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  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Name: Andre Moe Sharif Nationality: American Permanent Address: 444 East 82nd St, 41st floor Apt. 17D New York, N.Y 100288 Local Address: P.O.Box 17176, Bldg 98, No 9 Dubai, UAE Local Mobile: 050-4202090 E-mail: Languages: Colloquial and Classical Arabic: native level. English: native level. French: very good. Spanish: good but out of practice. All languages are at Read, Written & Spoken levels. Career Summary: Over 20 years of hands on experience on Wall Street, London, and Arab World with prime Banks and Fortune 500 Financial Institutions. Experience includes but is not limited to the following areas of expertise: -Investment Banking: (Global Ranking) -Private Banking: (Global Ranking) - Asset Management: (Global Ranking) -Capital Market Operations :( Global Ranking) -Privatization: Consultant to World Bank, USAID, and most Middle Eastern Prime- Ministers and Governors of Central Banks, Capital Market Authorities etc.) -Business Development / Sales and Marketing of Private Banking Products and Services in GCC and throughout the Middle East. -Corporate Finance - Journalism and Media Consultant Education: (I) Graduate Studies: 1) MIBA (Finance and Marketing). Ecole Supérieure des Etudes Libres Commerciales et Appliquées. Paris, Cairo. (1998 -2001) 2) Harvard University (1995, 97, 98) - Strategic Management. - Decision Making for Multinationals taking into consideration Currency Fluctuations. - Portfolio / Asset Management. - Privatization Issues - Economic Development of third word economies
  2. 2. Page 2 3) MBA. (Finance & Marketing/ Islamic Banking and Investing According to Sunna and Sahriaa ) (NC) New York University New York, USA (II) Under Graduate Studies: 1) B.Sc. Business Administration/ Finance. B.Sc. Computer Science. } Dual Degree: ELMIRA College, ELMIRA, New York 2) BA Economics (transferred to USA) American University- Cairo Employment History: In The Middle East, London and New York ;(Over 20 yrs): 1) Chief Executive Officer Head of Investment Banking Head of Private Baking. (2004-1995) Pan Am Investment & Development Foundation & Group of Banks and Financial Institutions: New York, London, & Cairo Responsibilities 1) Provide Leadership and Strategic Management to the Corporate Group Management of staff: providing leadership and Motivation for teams from a wide range Of nationalities, and backgrounds. Monitoring performance and ensuring that Investment And Private Banking Group's Revenue & Asset Growth targets are met and exceeded Within designated Budget and Time frame. 2) Monitor Group's Risk Exposure and Cost / Return ratios. 3) Quality Assurance: making sure that business developed by relation managers adheres To corporate procedures of Credit/Risk assessment and conformance to regulations. 4) Overseeing Client Relationship Management. 5) Proactive Management: of staff and anticipating manpower department requirements. 6) International Banking: Provide Support and Development. 7) Asset & Portfolio Management / Institutional & High Net Worth Customer Port Folios: ensuring that client needs and Bank’s Profitability targets are met. 8) Positive contribution to overall Bank's Profitability. 9) Develop Group's Business Plan: and Provide Product Development / Client Needs vis a Vis Competition. Provide input on Strategic Development of the Group within local and Regional Market conditions.
  3. 3. Page 3 2) First Vice President Private & Investment Banking (1987-1995) Head of Asset Management / Marketing and Business Development, Middle East SHEARSON LEHMAN, London Responsibilities Same as above in addition to fund Management / Investment Banking Products focusing strictly on GCC/ Arab World customers. 3) First Vice President, Private Banking (1984-1987) Sales & Marketing / Business Development. Sr. Portfolio Manager/Asset and Fund Management. EF HUTTON Battersea Plaza, New York. And in Berkeley Square-London. Responsibilities Head of Business Development of Private Banking and Asset Management products & Financial Services for High Net Worth Customers / Financial Institutions in GCC and Arab World. Achieved the highest production level within the corporate wide world network of $ One Million / Month Annually. Manager - Middle Eastern Central Banks Trading Desk. Head of Fixed Income Desk Head of Equity Desk Head of Currency Desk. Head of Metals Desk Head of Mergers & Acquisitions Head of Arbitrage 4) V.P. Private Banking (1981-1983) International Credit Training Program while doing MBA at N.Y.U Chase Manhattan Bank, 1 Chase Plaza, New York, N Y. Attended the International Credit Training program and became Vice president of Credit with the Middle East Department. AWARDS and Achievements: 1) Top Producer in the World Wide Network of E F Hutton (5 yrs consecutive). With gross production of 13-18 million dollars/yr. i.e. 1 to 1.5 $ million/month 2) Award of Setting Standards of Excellence & Integrity on Wall Street. (4 yrs). 3) Member: Chairman and President Clubs.( President ford of the USA) (5 years) 4) Member: United Nations Simulation Group (4yrs.) 5) Member: Arab/British Banker’s Association. , London. 6) Member: Arab/ British Chamber of Commerce, London 7) Member of Board of Finance: - Derby Savings Bank-Derby, Connecticut. - People Savings Bank- Bridgeport, CT. - Boy Scouts of America, New York. 8) Member: International Marketing Institute, New York. 9) Member: AISEC Management Organization. New York, Paris, Cairo. 10) Award of Top Six Fund Managers List on Wall Street / Request to launch a $ six Hundred million to be marketed exclusively under my name.
  4. 4. Page 4 Skills 1) Consistent Business Development Trade Record. 2) Work well under pressure. 3) Leader, Entrepreneur & Team Player. 4) Well Connected throughout the Middle East. 5) Analytically Minded 6) Organized with good sense of time management. Teaching Experience: 1) - Taught & set the Curriculum for Muscat Capital Market Authority - Taught & set the Licensing Requirements for various Capital Markets Throughout the Middle East. 2) Arab Academy for Banking & Financial Sciences. Cairo & Amman Courses Taught: - Investment banking - Asset Management - Capital Market Operations - Trading Strategies - Equities - Fixed Income - Asset Allocation - Portfolio Management - Banking & Finance - Securities - Economics - Corporate Finance - Mergers & Acquisitions - Arbitrage 1) Private Banking Diploma: (7 modules) including Investment & Private Banking, Marketing of Financial Products and Services, Foreign Exchange, Treasury Management, Risk Management. This diploma is in collaboration with the American Banking Association. 2) Emirates Banking Institute / Sharjah, UAE - Introduction to Derivatives and Financial Futures - Advanced Derivatives and Financial Futures - Marketing & Marketing Research 3) USAID / Arthur Anderson: Exec.Chief Investment Banker / Partnership In Development Project: Privatization of Egypt ion Public Sector. Journalism and Media -Executive Producer: CNBC Television (Money Line): Production of Business
  5. 5. Programs. -Training for journalists & Presenters. - Editor In Chief: Khlaeej Times: Editorial Responsibilities & Set up Business Desk. Training for Business Desk staff reporters/ - Chief Editor: Arab News & Akhbar al Arab Daily News Papers. Same as above in addition to Reporters / Journalists training.