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Attb Mobile


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Find out how AllTheTopBananas can help you with mobile recruitment solutions.

Find out how AllTheTopBananas can help you with mobile recruitment solutions.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. The online job technology experts. Dave Martin, Twitter: @TopBananas
  • 2. Smart phone history 2000 first MS mobile. 1996 first smart phone Nokia 9000. 2005 o2 XDA 2007 iPhone released PDA tech like Apple Newton, Compaq iPaq and Windows Mobile merged with Mobile Phone Mobile & iPod & PDA all come together
  • 3. 4 yeas to Standard MP3 device Lets take a quick look at iPod take over of the MP3 world Apple announced in April 2007 the 100 millionth iPod had been sold. More than 2 in 3 of 2007 model year cars offer iPod integration. During 2006, Apple sold 7.3 iPods per Apple Mac Computer. By 2007 iTunes Store accounted for 85% of the songs downloaded in the U.S. By 2010 iTune Store available in 94 countries.
  • 4. iPod went from nothing to a Standard MP3 device Quarters from launch Millions of units sold
  • 5. iPhone sells quickly and big Quarters from launch Millions of units sold
  • 6. Windows Mobile not moving – will Win 7 mobile change this? Millions of units sold
  • 7. Can anything stop iPhone growth? What will 2010 do? Following the trend iPhone and Blackberry devices will be equal market share.
  • 8. Mobile Internet Use Only about 1 in 6 smart phones generate two thirds of all mobile web browsing – the iPhone. Nokia have the most devices, the second largest footprint of smart phones is about 1 in 5 of all smart phones from Blackberry Google phones have only 4% of the market share, but generate nearly 1 in 10 of all mobile web browsing. Palm and Windows Mobile fail to generate significant App Downloads. 50% of all apps downloaded to a smart phone are downloaded to an iPhone Source: (Net Applications, AdMob, Gartner)
  • 9. What does iPhone market Growth mean? If iPhone reached 30% of smart phone market at current activity other mobile traffic would be as significant as Yahoo is to Google.
  • 10. What about Opera Mini? But, Opera Mini is now on the scene – a Blackberry and Android browser that works. Watch out iPhone?
  • 11. Apple are a marketing channel iTunes / AppStore is estimated to have between 100m to 150m users worldwide. Each of these can buy services with one click. AppStore is a Marketing Channel
  • 12. The rest of the stores / market places? Nokia, Blackberry and MS have equivalent AppStores. But they are smaller, they have less choice, less users and smaller marketing from the manufactures. PC based app browsing is a must that is not available across the application stores. Advertising of the apps and choice is still small compared to AppStore – there needs to be a challenger for “there is an app for that” Perhaps a 3 rd party will help out – what if I can buy Apps and Music for my smart phone from Amazon?
  • 13. Global Mobile Internet Africa, China, Latin America, India – emerging mobile Internet markets. Circa 21.9% of the global population online. 87% of new subscribers to Internet are Mobile. Chile huge growth, in 60 days went from 450GB to 4TB a day ! Chile connections, 315% in 2008 from 56,156 to 233,011 (source: atelmo, Chilean mobile association) New traffic growing from outside urban areas. Philippeans 6x more subscription over 9 months growing to 750,000
  • 14. Mobile landscape overview…
  • 15. Real world iPhone App Impact
    • Working with leading UK job boards we have witnessed fantastic return on launching an iPhone app.
    • Branding exposure in AppStore / iTunes
    • Users downloading the app to their phones
    • High level of activity on the app
    • Increase of iPhone users visiting the main site from their phones
    • Capturing a slice of users web consumption that previously was left to other sites.
  • 16. 2010 planned mobile developments..
    • Mobile Road Map for white labeled Job Board applications:
      • Q2 Launch iPad App & enhancements on iPhone app.
      • Q3 Launch Google Phone app
      • Launch Blackberry app
      • Q4 Launch Windows Mobile 7 app
    • See more information:
  • 17. Thank You for your time.