Thursday 15 October 5pm - 8pm | North & South Cloisters, UCL


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                           Graduate Careers in Investment Banking

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  1. 1. UCL CAREERS SERVICE INVESTMENT BANKING FAIR 09 Thursday 15 October 5pm - 8pm | North & South Cloisters, UCL Sponsored By: The Parent Body of UCL Careers Service
  2. 2. www.ucl.ac.uk/careers Contents Graduate Careers 5 Career Prospects What is Investment Banking? Career Timetable 6-7 Your Timetable for Success Alumni Profile 8 Career Events 8 Career Resources 9 Useful Resources and Links Stand Plan 10 Index 11 Job Function Index Exhibitor Entries 12-20 Please note that photographs may be taken This publication can be provided in at all UCL Careers Service events for use in alternative formats upon request to future publicity materials. Please speak to UCL Careers Service. Please email a member of Careers Service Staff if you careers@ucl.ac.uk or telephone have any questions or concerns. 020 7866 3600
  3. 3. www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 5 Graduate Careers in Investment Banking Surprisingly good What is Investment career prospects Banking? Since the last Investment Banking Fair The term ‘investment banking’ does not at UCL it has been a pretty rocky ride have a precise definition; in fact it is not for any graduate looking for a job and, even a single career. Within investment of course, Investment Banking has been banking there are lots of different as affected as any sector. However, not specialisms, career paths and even everything is as negative as you read in various names for divisions and products. the press. “In previous economic In a nutshell, Investment Bankers It is true that places on Graduate assist clients to achieve their strategic downturns many Schemes have been cut over the last and financial objectives by offering academic year, with the AGR winter them a wide range of sophisticated organisations completely report finding a 5.4% decrease in all financial services. These may include vacancies in 2009 across all sectors and the raising of capital, delivering risk halted their graduate a massive 28% decrease in Investment management solutions and offering Banking/Fund Management. mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advice. recruitment activity, Most investment banks also have a With this in mind you are probably only to realise a few wondering why companies are even fixed income and an equities division. Investment banking roles can be found bothering to attend the Investment years down the line that Banking Fair this year, and it is a within full-service Investment Banks such as Deutsche Bank, and Credit Suisse or fair question. they had lost an entire smaller, boutique businesses that may specialise in a particular business area The simple answer is that despite these generation of workforce massive decreases in vacancies, there such as Liquid Capital Group. are still opportunities out there for people and future business looking to work in Investment Banking. A career in investment banking is truly global, with London being one of the key Yes, there may not be the volume of leaders”. business, and roles, at the moment but hubs for business. Generally starting as analysts, graduates are given plenty eventually a new equilibrium will be of responsibility and are required to restored to the markets and Investment work with clients throughout the world, Banks, along with other organisations, including governments, corporations will need to be ready to react. and other financial institutions as well In previous economic downturns many as professional investors (e.g. fund organisations completely halted their managers). However, Investment Banking graduate recruitment activity only to remains highly competitive. Student realise a few years down the line that they research company High Fliers puts the had lost an entire generation of workforce number of applicants per job at 60:1. and future business leaders. If you can Therefore, if you are considering a career secure a role in an Investment Bank in a in Investment Banking, start preparing downturn, and make a success of it, in early. The key to gaining employment is years to come this could be a huge asset. to demonstrate and develop the key skills You will have experienced what it is like that employers require. to be at the sharp end of a downturn and seen it through, making your knowledge potentially very sought after. Over the page is a ‘timetable to success’ which should give you a framework on how to secure that job.
