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This is my 8-10 slide prsentation of Settling the New Wold.

This is my 8-10 slide prsentation of Settling the New Wold.

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  • 1. Settlers in the new world
    3rd History
    By: Miss Likens
  • 2. Path to a new world
    The settlers came from Europe and landed in a place they named Jamestown.
    The blue line represents the route first taken by the settlers.
  • 3. Why did they move to the new world?
    They moved to the New World because they wanted expand their land claim. They also came because of lack of jobs and because of primogeniture.
    Primogeniture is the inheritance of family land by the oldest male sibling only, excluding all younger siblings including females.
  • 4. Complications
  • 5. Who did the settlers encounter in the new world?
    The settlers encountered the Native Americans when they landed in Jamestown.
    • The encounter with the Native Americans was friendly at first and then turned not so friendly.
    • 6. The Native Americans thought that the settlers were taking their land away from them.
    • 7. The settlers thought the Native Americans were heathen savages with no religion, law, or written language.
  • How did the colonists survive?
    Captain John Smith took charge of the Jamestown settlement and took charge of the people who settled there.
    Smith made the men plant and grow food for survival.
    He assigned them jobs and made them work together.
    Dug wells for suitable drinking water
    He sent for supplies and women from Europe.
    John Smith
  • 8. Contributions
    These and many more!
    The Europeans came over to the New World to make a better life for themselves. When they arrived here they encountered Native Americans. Their encounter was turned hostile for various reasons. The Native Americans and Europeans exchanged various things such as animals, plants, and food. Captain John Smith took control of the struggling colony and made them work together. Only half the Europeans survived the first year in the New World. The other half would have died without the leadership of John Smith.