Pri sm credential scheme


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Pri sm credential scheme

  1. 1. itSMF International The IT Service Management Forum professional recognition for IT Service Management Why you should become a priSM® credential holder6/24/2011 Issue 4 – © priSM® 2011 1
  2. 2. priSM® Institute – credential (a definition) Credential awarded to an individual based on specific criteria and then maintained via a specified program of activities Certification based on achieving a specific set of skills, usually ‘tested’ via an exam Membership fee-based group that only requires one to abide by group rules and pay annual dues for individual or corporate membership 6/24/2011 Issue 3 – Page 2
  3. 3. priSM® Institute – our purpose • Supporting our credential holders by : • promoting their standing in the industry • recognising performance of ITSM professionals through the award of an earned credential • application of a professional code of conduct • defining a globally recognized benchmark for the performance of ITSM professionals • requiring and enabling them to use our continual professional development program • providing opportunities to be mentored and also to support the development of other credential holders 6/24/2011 Issue 3 – Page 3
  4. 4. priSM® Institute – recognizing you, providing opportunity… Earn distinction and recognition Provides a structured YOU path for continuing professional Experience growth Commitment to continual professional Can lead to development (CPD) career Support of others opportunities Awarded and Contribution to the ITSM industry advancement priSM® credential Qualifications Gain support (as a mentee) Support others (as a mentor) 6/24/2011 Issue 3 – Page 4
  5. 5. priSM® Institute – credential levels SSM® ASM® PSM® DPSM® FSM® Student in Associate in Professional Distinguished Fellow in Service Service in Service Professional Service Management Management Management in Service Management Management 6/24/2011 Issue 3 – Page 5
  6. 6. priSM® Institute – credential services • The Registry – Listing of credential holders • Future state: searchable by specialization, years of experience, certification, credential • Used by consultants, HR departments, recruitment agencies etc… • Mentoring – Pairing of volunteer mentors to mentees who have a specific support need • Monitored and assessed 6/24/2011 Issue 3 – Page 6
  7. 7. priSM® Institute – what it takes to apply • Proof of current and historical (if applicable) level of responsibility, experience and competence within Service Management • Continual engagement in the field of Service Management in the eyes of peers, employers, clients and team members • Commitment to continual professional development – Professional contributions – Ongoing education • Membership in itSMF • Endorsement and commitment to a Code of Ethics – Standard of Conduct 6/24/2011 Issue 3 – Page 7
  8. 8. priSM® Institute – Code of Ethics 6/24/2011 Issue 3 – Page 8
  9. 9. priSM® Institute – example of requirements Example credential level Example profile Student • Undergraduate or graduate student carrying at least a 50% normal full-time academic course of study • Demonstrate a reasonable interest in the area of Service Management Professional • The priSM® Professional has 6 years of service management experience, holds two certificates at the professional level or above and is contributing on a wider basis in the industry, e.g. attending/contributing to service management events Fellow • The priSM® Fellow is an industry leader whose contributions to the Service Management profession are recognized by other industry leaders and their peers. It is a nominated/honorary credential. Specific requirements can be found in the priSM® handbook… …and you can check your profile using the priSM® Calculator found on the “Applying to priSM” web page 6/24/2011 Issue 3 – Page 9
  10. 10. priSM® Institute – CPD requirements Credential level Elective area Mandatory Annual credits credits minimum (e.g. certifications, in the areas of credits conference/meeting Authorship, Presenting (total) attendances, SME or Volunteering (APV) activities or the APV list) Student 10 n/a 10 Associate 20 n/a 20 Professional 34 6 40 Distinguished 40 12 52 Professional Fellow 20 24 44 6/24/2011 Issue 3 – Page 10
  11. 11. itSMF International The IT Service Management Forum priSM® Institute – global direction…6/24/2011 Issue 3 – © priSM® 2011 11
  12. 12. priSM® Institute – global structure Global governance Strategic direction Global priSM® Institute Establishes the policies and principles Global ambassadors for priSM® (GpI) Represents the RpIs to the GpI board with Global priSM® Advisory feedback and innovative ideas Committee Provides support for Chapters Americas priSM® EMEA priSM® Institute PacRim priSM® Institute Ensures regional considerations are addressed Institute (RpI) (RpI) (RpI) established Feb 2010 establishes Feb 2011 establishes Q3 2011 Local support by Chapter Boards Regional itSMF Regional itSMF Regional itSMFDevelops localized additional benefits Chapters – priSM® Chapters – priSM® Chapters – priSM® Addresses local governance needs Portfolio Portfolio Portfolio 6/24/2011 Issue 3 – Page 12
  13. 13. priSM® Institute – some thoughts to leave you with… itSMF International The IT Service Management Forum “priSM® is a major step towards the maturity of the ITSM industry. This program offers a valid, objective and consistent, global understanding that can be a valuable tool to those in search of the best ITSM professionals. It also offers our members a career path to meet personal growth aspirations – no matter where they are today.” David Cannon FSM® Chair of the itSMF International Executive Board visit 6/24/2011 Issue 3 – Page 13
  14. 14. itSMF International The IT Service Management Forum Stand out from the crowd, apply now visit http://www.theprisminstitute.orgQuestions should be directed to the Global Program Manager: Suzanne D. Van Hove, Ed.D., FSM® Skype: sdvanhove 502-456-4322 (USA) 6/24/2011 Issue 3 – © priSM® 2011 14