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Digital Technology for a Digitized Culture
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Digital Technology for a Digitized Culture


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A brief overview of the impact that digital technology has had on North American culture.

A brief overview of the impact that digital technology has had on North American culture.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Over the past few decades digitaltechnologyhas had a massive impact on North American culture.
    Imgage: djcphotos - flickr
  • 2. Imgage: NW Sunshine - flickr
    We have had to adaptour culture to suit a world where text messaging is more common than phone calls and students can write entire research papers without ever entering a library.
  • 3. Image: MaciejDakowicz – flickr
    What are some ways that digital technology has changed our culture?
  • 4. 1. Digital technology requires an entirely new set of etiquette.
    Today’s social media and digital technology requires an entirely new set of etiquette.
    Image: Aurborne Guy - flickr
  • 5. Rules like “Don’t phone after 10 pm” are now obsolete.
    Image: Poetic Home - flickr
  • 6. Replacing them are rules like: “E-mail first” and “Don’t call at all”.
    Image: Dennis Saaltink - flickr
  • 7. And elbows on the table are nothing compared to the new-rude: calling and texting from the table.
    Image: therocketscientist - flickr
  • 8. Image: SuperCubeVintage – flickr
    2. We judge others based on the technology they own.
  • 9. There are iPhone people, blackberry people, android people...
    …and those who do not even own a smartphone at all.
    Image: PACMan3000 - flickr
  • 10. Image: ghino – flickr
    Some of us differentiate ourselves by personalizing our technology.
  • 11. Some of us choose our technology based on what a certain brand or style will say about us.
    Image: jmetaylor - flickr
  • 12. Image: cseeman - flickr
    3. Educators have to keep the attention of pupils who are used to constantly multitasking.
  • 13. Reading out of textbooks and simpleslidesno longer cut it.
    Image: textbookace - flickr
  • 14. Image: sarahjanenyc1 - flickr
    The learning community has turned to more interactiveoptions, such as: iClickers, and even video games.
  • 15. More and more coursesare being offered online.
    Image: - flickr
  • 16. Image: passive income - flickr
    4. Relationships with others revolve around the use of technology.
  • 17. Online dating has become common
    and new smartphone apps are emerging that help people find love based on GPS technology.
    Image: S Migol - flickr
  • 18. Long distance relationships are made easier with social media sites and Skype.
    Image: Lynlypiochy - flickr
  • 19. Image: kaleidoscope08 - flickr
    But one downside is that this technology has also made affairs far more accessible
    with some sites and apps emerging that are designed specifically for people looking cheat.
  • 20. And if you do decide to end your relationship there is no need for any messy face-to-face interaction.
  • 21. Image: alexsegre - flickr
    A simple text message will do.
  • 22. Still not convincedthat digital technology has permanently affected our culture?
    Image: the Bacher family - flickr
  • 23. Image: mady hatter - flickr
    Justtrygetting through one day without using your cellphone, laptop, MP3 player
    Facebook and Twitter accounts – or the internet at all.
  • 24. Not ready to give it all up?
    I didn’t think so.
    Image: whaT a LoveLydAy - flickr