  4. 4. www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 6 www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 7 Career Timetable Career Timetable (cont’d) Your Timetable numerical and analytical skills, team working and leadership, communication Your second year Your Final Year discussions, presentations, aptitude tests and case study analysis). to success: and interpersonal skills, project and time management, motivation and and Internships – Navigating the Assessment centres and interviews a plan of action for commitment, self confidence and the Internships are pretty crucial to the application process traditionally take place early in the New Year and, if you are successful, then you ability to work under pressure, as well as securing a graduate a demonstrable interest in the relevant recruitment process. Most banks will admit that the majority of their full time for Graduate can expect an offer before the Easter business area. vacation. However, keep in mind that, job in investment hires come straight from the penultimate year Internship Programme, so securing positions due to the fluctuating business patterns Evidence that you possess many of affecting much of the sector, some offers banking these skills can be gained from your a place on one is highly recommended! The final year contains a range of are being delayed into the Summer Term. degree but, unfortunately, that is not Internships tend to be open only to application hurdles you will need to Competition for graduate trainee roles enough and for certain criteria, such as second year undergraduates and take overcome before you gain that final offer Once the hard part of securing your in investment banking is fiercer than business acumen, evidence must be place in the Summer between years two for a place on a graduate programme. job offer is over, all that’s left for you to ever before. developed elsewhere. This is why, if you and three. Typically, a Summer internship Firstly, you will have to complete the do is pass your finals and achieve are determined to work in investment will last eight to twelve weeks. You will be company’s application form that will academic success! Now, as well as being a potentially banking, it is vitally important to gain assess evidence of key skills and given real tasks, projects and objectives. lucrative career choice, the headcount relevant work experience, in addition whether you meet the basic academic In some cases you may be rotated of intake has been greatly reduced to other extra-curricular activities, criteria. Again, applications open as early around different divisions / departments. across the sector. This means that roles throughout your time at University. as the beginning of September, before You will usually be assigned a mentor that attracted around 100 candidates per the start of the University academic year. and / or manager to oversee this position before the start of the economic downturn can expect this figure to rocket Your first year process. Internship vacancies are being advertised as I write this in August 2009 The closing dates for many full time hires are as early as 18 October this year, over the coming recruitment round and although some reach into January. Be and closing dates for applications range don’t forget, if the bank is happy to This is an ideal time to start doing some aware that there is an ever increasing from early December to mid January. The apply for work permits, you will also basic research on the sector, start trend towards earlier advertising of application process usually consists be competing with the best applicants familiarising yourself with the big players of a mixture of online applications, tests graduate vacancies in Investment globally. and their graduate schemes and start e.g. for numeracy and interviews and Banking, so future applicants may have to develop knowledge and interest in the entry criteria as are tough as those to start preparing their applications near The next couple of pages are aimed at the financial markets. Attend careers giving you a framework to securing a for graduate vacancies. the end of the Summer vacation. You events, workshops and presentations career in Investment Banking. are strongly advised not to leave you attended by financial employers. Come The purpose of such placements is application to the last minute; if you are to the careers library and browse our to allow you to gain key insights and serious about making a good application Entry Criteria and occupational profiles and literature on Investment Banking and the financial experience in that role and organisation. However, banks are using Internships you will need to dedicate a substantial amount of time to filling it in. their implications sector in general. Get involved in extra- curricular activities that will start to build to assess your future ability to work for them after you graduate. Commonly 50% If you are one of the minority of for your time at your competencies e.g. by joining UCL’s Investment Banking and Economics or more of students who obtained an applicants that get through this first stage Internship with an Investment bank are University & Finance Societies. offered a full-time graduate vacancy at then you commonly face one or a number of ‘aptitude tests’, testing your numerical the end of their tenure, although this year ability and also, in many cases, a test of It isn’t essential to have a degree in Some Investment banks are now offering will see a drop in these figures at some taster days for first year undergraduates your verbal ability. finance and economics to enter the organisations. where you can find out more about the industry, but you will have a number of If you are successful with your application organisation and the roles on offer and As securing an Internship is increasingly steep academic hurdles to vault: you and the tests (and only around 1 out of some banks offering one or two week seen as a fast track to a graduate job will usually need to achieve at least a every 9 candidates are long internships. Details of these can be in Investment banking, competition 2:1, have a consistently high level of (www.efinancialCareers.com), then you found on most company websites and on for Internships is becoming as fierce academic performance throughout your will face a first round interview, where you websites like www.efinancialcareers.com. as