The Holistic Customer: Beyond the Website Experience - Managing Experience 2010
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The Holistic Customer: Beyond the Website Experience - Managing Experience 2010



Design for a holistic experience for your customers - don't just think about the website. I'll talk about why this is important and provide some tips on how to get started!

Design for a holistic experience for your customers - don't just think about the website. I'll talk about why this is important and provide some tips on how to get started!



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  • I currently work at REI, managing experience work.
  • But most importantly (at least to this conversation), I spent 10 years in the restaurant and bar business and waited on a LOT of customers.
  • But I had just arrived
  • I later learned that the Parker Hotel has a ‘no sign’ policy.
  • They made us take off our conference badges anytime we left the conference ‘sequestering’ area. They yelled at us if we walked around the property with our badges on.
  • Door picture
  • So, why should you care about this?
  • They hear about you from print advertising
  • From all sorts of physical messaging
  • Door picture
  • Regardless of how I was interacting with the Parker – whether it was making a reservation online, calling them to check something about my reservation or physically at the hotel. I was the same person, the same customer interacting with them.
  • I want to look into changing my seat while I check in for my flight, and don’t want to pull out and boot up my computer. Heck, I have an iPhone, I shouldn’t have to. I get my flight number via an email confirmation of my itinerary. And the email links me to a app to check in. Sweet.
  • But the mobile app will only let me check flight status. Arrgh.
  • Damn. I have to pull out my already packed computer
  • Find the US Airways site (because I always forget the URL and end up at some advertising site instead)
  • And the flight number that I just confirmed IS NOT RECOGNIZED.
  • WAAAAAH. I can’t check in online. I can’t change my seat.
  • Ritz carlton
  • BUT. When I get to the airport the next morning, no one is at the US Airways desk. Not only that, there isn’t even a self service kiosk!!! I had to hang out in the check in area for over an hour before I could check in for my flight. And by then I couldn’t change my seat.
  • And one more reason you should care about customer experience beyond the website….
  • Okay, so how to start thinking about holistic customer experience.
  • Door picture
  • Door picture
  • Door picture
  • Door picture
  • Door picture
  • Being consistent is important, but you also want to maximize the capabilities of each channel.
  • This touch screen reader in a conference hotel was super handy for finding the room I was supposed to be in without having to ask for anyone or log into a computer.
  • I think a lot of iPhone apps are kind of stupid and don’t maximize the strengths of the phone. But I really like this feature in Target’s app – it can tell you which aisle a product is in at your local store. Wow. I pull this up when I’m in a Target to save time and easily find the product I want to buy.
  • There are a lot of tools to help you design for a holistic customer experience.
  • And a lot of related disciplines.
  • Ritz carlton
  • Checking out the wayfinding
  • And other signs. Hmmm – this one is hard to see because of all of the product stacked in front of it. That’s not a great experience.
  • Door picture

