The Future of Design isn't Just the Web - WebVisions 2011 Workshop


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  • Door picture
  • Waitress picture
  • Waitress picture
  • Waitress picture
  • Waitress picture
  • Waitress picture
  • Waitress picture
  • Door picture
  • Ritz carlton
  • Ritz carlton
  • Buying a tentWhy?
  • Buying a tentWhy?
  • Buying a tentWhy?
  • Buying a tentWhy?
  • Buying a tentWhy?
  • Buying a tentWhy?
  • Buying a tentWhy?
  • Buying a tentWhy?
  • Door picture
  • Door picture
  • Door picture
  • Door picture
  • The Future of Design isn't Just the Web - WebVisions 2011 Workshop

    1. the future of design isn’t just the web
    2. design forcross channel experiencesSamantha Starmer @samanthastarmer WebVisions 2011
    3. today why care about cross channel design? how to think about cross channel design try cross channel design  discovery activities  solution activities sell cross channel design start cross-channel design now
    4. me web and experience stuff: Amazon, Microsoft REI – Recreational Equipment, Inc. create and lead IA, UX, IxD teams teach at University of Washington
    5. now
    6. first time at brick & mortar
    7. Waitress picture 10 years inrestaurant business
    8. a story…
    9. Oz IA(Australia!!)
    10. Sydney pictureimagined myself in Sydney
    11. but I’m aprocrastinator
    12. oh crap
    13. huh. an electronic Visa.well, that’s pretty cool.
    14. except I can’tcheck in online
    15. even though I bought my tickets and Visa online
    16. damn, have to talk to a person
    17. waited in long check-in line
    19. Flight agent picture
    20. “this won’t work”
    21. Censored!but, it has official stuff and numbers and …
    22. “i’m a human,not a machine”
    23. Flight agent picture
    24. “what’s your itinerary?”
    25. thank god I’m old school
    26. what about my visa?
    27. Sleeping at Airport
    28. “i have no idea”
    29. Flight agent picture
    31. “Change screens, Pillow Pillow” “Where’s the Pillow?”“Didn’t they cover that in training?” “Backslash Backslash” “Okay, tietac” “What?” “Tietac” “huh?” “Like Tie” “carrot backslash” “United States” “Pillow Pillow” “Change Screens”
    32. lesson?
    33. Holisticexperience
    34. we live across physical and digital
    35. our lives cross channels –websites, apps, phone, etc…
    36. we must design for the holistic experience
    37. don’t design for just website
    38. …app
    39. …product
    40. …or physical environment
    41. we must design across all touchpoints
    42. digital and physical are colliding
    43. 70% of US onlineconsumers researchproducts online and purchase them offline Forrester, Profiling The Multichannel Consumer, July 2009
    44. 53% of mobile searches on Binghave a local intent Greg Sterling Search Engine Land
    45. technology is everywhere
    46. (and here is our opportunity)
    47. ‘integrated experiences are few and far between’ Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino
    48. customersdon’t think about channels
    50. customers don’t thinkabout design disciplines
    52. customersdo think aboutyour company, your product
    53. across time,touchpoints andexperiences
    54. however we want to interact
    55. whenever we see your brand
    56. outside
    57. inside
    58. packaging
    59. signs
    60. employees
    61. things outside our control
    62. design across digital and physical
    63. between channels
    64. between channelsbetween platforms
    65. between channels between platformsbetween digital & physical
    66. 5 principles 5 methods 5 tools
    67. 5 principles1. convenient2. connected3. consistent4. contextual5. (a) cross time
    68. convenient
    69. Walgreen on iPad
    71. Walgreen’s drive in
    72. consistent
    73. connected
    74. consider the experience of transitions
    76. Netflix
    77. no Encore…
    78. contextual
    79. 15% bump inweekend traffic
    80. Trying on tentresearch online, try in store
    81. (a)cross time
    82. days
    83. years
    87. 5 methods1. think in terms of services2. share the sandbox3. start walking4. comfort in discomfort5. why vs. what
    88. 1. Think in terms of services think in terms of services Waitress
    89. Fluevog on iPad
    90. From: seattlefluevog@cablespeed.comTo: sstarmerj@hotmail.comSubject: Fluevog order 20110211-00072873Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 16:52:38 -0800Hey Samantha,We have both shoes you ordered online here at the Seattle store. If you’d like to pickthem up this weekend and save on shipping let us know otherwise they will ship outMonday.Thanks,LeahJohn Fluevog Shoes205 Pine St.Seattle, WA 98101phone: (206)441-1065fax : (206)"There are two kinds of people: those who shy away from attention, and those who wearFluevogs." - JF
    92. Incremental Sale
    93. 2. share the sandbox
    94. UX Mag let people in.let people design. let people play.
    95. 3. start walking
    96. 4. comfort in discomfort
    97. you don’t haveto be an expert
    98. “an interesting thing happenedtoday – we were invited to help Visual Merch decide what shelf labels and categories to use inthe retail stores for backpacks.”