that for graduate roles. Thousands degree and often have achieved a certain can expect to be questioned on whether Towards the end of your first year you’ll of applications for a single place is number of UK ‘A level’ UCAS points or you have the core competencies required need to start finding out where and when not uncommon and, this year, many the equivalent qualification in your home internships and formal work experience to work in investment banking. If you country. organisations have cut their intern roles placements with the Investment by as much as 30%. pass this successfully, you can expect banks will appear so you can get your to go on either a second round interview In addition to excellent academic application in as soon as possible in the Keep in mind however, that simply where senior staff of the company performance, applicants for graduate Autumn term of your second year. In securing an Internship doesn’t guarantee are likely to probe your technical roles in banking will be assessed for addition, try to get useful work experience you a future role. You will have to perform knowledge, or (and in many cases, a variety of essential competencies over the summer period so you have well at your allotted tasks and expect to after) an assessment centre, commonly needed to perform successfully in the something to put in your internship be formally assessed during and at the lasting a day, where you will be put role. Typically these include: strong application! end of your experience. through a battery of tests (typically group
  5. 5. www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 8 www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 9 Alumni Profile Career Events Career Resources UCL Careers Fairs & Forums Useful Resources in the Useful links Alumni Profile 7 October 2009 - Management Consultancy Forum Careers Service Networking Information Sheet http://www.careers.lon.ac.uk/files/pdf/CEP_Networking.pdf 27 October 2009 - Finance & Economics Fair 23 November 2009 - First Year’s Event Preparing yourself is the best way to help you stand out from eFinancialCareers the competition and impress employers. Here’s how the Careers http://www.efinancialcareers.co.uk/ Service can help you. Steven Edwards Project Manager - Architecture & Engineering On Campus Presentations Prospects Financial Services Sector Briefing MSc Computer Science www.db.com/careers 12 October - BNP Paribas Library http://www.prospects.ac.uk/links/FinancialSB 19 October - HSBC Prospects City Sector Briefing • Find out how to approach employers with our Having attended a number of careers events where http://www.prospects.ac.uk/links/CitySB 20 October - Goldman Sachs information sheet and DVD on networking. various banks were present, the thing that struck me most 5 November - J.P.Morgan Prospects Accountancy and Business Services Sector Briefing was the openness and approachability of the Deutsche • Know your sector – our bespoke Occupational files Bank representatives. Like all potential employees, I http://www.prospects.ac.uk/links/AccountancySB contain essential information about Investment researched the Bank prior to interview and was amazed when I realised the scope of the technology operation UCL Skills Development Banking. Available only at the Careers Service. Inside Careers: Banking, Securities and Investments here. Considering the technology operation alone at http://www.insidecareers.co.uk/banking • Pick up our free takeaway guides on which Investment Deutsche Bank, if it stood alone as a separate company October - December 2009 - Skills Workshops Banks are recruiting, entry requirements, application it would be big enough to sit in the FTSE-100! Our October - November 2009 - Employer Led CV / TARGET City & Finance procedures and deadlines. Stocks are limited technology budget runs into billions of Euros per annum, http://targetjobs.co.uk/banking-and-investment Application Form Checking so get them while you can! and we’re at the very cutting edge of technology. January - February 2010 - Employer Led Mock Interviews www.ucl.ac.uk/careers/information • Make sure you know and understand what commercial The graduate scheme here is superb, as you get to January 2010 - Employer Led Mock Assessment Centres awareness is with journals including the Economist, June 2010 - Focus On Management Course experience different technologies and areas. Once I’d completed my graduate rotations, I took the opportunity Public Finance, and a range of reference- only books. Advice of moving into a Project Management role. The level of For a full list of events please visit: responsibility I’m given provides a fantastic challenge. • See a Career Adviser for a Quick Query to check your http://www.ucl.ac.uk/careers/events • Make sure you stand out from the crowd with our CV, application form or for general advice. My daily work involves me working alongside global heads free guides on CVs, applications and interviews which of engineering, and I never expected to be where cover everything you need to know about applying I am today when I joined just a few years ago. • Invited to interview? Book a practice interview with an for graduate positions. adviser to receive advice and feedback on It’s a little strange to think that I left UCL less than three your technique. • You can also watch DVDs providing practical examples years ago as I now coordinate the UCL recruitment team from employers on applications and interviews. for Deutsche Bank, and in February of this year actually www.ucl.ac.uk/careers/advice hosted a lecture series in Financial Computing. I feel I • Books covering all aspects of psychometric tests have a great deal to thank UCL for, and am delighted to are available to borrow. return to the University for regular recruitment events - please come and say ‘hello’ if you see me! Printed copies of all titles may be available for free from the Careers Service. Would I do anything different? Never! It’s a joy to come into work each day and be surrounded by such talented, approachable people. I’ve worked in many organisations and none have come close to Deutsche Bank for the level of support, mentoring and development offered. Any advice? The thing that got me noticed at UCL was my willingness to get involved in extra-curricular activities - show your willingness and ability to take responsibility, it will pay dividends when you come to apply!