The Holistic Customer: Beyond the Website Experience - Managing Experience 2010 The Holistic Customer: Beyond the Website Experience - Managing Experience 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • The Holistic Customer Beyond the Website Experience
    Samantha Starmer
  • REI – Recreational Equipment, Inc.Retailer, Member owned co-op1938
    "We inspire, educate and outfit for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship."
  • me
    UX & IA related work for places like Amazon, Microsoft
    REI – first experience at a non high tech company
    Teach at University of Washington
    Most important - Spent 10 years in the restaurant and bar business. With a lot of customers.
  • First, a story…
  • Palm Springs!
  • Resort Hotel!!
  • I am lucky
  • Verdant
  • Lush
  • Foliage…lots of foliage
  • Like The Secret Garden!
  • But…
  • I was tired
  • I needed an adult beverage
    $80 wine!!!
  • But I’m cheap…
  • …and car-less
  • I have to get out of a 13 acre resort
  • So, with a crappy map
  • and tips (seriously),
  • I finally find my way out
  • And escape to the real world
  • But now it is dark
  • And the lovely, secret foliage
  • With all of the nooks and crannies
  • That I already got lost in when it was light…
  • Is kinda scary
  • Finally, thank god
  • Now I really need a drink
  • At least for walking, exploring or doing anything not related to sitting by a pool and drinking
  • no sign policy
  • except…
  • WHY
    should you care?
  •  65% of visitors to an online search engine were looking for further information in relation to a product or service they saw in a television commercial or in a newspaper advertisement.
    Pubblicita offline e ricercheneimotori, 2007
    From ‘Information Architecture for Ubiquitous Ecologies’, Andrea Resmini and Luca Rosati
  • They are coming from everywhere!
  • We have no control
  • over how people hear about us
  • Or get to us
  • 53% of US online consumers say they research products online that they subsequently buy offline.
    Forrester, North American Technographics Retail Online Survey, Q1 2009 (US).
  • Over half REI online business is picked up in a store
  • Even if you think you are web only, you are multi-channel
  • Customers are interacting with your brand.
    They don’t care about the channel; they care about the experience.
  • I’m the same customer in each interaction
  • Leaving lovely hotel room
  • Getting flight # via email
  • Check in via mobile app
  • I don’t want flight status!
  • Okay, trying another way
  • Flight not recognized
  • Fine.
    Old school check in.
  • US Airways….
  • And one more reason?
  • Our Marketing peers are way ahead of us…
  • some
  • Think about on ramps and off ramps
  • Don’t assume the customer is using the front door.
  • Holistic experience at all entrances
  • Back door
  • Side door
  • Holistic experience?
  • Where’s the award?
  • Store directions?
  • Who is REI? Why am I here?
  • Are your on ramps and off ramps a good experience?
  • Be consistent…
    Consistent brand
  • Coordination, timing
  • Be consistent…
    Consistent information
  • The most common problems reported by Web-to-store shoppers related to discrepancies in prices and product information across the two channels.
    Forrester, How Satisfied Are US Consumers With Web-To-Store Shopping?
    December 2009
  • Not the same information!
  • Not the same information!
  • Be consistent…
    But optimize channel capabilities
  • Surface at a hotel
  • Augmented Reality dressing room
  • Not just a stupid advertising app
  • Don’t design for user's needs on the website, design for the holistic experience
  • HOW
    to start
  • Use metrics
  • Tools
    • Experience Design
    • Service design
    • Customer experience
    • Customer relationship management
    • Multi-Channel communications
    • Cross-Channel Marketing
    • Ubiquitous computing
    • Design Thinking
    • Pervasive IA (@resmini)
    • Field Experience
    • Service Inventory
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • Experience mapping
    • Mental Models
    • Business Origami (@jessmcmullin)
    Tools and Methods
  • Wander the halls
  • Leave your comfort zone
  • Understand executives’ goals
  • Listen
  • Designing a holistic experience means listening holistically:
    • Usual UX research, but also
    • Call center
    • Email queries and feedback
    • Live Chat transcripts
    • Social Media
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Market Research
    • Analytics (behavior)
    • Store follows/shop alongs
  • Hang with a new crowd
  • Make new friends
    • IT, or anyone who can build stuff
    • Finance
    • Distribution Center
    • Customer Service
    • Innies with outies, outies with innies
    • Different industries
    Artists, architects, museum curators, restaurant workers, baristas, landscapers, hotel managers…
  • Don’t get overwhelmed
  • You can’t be everywhere at once
    • Target a channel pair
    • Focus on incremental progress
    • Measure stuff
    • Celebrate (and communicate) quick wins
    • Get allies to spread the work
  • Finally…
    (and this one is hard)
  • Don’t be grabby
  • Let go of control
    • It’s okaywhen other people start talking about the customer experience
    • It’s okaywhen other people try to improve the customer experience
    • It’s okayif you aren’t involved in EVERYTHING
    • It’s okayif you aren’t the only one making a difference.
    Isn’t it all about the customer?
  • EVERYONE should care about customer experience
  • Join the Journey
  • Thank you.Samantha