Same film, different time and place


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Same film, different time and place

  1. 1. Samantha Rogan Same film, different time and place Director: Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza Producer: Alberto Marini Cast: Manuela Velasco, Ferran Terraza and Jorge- Yamam Serrano Distributor: Film max Country or origin – Spain Budget – €1,500,000 Box office takings - $32,492,948In this essay I will be comparing the original films rec and karate kid with theirremakes quarantine and karate kid. Rec was released by film max which is asmall Spanish company. Because the film was Spanish it had to have Englishsubtitles which restricted its audience because not many people enjoywatching subtitled films.PlotThe film follows a Spanish late-night television reporter, Ángela Vidal, throughthe lens of her cameraman, Pablo. During one report of the happenings in alocal fire station in Barcelona, the duo follow a team of fire-fighters who get acall from an apartment building nearby about a trapped woman.. Somethingstrange is happening in the building and the residents along with two policemen, fire men and the camera crew are locked in the building. They discoversome sort of disease is passing onto those who are bitten changing them into‘zombie’ like creatures. Disease is passing onto those who are bitten changingthem into ‘zombie’ like creatures. The camera crew find the key to a roomwhich has been locked for 7 years; in there they find articles of a young girl
  2. 2. Samantha Roganwho has been possessed. When searching the room Pablo and Angela find thepossessed girl and keep quite so she doesn’t find them. When Angela tries toescape she falls and drops the camera you then hear the screech of thepossessed girl and Angela being dragged away.Director: John Erick DowdleProducer: Doug Davison, Roy Lee, Sergio Aguero, andClint CulpepperCast: Jennifer Carpenter, Jay Hernandez andColumbus ShortCountry of origin – AmericaBudget- 12millionBox office takings - $41,319,906Distributor: Screen GemsQuarantine was released by screen gems in 2008 it was an English speakingfilm so subtitles were not required and the film wasn’t restricted.PlotA television reporter named Angela Vidal and her cameraman Scott areassigned to follow firefighters Jake and Fletcher on their night shift. The crewresponds to an emergency call from an apartment complex, they find policeofficers already on the scene in response to blood curdling screams comingfrom one of the apartment units. They soon learn that a woman living in thebuilding has been infected by something unknown. After a few of the residentsare viciously attacked, they try to escape with the news crew in tow, only tofind that the CDC has quarantined the building. Phones, internet, televisionsand cell phone access have been cut-off, and officials are not relayinginformation to those locked inside. As Angela and Scott continue to look
  3. 3. Samantha Roganthrough the apartment, a door opens from the attic and Scott uses the light onthe camera to investigate. A boy swats at the camera, breaking the light. Scottturns on the cameras night vision. Scott and Angela hear loud banging noisesinside the apartment. When Scott looks around, he sees a man. The man findsAngela and Scoot, Angela drops the camera and when she finally finds it againshe picks it up and sees the man eating Scott. Screaming the man realisesthere’s another person in the room and drags her off into the darkness.You can see from both plots that rec and quarantine are nearly identical sowhy would screen gems consider doing a remake when rec is only a yearapart?I think John Erick Dowdle chose to remake rec because he knew it would makea lot of money. Also he knew there were barriers to the film such as it wasSpanish and had to have English subtitles so he was able to have theopportunity in making it in English and having a wider audience with nobarriers. Rec and quarantine were influenced by other films such cloverfield touse the hand held documentary style. Screen Gems bought the rights toproduce and distribute the original film as well as their version Quarantine.This is an example of vertical integration; Screens Gems produced anddistributed the films. They used synergy to create a fuss over Rec when theyreleased Quarantine, by buying the rights they were able to release both filmsaround the same time which means if the audience would have been watchingQuarantine in the cinema and hearing about Rec the public would then want toeither rent or even buy the film to compare them both.I am now going to compare karate kid with the old and newest release, therewas a longer time space between.
  4. 4. Samantha RoganDirector: John G. AvildsenYear of Production: 1984Cast: Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita and Elisabeth Shue.Country of Origin: United StatesDistributor: Columbia PicturesBudget: $8,000,000Box Office Takings: $90,815,558PlotDaniel and his mum move from New Jersey to California. She has a new job,but Daniel discovers that a dark haired Italian boy with a Jersey accent doesntfit into the blond surfer crowd. Daniel is able to talk is way out of some fightsbut then is attacked by a group of boys who go to the same karate school. AsDaniel is passing out from the beating he sees Miyagi, the elderly gardenerleaps into the fray and save him by outfighting half a dozen teenagers. Miyagiand Daniel soon find out the real motivator behind the boys violent attitude inthe form of their karate teacher they find this out because Miyagi says hewon’t teach him but he will take him to a karate school so when they arrivethey soon realise it’s the karate teacher. So Miyagi promises to teach Danielkarate Miyagi shows Daniel that there is more to karate than violence, andperhaps the best way to solve the problem he has with the bullies is in the AllValley Karate Championship.
  5. 5. Samantha RoganDirector: Harald ZwartYear of Production: 2010Cast: Jaden Smith and Jackie ChanCountry of Origin: United StatesDistributor: Columbia PicturesBudget: $40 millionBox Office Takings: $359,125,613By having well known actors in the Karate kid remake such as Jackie Chan andJaden smith this will make their fans want to watch the film. Because of theage difference between to the two actors this targets the range of differentages of the audience from adults to children. Also Jaden smith and JustinBieber recorded the theme song. Justin Bieber is a worldwide popstar andusing footage of the film in the music video is used very cleverly by the makersof karate kid because it is showing fans clips of the movie this will make themwant to go and watch it. By Columbia pictures distributing the remake orKarate kid and also they brought out original shows that they did this knowingthey would make a lot of money from an existing film.