  6. 6. www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 10 www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 11 Stand Plan Index Sales, Trading and Research Mergers and Acquisitions Information Services and Accounting and Finance Transaction Services Wealth Management Sales and Marketing Investment Banking N2 N3 N4 N5 S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 Fund Management Corporate Banking Human Resources Foreign Exchange Risk Management Capital Markets Project Finance Private Equity Compliance Technology ➜ ➜ Operations Entrance North Cloisters South Cloisters Entrance Legal N9 N8 N7 N6 S10 S9 S8 S7 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Barclays Capital BNP Paribas Exhibitor List Citi Credit Suisse N2 Citi S1 Deutsche Bank (Sponsor) Deutsche Bank N3 Optiver S2 Bank of America Merrill Lynch HSBC N4 UBS AG S3 Nomura S4 Standard Bank J.P. Morgan N5 HSBC N6 Liquid Capital Markets Ltd S5 Madison Tyler Europe Ltd Liquid Capital Markets Ltd N7 Barclays Capital S7 Man Group Madison Tyler Europe Ltd N8 BNP PARIBAS S8 J.P Morgan . Man Group N9 RBS Global Banking & Markets S9 Markit Markit S10 Credit Suisse Nomura Optiver RBS Global Banking & Markets Standard Bank UBS AG
  7. 7. www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 12 www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 13 Exhibitor Entries B Exhibitor Entries B/C Bank of America Merrill Lynch – Stand S2 BNP Paribas – Stand N8 www.bankofamerica.com/campusrecruiting www.graduates.bnpparibas.com Bank of America and Merrill Lynch have joined forces, creating a combined Telephone: 020 7595 1000 organisation that brings together two companies that complement each other in the Fax: 020 7595 5110 investment banking, global markets, research, and wealth management businesses. The combined size, scale and global presence of the organisation give it the ability to BNP Paribas CIB is a leading global investment bank. We are part of one of the deliver a wider breadth of world-class products and services to clients. With a leading world’s top five banks by market capitalisation and total assets, and one of only six wealth management franchise and a premier corporate and investment banking and banks globally with an AA or higher credit rating from Standard & Poor’s. With over capital markets business, the company is well-equipped to meet the evolving financial 16,000 employees in 53 countries, we can offer you a truly global career. environment and well-positioned to compete globally. Our stability and culture of strong risk management underpin a relentless drive We hire penultimate year students for summer internships and final year students for quality and innovation across markets and products. In the face of extremely for entry-level roles in several areas: Global Markets, Global Investment Banking, challenging conditions we continue to perform strongly for our clients, to grow our Global Wealth & Investment Management, Research, Global Product Solutions, Risk global network and extend our client base. With a focus on delivering intelligent, Management, Technology and Human Resources. Students who join our organisation practical and above all effective solutions we offer truly global career opportunities at gain a breadth of knowledge and experience. graduate and internship level in all areas of investment banking. Deadlines Full-time: 6 November Summer Internship: 11 December Citi – Stand N2 www.oncampus.citi.com Barclays Capital – Stand N7 Karen Luckly Campus Strategy Manager www.barclayscapital.com/campusrecruitment HR Telephone: 020 7508 7777 Jenny Lo Email: campus.queries@citi.com European Campus Recruiter Human Resources The banking industry has recently experienced a period of significant change resulting Telephone: 020 777 34567 in industry consolidation and calls for regulatory reforms. With this as a backdrop some Email: campusrecruitment@barclayscapital.com may question why now is a great time to enter the industry. The answer is simple; banking and finance will always be a competitive, challenging and interesting career Think about what you want from a career, and then decide who can make you the that requires the best talent to help drive forward positive change. Citi is taking a lead perfect offer. Decide whether you want to work for another firm, or a firm where we role in helping the world’s top corporations, governments and institutions adapt and actually do believe that our graduates are the future. With the support of a parent bank be ready to flourish as financial markets return. Citi provides the best and brightest with a balance sheet of over £1.4 trillion we have offices worldwide employing over individuals an opportunity to make a difference at the most global bank in the world. 20,000 people. Only 11 years old, we are expanding every year. So yes we are a world leading investment bank, but we are also a meritocracy where the individual is Citi is a lead player and a great place to start a career. Full time and internship valued, but the team is paramount. We truly believe we are different. opportunities exist across Investment and Private Banking, Capital Markets Origination, Sales & Trading, Global Transaction Services, Risk Management, Who we look for: Technology, Operations and Human Resources. You will need to be highly numerate and analytical with strong English skills (verbal and written). Ideally you will speak more than one European Language. Approximately 500 internships and 500 full time positions globally.
