Languages:                            Java/J2EE (jsp...
11/08 – 01/09                        Murex Ltd - CAPCO, Dublin              (TRAINING)

        Murex chosen my profile fr...
Technical: Java, Calypso

01/07 – 06/07                       UBS – Investment Bank, London

          Consultant in Prime...
Technical Environment: CORBA, XML, J2EE, Log4j, JUnit, Design Patterns, Swing, UML, Rational Rose, MS Project,
Hibernate, ...
Technical Environment: HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PL/SQL


2002              BSC Computer Science Engineerin...
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  1. 1. UPDATED AND EXTENDED CV IN: WWW.DANIELSOBRADO.COM TECHNICAL SKILLS Languages: Java/J2EE (jsp, Servlet, EJB), XSL, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, C++ Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows NT, LINUX, Solaris Design & Modelling : XML , OO - object language modelling (UML), Agile Databases : Oracle, Sybase, DB2, mysql, Hsql Software: Websphere, Weblogic, JBoss Other technical Hibernate, Spring knowledge: Trading Systems: Mx III, MLC 1.6, Calypso 9 BUSINESS SKILLS Finance: - Interest Rates Derivatives: Swaps, Cap & Floor, Swaptions - Credit Derivatives: CDOs, CDS - Exotic Options, Lending Equities, SWIFTS, Fixed Income PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Since 01/09 National Bank of Abu Dhabi - CAPCO, Abu Dhabi UAE Integration of Murex MLC with Murex III for limits and collaterals. Configuration of environments GLCMS and MX III DataMart: LRB Report build EOD: LTS, report scripting, imports and housekeeping tasks Static Data: Definitions, Validations, Compliance checks, Visibility rules MxML Workflows: Alerts from MLC to MX, XSL conversion, Generation of Request Queues inputs- Integration of MLC with BrokerVision, Prime, Imal, Midas, Intellect, Eximbills and MXIII (Tick import using MxML Exchange workflows). Configuration of Market risks, Credit Risks and Nettings (Risk Definitions and Monitor Views). Generation of Workflows for Facility Limit activations, importing, using and testing new MxML. Exchange Tasks for this pourpose. Produced End User and Build Documentation for NBAD. Developed on my own initiative a java application that connects to MLC exports some details in XML transforms it in a excel doc. using XSL that is used by QA people to perform tests. Technical: Murex MLC 1.6.3 (GLCMS), Mx 3.1.18, MxML Exchange, Unix, Oracle, Java, Xsl
  2. 2. 11/08 – 01/09 Murex Ltd - CAPCO, Dublin (TRAINING) Murex chosen my profile from several Capco consultants to train me in Murex MLC and Murex MxML Exchange for several weeks and deploy me in Abu Dhabi as a Murex external consultant working in a team of only Murex Consultants. Trained in MLC (GLCMS Collateral included.), MxML Exchange, Configuration and Installation of Murex and MLC in windows and Unix. Technical: Murex MLC (GLCMS), Mx III, MxML Exchange, Unix, Oracle, Java, Xsl 04/08-10/08 JP Morgan Chase - CAPCO, London Worked in a regression testing automation tool for Murex, Sophis and Calypso, based on Eclipse RCP called SPARTA Wrote Custom Ant Task that use Beanshells that calls jemmy to automate the testing of the GUI of Murex Mx2000 and Calypso Developed VB Script for QTP to automate regression Testing in Murex ETradePad (Transaction Management, SSI) and MxMLExchange (Pre trade rules) Automated regression testing for Murex Bonds, CDS, Equity Options, Repos, Simulation Screens, SSI, User Rights, Pre Trade rules... Enhanced SPARTA web reporting framework and created new code to communicate using JMS in a distributed arquitechture. Created a demo integrating SPARTA with Calypso for CAPCO sales on my own initiative, trained Calypso resources on Sparta and Jemmy code. Promoted to Technical Lead in SPARTA in charge of several resources onshore and offshore, with more client facing responsibilities, assuring quality of code and mentoring of junior members. Gone to Brazil (Sao Paulo) to gather requirements and business analysis’ for the murex emerging markets RT project, including FX (Fut, NDF, Spot/Forward), FRAs, IRS, CCS, Equity Fut, FRP0-1.... UDF, Post trade Workflows (OSP, STP), Pre trade rules, Templates, User Rights, STP Rights, Events, Views. Technical: Murex mx2000, MxML Exchange, Calypso, Hibernate, Jemmy, Ant, Maven, Subversion, QTP, VBScript, XSLT, VBS, XSLT, Web Services, JMS, Web (Script, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS (JETTY), JSP, Servlets, Spring MVC, JSTL) 08/07 – 04/08 BNP Paribas - Investment Bank, London Senior Front Office Developer in the Fixed Income Credit Derivatives Department - NYSE:BNP Pricings for CDOs and integration with the Datasynapse Grid. Extensive training in Murex (MxG2000) Technical: Murex, MxG2000, Java, J2EE, Javascript, JSTL, Hibernate, Spring (MVC & Webflows), JUnit, JMock, SQL Server, Websphere, CVS 06/07 - 08/07 Investec - Investment Bank, London (TRAINING) Full time training in Calypso by Team Trade Consultants, working with Calypso applications in production in Investec
