Hadoop and aws map reducecourse
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Hadoop and aws map reducecourse






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Hadoop and aws map reducecourse Hadoop and aws map reducecourse Document Transcript

  • Hadoop and Amazon Web Service-Map Reduce Complete Training course details: Exercises: Hadoop Virtual Machine Setup Configuring Hadoop in Single Cluster. Loading/UnLoading Data in Distributed HDFS System. Amazon Map Reduce based Hadoop setup - Multi Cluster Mode. Process and Metrics Analysis for Hadoop Output. Apache Pig Installation and script execution. NOSQL Data setup and Integration with Hadoop. HiveQL commands and scripts . HBASE Map Reduce examples. Many more examples and exercises /assignments 1. Introduction to HADOOP Distributed computing , cloud computing Big data Basics and Need for Parallel Processing How Hadoopworks ? Introduction to HDFS and Map Reduce 2. Hadoop Architecture Details Name Node Data Node Secondary Name Node Job Tracker Task Tracker 3. HDFS ( Hadoop - Distributed File System) Hadoop Distributed file system , Background, GFS Data Replication Data Storage Data Retrieval Additional HDFS commands 4) MapReduce Programming MapReduce, Background Writing MapReduce Programs Writable and WritableComparable Input Format, Output Format Input Split and Block size Combiner Partitioner Number of Mappers and Reducers Counters 5) Hadoop Streaming How Streaming Works ? Writing MapReduce programs in other languages
  • 6) Introduction to Amazon Map Reduce (AMR) MapReduce using Cloud AWS MapReduce and EC2 AWS-MR Architecture. Multipl Cluster Deployment using AWS-S3 7) Hadoop Ecosystem and Other Related Projects Hive Pig HBase Sqoop Flume Oozie 8) Hadoop Data Center Deployment Basic Hadoop data center deployment techniques Networking challenges in Hadoop Deployment Disaster Recovery ( DR ) in Hadoop . 9) Hadoop Cluster Administration Master / Salve Configuration Important Directroires Small, Medium and Large Cluster considerations Hadoop Monitoring - GANGLIA ,NAGIOS 9) Hadoop Business Case Why Hadoop is NOT a Silver Bullet for all your problems. When to use Hadoop- Business Cases When NOT to use Hadoop - Business Case 10) Hadoop and Cloud Computing Using Cloud technologies for distributed processing Hadoop on Amazon Web Service. Hadoop in Oracle Cloud / RackSpace Certification Help: Exam Papers for Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer/Administrator. Preparation help and Guidance. Business Contacts: Name : Mr. Satish Kumar Email id : info@tektrainings.com Or tektrainings1@gmail.com Phone number : +91 998 941 6000 ( India), 248 906 1615 ( USA)