  8. 8. www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 14 www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 15 Exhibitor Entries C/D Exhibitor Entries H/J Credit Suisse – Stand S10 HSBC – Stand N5 www.credit-suisse.com/careers www.hsbcnet.com/campusrecruitment Graduate Recruitment Telephone: 020 8123 4964 Email: campusrecruiting.emea@credit-suisse.com Email: hsbc@graduaterecruitmentservices.co.uk Credit Suisse provides private banking, investment banking and asset management The HSBC Group is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in services to clients across the world. Active in over 50 countries and employing more the world, with 335,000 employees serving customers in 86 countries and territories than 46,000 people, Credit Suisse is one of the world’s premier banks. around the world. With well-established businesses in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and the Middle East and Africa, HSBC’s unique combination of local We offer intellectual challenges, high rewards and global development potential knowledge and international expertise reflects its position as ‘the world’s local bank’. for individuals who share an enthusiasm for partnering clients to achieve business success. There are opportunities in Private Banking, Investment Banking (including Through its global businesses – Global Banking and Markets, Global Asset Fixed Income and Equities), Asset Management, Information Technology, Investment Management, Global Private Banking, and Global Transaction Banking - HSBC offers Banking Operations and other support functions, as well as a range of internships and a comprehensive range of financial services to high net worth individuals, corporate, placement programs. institutional and government clients worldwide. HSBC takes a long-term approach to our clients and invests time in building strong relationships and understanding each Most people who join us do so because of ‘the people’. We appeal to intelligent and client’s financial requirements. outgoing personalities who want to work together in an atmosphere of co-operation and respect. It’s a different perspective on how a big bank should go about its For high calibre, creative and motivated graduates with a genuine interest in global business, but it works for Credit Suisse. It could work for you, too. finance, the willingness to take on real responsibility and the desire to join HSBC at this exciting time in it’s business, HSBC offers a wide range of graduate and internship opportunities in the following banking areas: Global Banking and Markets, Global Assett Management, Global Private Banking and Global Transaction Banking. Deutsche Bank (Sponsor) – Stand S1 Circa 200 vacancies globally Industry Competitive Salary www.db.com/careers Graduate Resourcing Telephone: 020 7545 3033 J.P Morgan – Stand S8 . Analyst Training and Internship Opportunities www.jpmorgan.com/careers Your Vision: To reach for the top J.P. Morgan is a leading global financial services firm with one of the most extensive Our Promise: Lifting you even higher client lists in the world. We serve the interests of clients with complex financial needs, whether they are major corporations, governments, non-profit organisations or even At Deutsche Bank, we are committed to taking the best financial services provider in private individuals. the world with more than 80,000 employees from more than 72 countries, operating in more than 145 locations worldwide. We have graduate opportunities and internships across all areas: We offer Internship and Analyst Training Programs that provide you with networking • Asset Management opportunities and higher level of responsibility in a truly global environment. • IB Risk • Investment Banking Throughout the 8 – 10 week Internship program you will learn first-hand what a career • Finance in Investment Banking is really like through technical, product and market training as • Operations & Business Services well as formal reviews, mentoring and buddy schemes. • Sales, Trading & Research • Technology Expect the better career. We are looking for team players and future leaders with exceptional drive, creativity and interpersonal skills. Impeccable academic credentials are important, but so are achievements outside the classroom.