  3. 3. Technical: Java, Calypso 01/07 – 06/07 UBS – Investment Bank, London Consultant in Prime Brokerage department of UBS. (Hedge Funds - Front Office) - NYSE:UBS Acting as Lead developer of project team responsible for building an Alerts & Messaging System based on Pool Availability & Movements, Trading activity (lend/recall) and Settlement Instructions. The project integrates the existing pool lending system with new asset management firms for pool lending business. Collaborating actively in building a SWIFT messaging framework (MT5xx). Integrating of components, daemon processes inside the system is accomplished using Spring framework and Hibernate. Installations of a Grid System (Datasynapse), testing of load and stress using services and tasklets. Performance test calculating Black-Scholes, Binomial, Montecarlo… from different sources (C++, C#, java) Technical: Sybase, T-Sql, Java, Perl, Hibernate, Spring, Websphere MQ, Datasynapse 12/05 - 01/07 TSYS, New York/Madrid Worked for top American world wide card processor in New York and Madrid - NASDAQ:TSYS.. Responsible for making different tasks involving reports, internationalization, web front-end and back-end for different important banks Europe (RBS/SCH/BOI), collaborating with teams in India. Developed an automated parsing XML application for internationalization using Spring and Hibernate. Researched on distributed cache/grid systems for High Performance Computing. Technical: Maven, Spring, Hibernate, Linux, EJB, Portlets, DB2, Servlet, JSP, JSF, Weblogic 07/03 - 12/05 SANTANDER CENTRAL HISPANO BANK, MADRID Consultant in Global Plan of Treasury in the biggest Bank of Spain. (Main Back Office Platform) - NYSE:STD Worked across the Derivatives group in the development of the core Back Office platform. The implementation included a wide range of products including Exotic OTC Options, CAPs & amp; FLOORs, Swaptions, Cross Currency Swaps, Futures and Forwards, working in reporting, settlements, validations, cash flows, payments and accounting entries in each financial product. Tuned a configuration system with advanced Oracle techniques to improve performance. (Bulks, hints tec..) Participated in the development of a Reconciliations System between Murex and Kondor+. Analyzed and programmed a server side multithreading application that audits the whole back-office system. Following the successful delivery of this solution I was asked to assume the lead architect/developer role for the Development Team for QA. Acted as a Team leader with the responsibility to analyze and develop a distributed system designed to launch scripts, log analysis and automate tasks in remote units. (CORBA). Worked as Lead developer in a Rich client application to manage security, roles, permissions using eclipse plugins and Hibernate.
  4. 4. Technical Environment: CORBA, XML, J2EE, Log4j, JUnit, Design Patterns, Swing, UML, Rational Rose, MS Project, Hibernate, SWT, Eclipse plugins, XSLT, J2EE, RMI, EJB, Websphere, Oracle PL/SQL, Cristal Reports, TOAD, SQL Navigator 07/02 - 07/03 RS-UK LIMITED, LONDON (UK) Designed, developed, tested and delivered of web based solutions for different firms. Gained a lot of experience dealing with clients and developed solutions to problems. Involved in duties as entry of requirements and Database designing, choose the appropriate architecture for each project. Full life-cycle development roles included business analysis, systems analysis, project planning and control, design, programming, testing, implementation and support for the construction industry. Upgraded as Principal Developer I performed a project leadership role within the group including interviewing and recruiting new technical staff. Technical Environment: J2EE, JSP, Servlets, STRUTS, JavaScript, XML, XSL, FOP, UML, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, SQLServer, Cocoon, SQL 08/01 - 12/01 PANDA SOFTWARE INTERNATIONAL, BILBAO (SPAIN) Trainee as C++/Low Level developer in top antivirus company. Wrote low level code, sorting and merging routines, data manipulation with both flat files and relational databases using C++ and Assembler. Trained in virus analysis techniques, in memory debugging, reverse engineering and encryption. Designed and wrote an application in C++, to organize virus headers. Technical Environment: C, C++, Assembler, SoftIce, IDA, SQL 09/98 - 10/99 ALPHANET TECHNOLOGIES S.L., BILBAO (SPAIN) I was partner and co-founder of the company and was working as a Systems Engineer/Architect. I was responsible for the development of a project which meant working on my own initiative and creating a project plan. Ensured all costumers requirements were met and delivered on time. A very client facing position, this role involved managing many clients simultaneously at various levels. Assessed and set goals, created, analyzed, reported, and updated business process models using hands on approach. Also, introduced new features of project versioning, business performance modelling, and web publishing. Produced test plans, specifications and documentation of Software Design and Test. I was responsible for marketing and sales strategy, had agreements liaising with other companies to work together.
  5. 5. Technical Environment: HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PL/SQL EDUCATION 2002 BSC Computer Science Engineering University of Deusto Bilbao, Spain Erasmus Program - University Notre Dame de la Paix Namur, Belgium 2002 2003 2 years of Business studies - University of UNED, Spain 2006 Sun Certified Web Component Developer 2005 Sun Certified Java Programmer LANGUAGES Spanish: Mother tongue English: Fluent French: Medium - Upper Vasque: Medium