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  • 1. Seasons
    Samara Nenadov
    EDU 290
    9:30-10:45 Tue/Thur
  • 2. Poem
    Four Seasons
    Springtime is a green time
    When seedlings start their growing.
    Summertime’s a rainbow time
    When many blooms are blowing.
    Autumntime’s a brown time
    When seeds are ripe for sowing;
    But wintertime’s a white time
    (It’s the flower’s nighttime)
    When stars of frost are glowing
    This poem was by Rowena Bennett
  • 3. Facts about Seasons
    The Earth has four seasons.
    Seasons are the changes in the weather that last for a certain period of time.
  • 4. How Seasons Occur
    The Earth is always moving around the Sun and is always spinning even though we cannot feel it.
    Because the Earth is spinning parts of the Earth are closer to the Sun and and other parts are farther away from the Sun at one given time.
    The Earth is tilted to the side just slightly as it turns.
    This causes the Earth to have seasons.
  • 5. The Seasons Move In Order
  • 6. Winter
    Temperatures tend to be colder in the winter versus the other seasons.
    The part of the Earth that experiences winter is the part that is tilted and turned far away from the Sun.
    In the winter the weather tends to have snow and ice.
    Tree branches look bare and some animals to go into hibernation.
    The days become short and nights become long.
    Even though you may be experiencing winter there are other people across the world experiencing summer at the same time.
  • 7. Clothing for the Winter
    Heavy Coat
    Warm gloves or mittens
    Sometimes snowsuits
  • 8. Fun in the Winter
    Ice Skating
    Shoveling Snow
    Throwing Snowballs
    Plowing the Streets
  • 9. Poem
    When it is winter time
    I run up the street
    And I make the ice laugh
    With my little feet-
    “Crickle, crackle, crickle
    Crrreeet, crrreeet, crrreeet.”
    This poem was by Dorthy Aldis
    It was taken from Sung Under the Silver Umbrella, by the Macmillan Company.
  • 10. Spring
    Temperatures increase compared to winter and days grow longer.
    Flowers burst into bloom and buds appear on branches of trees.
    Grass becomes green again.
    Animals start to come out of hibernation.
  • 11. Clothing for the Spring
    The weather starts off cooler because of the winter temperatures but then becomes warmer. Because of the temperature differences there is a variety of clothing worn.
    Sometimes pants and sweatshirts
    Sometimes shorts and a t-shirt
  • 12. Fun in the Spring
    Flying a kite
    Picking flowers
    Jump rope
    Riding bicycles
  • 13. Poem
    Kite Days
    A kite a sky, and a good firm breeze,
    And acres of ground away from the trees,
    And one hundred yards of clean, strong string-
    O boy, O boy! I call that Spring!
    This poem is by Mark Sawyer
    This was taken from Sing a Song of Seasons
  • 14. Summer
    Insects come out and buzz from leaf to flower.
    Birds nest are hidden by green leaves on trees. Baby birds are in these nests.
    The days are hot, sunny, and long
    At this time the Earth is tilted and facing the towards the Sun
    While you may be having summer someone else across the world is having winter at the same time.
  • 15. Clothing for the Summer
    Sunglasses to keep the sun out of our eyes
    Sun Screen (it is important to wear this when you are in contact with the sun)
    Bathing Suits
  • 16. Fun in the Summer
    Mowing the Lawn
    Watering bushes and Flowers
    Washing the car
    Playing outdoor sports
    Camping out
    Playing in a wading pool
  • 17. Poem
    When school is out, we love to follow
    our noses over a hill and hollow,
    smelling jewelweed and vetch,
    sniffing fern and milkweed patch.
    The air fifth of our five senses
    leads us under, over, fences.
    We run like rabbits through bright hours
    and poke our noses into flowers!
    This poem is by Frances Frost
    It was taken from Sing and Seasons
  • 18. Fall
    Fall is the season where leaves fall off trees and change colors.
    Another name for Fall is Autumn.
    Leaves are the colors Red, Orange, Yellow, and Brown.
    Birds nests are empty and dry leaves crunch beneath your feet.
    Crops are harvested and days become shorter
  • 19. Clothes for the Fall
    Sweatshirt or Sweater
  • 20. Fun in the Fall
    Raking leaves
    Jumping in piles of leaves
    Picking apples
    Taking hikes
    Playing football
  • 21. Autumn Woods
    Autumn Woods
    I like the woods
    In autumn
    When dry leaves hide the ground,
    When the trees are bare
    And the wind sweeps by
    With the lonesome rushing sound.
    I can rustle the leaves
    In autumn
    And I can make a bed
    In the thick dry leaves
    That have fallen
    From the bare trees
    This poem is by James S. Tippett
    Taken from Sung Under the Silver Umbrella by Macmillan Company.
  • 22. Sources
    Information found at these sites
  • 23. Sources
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  • 24. Sources
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    Slide 19 Picture:
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  • 25. Sources
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