  9. 9. www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 16 www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 17 Exhibitor Entries L/M Exhibitor Entries M Liquid Capital Markets Ltd – Stand N6 Man Group – Stand S7 www.liquidcapital.com www.mancareers.com John Nicholson Email: gradrecruit@mangroupplc.com Head of Recruitment HR We use our market expertise to create innovative, successful products – which lead Telephone: 020 7429 0700 to returns for our investors and growth for our business. In the past 20 years, we’ve Fax: 020 7429 0701 become the world’s largest listed alternative investments company, known for our Email: recruitment@liquidcapital.com diversity of funds, original product design and excellent investor service. We’re a company of high achievement – combining in-depth business knowledge with Liquid Capital is an options market-maker and a leading provider of liquidity in both global reach. fixed income and equity listed derivatives. It is regularly Number 1 by volume in major products on various exchanges. We are based in London with other offices in USA, All of which means we can offer a few exceptional graduates and postgraduates a Asia and Australia. We also have systematic, quantitative and sales trading groups. collaborative and thoughtful environment with the opportunity to grow, develop and We are seeking to recruit a number of motivated graduates or postgraduates to succeed. At the cutting edge of financial and quantitative research, we are committed join our option market-making training program in London. Thorough practical and to combining intellectual rigour with commercial flair to sustain an innovative edge. theoretical training to trader level will be provided via the structured ‘Liquid Trainee Trader Programme’ run by the Head of Training. The company offers generous As well as our graduate programmes, which will start in Autumn 2010, we have benefits and a discretionary bonus scheme. immediate opportunities for those with PhD or exceptional Masters qualifications who are interested in pursuing a career in Finance. (Unfortunately, due to already having trainees on the desks, we are unable to cater for internships.) Markit – Stand S9 Madison Tyler Europe Ltd – Stand S5 www.markit.com www.mtetrading.com Carly Hodgkiss Madison Tyler Europe (MTE) is a leading, high frequency quantitative trading company Vice President, Recruitment that employs sophisticated proprietary technology to profit from short-term pricing Human Resources inefficiencies in financial markets. The company has significant market share in several Telephone: 020 7260 2000 asset classes around the world and is well positioned to continue to benefit from the Fax: 020 7260 2001 secular growth in electronic trading. Email: carly.hodgkiss@markit.com Founded in 2002, the family of companies is privately held and includes Madison Tyler, Markit is a financial information services company with over 1,100 employees in EWT LLC, Madison Tyler Trading (MTT) and Madison Tyler Energy and Commodities Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. Over 1,000 financial institutions use our (MTEC). MTE and its affiliates are members of the NYSE Euronext, NASDAQ, the independent services to manage risk, improve operational efficiency and meet Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse, and regulatory requirements. more than twenty-five other exchanges and market centres around the world. We are a rapidly-growing company and our work environment is characterised by We are currently recruiting for Trading Analysts and Software Engineers. swift innovation. Our employees are helping shape the future of financial markets and benefit from exciting career opportunities globally. As a private company driven by an entrepreneurial team and partly owned by our employees, Markit is a company where people who are prepared to work hard, embrace change and innovate, will thrive. For more information about career opportunities or our summer internship programme, please see our Careers page at www.markit.com