    99. eek – I don’t know anything about store design!
    100. “an interesting thing happenedtoday – we were invited to help Visual Merch decide what shelf labels and categories to use in the retail stores for backpacks.This is a great win for us”
    101. 5. why vs. what
    102. buying a tent
    103. for backyard?
    104. or backcountry snow?
    105. 5 tools1. document the present2. map the future3. get behind the scenes4. tell a story5. cross train
    106. 1. document the present
    108. 2. map the future
    109. getting from point A to point B; and everythingin between
    110. think about thecustomer’s whole journey
    111. 3. get behind the scenes
    112. how is the digitalexperience supported?
    115. 4. tell a story
    116. Meet JaneOutdoor Loyal38, PortlandInvolved in overlappingsports and understandsthe value of good gear“I kind of have a jacketproblem… I’m runningout of reasons to buyanother one”
    117. Monday… I want to go backpacking this weekend!
    118. Time to plan…
    119. I want to go somewhere beautiful…
    120. 5. cross train
    121. Success
    122. don’t design for thechannel, design for the holistic experience
    123. don’t design for thescreen, design for the holistic experience
    124. don’t design for thetechnology, design for the holistic experience
    125. 5 principles 5 methods1. convenient 1. think in terms of services2. connected 2. share the sandbox3. consistent 3. start walking4. contextual 4. comfort in discomfort5. (a) cross time 5. why vs. what 5 tools 1. document 2. experience map 3. get behind the scenes 4. tell a story 5. cross train
    126. discovery
    127. stakeholder interviews
    128. field research
    129. co-design
    130. design games 232
    131. gamestorming - the book
    132. customer journeys
    133. service inventory
    134. exerciseexperience map
    140. what is the experience of buying a bicycle?
    141. what are the tasks?what are the touchpoints? what are the decisions? what support is needed?
    142. experience map touchpoint touchpoint touchpoint touchpoint touchpointtasktasktasktasktasktask
    143. experience map touchpoint touchpoint touchpoint touchpoint touchpointneeddecisionresearchtest ridepurchaseclassmaintenance
    144. look for… Interactions moments of truth gaps front stage and back stage needed systems/support
    145. questions Pain points – what are the responses/options the design needs to address? Positive points – what are the things the design must keep or enhance? Are there areas that take more time than we expect ? How can we accommodate? Are all the touchpoints and interactions within our control? Is the reason why a user interacts with us reconciled with how we envision the service?
    146. discovery re-cap stakeholder interviews field research co-design design games body storming customer journey service inventory experience map
    147. solution
    148. mental models
    149. Mental Modelsmental models - the book @jessmcmullin @samanthastarmer 188
    150. comics
    151. storyboards SCAD Service Design Project
    152. swim lanes
    153. business origami (@jessmcmullin)
    154. touchpoint matrix
    155. exercise serviceblueprint
    156. Service blueprint Physical Evidence (touchpoints) User Actions ‘Front Stage’(front line staff) The line of visibility ‘Back Stage’ (support staff) Support (systems, databases)
    157. Service Blueprint
    158. @jessmcmullin@samanthastarmer 197
    159. SCAD Service Design Project
    160. service blueprint user’s perspective how service components link together different touchpoints and options organizational impact how internal people, processes and systems support chronological
    161. elements1. customer actions2. physical evidence3. front stage, customer facing (real time service or self service)4. backstage, enabling actions5. support Processes
    162. Service blueprint Physical Evidence (touchpoints) User Actions ‘Front Stage’(front line staff) The line of visibility ‘Back Stage’ (support staff) Support (systems, databases)
    163.; slide 112
    164. Solution re-cap mental models comics story boards swim lanes business origami touchpoint matrix service blueprint desktop walkthrough
    165. cross channel alignment
    166. do some research
    167. understand executives’ goals
    168. use metrics
    169. track online and offline 130 30
    170. on ramps and off ramps
    171. flex soft skills
    172. cultivate patience
    173. start at the grassroots
    174. but work towards top-down
    175. find the bodies
    176. Understand organizational structureunderstand org structure
    177. don’t boil the ocean
    178. tell a fairy tale
    179. close the loop
    181. make business case
    182. listen
    183. designing a holistic experiencemeans listening holistically:• usual UX research, but also• call center• email queries and feedback• live chat transcripts• social media• sentiment analysis• market research• analytics (behavior)• brick & mortar follows/shop alongs
    184. hang with a new crowd
    185. make new friends Marketing• IT, or anyone who can build stuff• Finance• Distribution Center• Customer Service• Innies with outies, outies with innies• Different industriesArtists, architects, museum curators, restaurant workers, baristas, landscapers, hotel managers…
    186. don’t get overwhelmed
    187. you can’t be everywhere at once• target a channel pair• focus on incremental progress• Measure stuff• celebrate (and communicate) quick wins• get your ‘real’ work done• get allies to spread the work
    188. don’t be grabby
    189. questions??