Samantha Maxwell Product Work Log


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Samantha Maxwell Product Work Log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName: Samantha MaxwellDate: April 19, 2012Product: Advertising campaigns for companies of my own creationDate/Time: 5/20/11 Activity:met with project facilitator Comment/Suggestions: 1 hour Commentary: brainstormed different types of companies I could create identities for 6/8/11 Activity: met with project facilitator 1 hour and reviewed good design techniques Commentary: I learned to look to magazines and other places for examples of good design. 6/9/11 Activity: met with project facilitator 1 hour and learned about how to use sans serif vs. serif fonts Commentary: I learned that the use of too many conflicting thoughts looks too busy and sloppy. 6/10/11 Activity: met with project facilitator I learned that 2 hours Commentary: worked on Photoshop designing is like a and InDesign skills puzzle.6/12/11 Activity: started creating coffee shop Don’t look too much 1 hour logo into other similar Commentary: had to decide what kind companies & keep of feel the company should have ideas original. 6/13/11 Activity: finished poster for coffee I learned not to rush 2 hours shop and started on business card things; sometimes Commentary: went through several taking a short break ideas before I found the right one; after can be a good thing. that the process went more quickly 11/17/11 Activity: met with project facilitator to 1 hour assess my progress Commentary: learned to use more white space
  2. 2. 11/18/11 Activity: met with project facilitator2 hours Commentary: I was shown more examples of good design in packaging.12/22/11 Activity: worked on music festival2 hours poster and business card Commentary: It took forever to realize that I needed to add a transparency to the red leaves!12/23/11 Activity: tea stained paper for the I didn’t end up using1 hour background of music festival designs the tea stain, but it Commentary: I learned that sometimes looked good before I it’s easier to do things by hand than on removed it! a computer.12/25/11 Activity: photographed fruit for fast The camera that my1 hour food campaign parents got me for Commentary: Lighting has to be Christmas was perfect! invaluable.2/17/12 Activity: created poster and business2 hours card for fast foot campaign Commentary: I learned that sometimes you have to pull colors from photos in order for the design to work.3/12/12 Activity: created the cup design for This was the first2 hours fast food restaurant project I had to branch Commentary: I learned that if you can’t away from Adobe find a template for it on Illustrator or Creative Suite online, make your own. products for: I actually used Microsoft Paint to make the template.3/23/12 Activity: put the finishing touches on3 hours my product Commentary: this included finishing the coffee shop and music festival campaigns