would also depend on what type of magazine that is being produced.
  3. 3. Paperdoll Fashion Magazine The mast head is placed at the top of the page in a blue font against a white background. This makes the masthead stand out. The font gives a lot of style to the magazine and is quite eye-catching. The main image is of a girl wearing alternative clothing made to look good. She is wearing bright colours on top and dark on the bottom, the colours she is wearing match her hair colour. The big glasses that she is wearing brings out a comical side to the main image but at the same time the way she is staring into the camera lense makes it seem intimidating to some. The lead articles feature celebrity names who dress alternativley so it fits in with the type of magazine. I think this front cover is quite plain but at the same time is catches the eye of people who would be interested.
  4. 4. Paperdoll Fashion Magazine Contents Page. The contents page of this magazine is made to look quite rough and different. This gives a good effect who appeals to certain readers. The font used is bold and clear and in black and white which is quite alternative. Although some colour is used it is kept to a minimal amount which makes it look very stylish. The contents page is very important to a magazine and needs to include very clear precise information which in this particular magazine it does.
  5. 5. Science Worlds The masthead of this magazine is very eye-catching, this is done by using large bold writing and a different colour on a white background. Also just underneath the masthead is a quick keyword section showing what type of things are in the magazine instead of having to go through the magazine to find out whats inside. I would find this very useful and think it’s a good idea. The main image is very intriguing as it is a hand having the finger prints scanned. The main articles are also writted in bold writing in a different colour which is attracting, the main articles give you a good idea about what is in the magazine, the most interesting bits. I think this is a good front cover as it gives just enough information whilst still being plain.
  6. 6. Science Worlds Contents Page This contents page is very crowded with information and pictures. It also includes a letter from the editor which is always a nice touch. The pictures are screen shots of articles and photos included in the magazine, with page numbers in the corner. There is a lot of information in this magazine which is being shown by the very busy contents page. It is very clearly set out where the certain articles can be found and in very clear fonts and colour. I think that it is quite boring and coule be less crowded.
  7. 7. Underground Art School The masthead is in an unusual place on this magazine cover. They are usually set out at the top of the magazine which is what makes this magazine different. The main image isn’t of a usual photo it is a design that has been drawn. The front cover is quite plain but it stands out.
  8. 8. Contents page This contents page has three main images on it one of which has been photographed and two of them are drawings. The font that is used is grabbing and looks fun. The information that is provided is very clear and precise. The background is a picture of a tree with quotations coming off it, this has probably been drawn by an art student to put into the magazine which gives it the arty touch.