  10. 10. www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 18 www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 19 Exhibitor Entries N/O Exhibitor Entries R/S Nomura – Stand S3 RBS Global Banking & Markets – Stand N9 www.nomura.com/europe/careers www.makeitrbs.com Email: graduate.recruitment-eu@nomura.com Alice Porter Graduate Resourcing Consultant Nomura is a leading financial services group and the pre-eminent independent Graduate Resourcing investment bank with worldwide reach. Backed by a strong balance sheet, we offer Telephone: 020 7672 1564 unrivalled asset raising abilities and have a proven record of delivering value for Fax: 020 7672 1563 our clients. Email: alice.porter@rbs.co.uk Based in Tokyo with regional headquarters in London, Hong Kong and New York, we With a challenging year comes opportunity. As a business, RBS has a strategic plan in have offices in over 30 countries and employ more than 26,000 people worldwide. In place to rebuild our brand, build on our strengths and take our business forward once October 2008 we acquired the Lehman Brothers franchise in Asia as well as most of more. As the future leaders of RBS, ambitious graduates like you will clearly have an its operations in Europe and the Middle East. Our combined businesses have quickly important part to play in this process. Which is why there’s never been a more exciting made us a leader in global investment banking. time to join. Nomura offers 10 week spring and summer internship programmes in our investment In Global Banking & Markets we are looking for talented graduates to join us in banking, global markets and business infrastructure divisions in London. We also Markets (Trading, Sales, Research & Strategy, Structuring) and Investment Banking offer a 12 month industrial placement programme in our technology (IT) and (Corporate Coverage & Advisory, Origination, Portfolio Management), we also have finance divisions. opportunities within GBM Operations and GBM Technology. For more information on our graduate programmes and to apply on line please visit Optiver – Stand N3 www.makeitrbs.com www.optiver.com Karolina Kazirod Standard Bank – S4 Recruiter Recruitment www.standardbank.com/graduates Telephone: 0031 (0) 20 70 87 000 Fax: 0031 (0) 20 70 87 001 Meryl Folb Email: karolinakazirod@optiver.com Manager, Graduate Recruitment Optiver The Company Telephone: 020 3145 5000 Email: graduatesint@standardbank.com Optiver is one of the fastest growing and most successful proprietary trading firms in Europe. We deal in highly-automated electronic market making and arbitrage activities. At Standard Bank we do deals in places other banks don’t even consider. We’re a With offices in Amsterdam, Chicago and Sydney, employing 550 talented individuals global emerging markets bank, with a presence in 33 countries. With a stable global from over 30 nationalities, we trade in 20 countries, across 5 continents, 24 hours a day. business, it’s no wonder we were selected as the Best Investment Bank in Africa for Who We Are Looking For 2009 by Global Finance magazine. Or that, when it comes to graduate careers, we offer a range of challenges and opportunities you simply won’t find anywhere else. Every year we look for the highest calibre graduates to join our Trading Department. Ideally, candidates come from an analytic field of study, such as Finance, Economics, Our six London-based graduate programmes – IT, Risk, Operations, Global Markets, Mathematics or Computer Sciences. A flair for numbers, a passion for financial Investment Banking and Private Banking – offer you the chance to experience different markets, and a strongly competitive nature are a must. roles through a series of rotations in different business areas. With hands-on work and high quality training you’ll develop your skills and expertise working alongside some of About The Benefits our most experienced people. And you’ll enjoy the support of a mentor, as well as • International and informal a graduate ‘buddy’. • Exciting and young • A high responsibility level • Starters salary above 55.000 euro per year • Weekly massage and Friday afternoon drinks
  11. 11. www.ucl.ac.uk/careers | 20 Exhibitor Entries U Notes UBS AG – Stand N4 www.ubs.com/graduates Graduate Recruitment Team Telephone: 020 7567 9262 Email: SH-UBS-CampusRecruiting@ubs.com Headquartered in Zurich and Basel, Switzerland, UBS is one of the world’s leading financial firms. It serves a discerning, international client base with its wealth management, investment banking and asset management businesses. In Switzerland, UBS is the market leader in retail and commercial banking. We offer two first year programs and run a summer internship program where you can learn more about our firm and our industry. We look forward to sharing more information on all of our programs with you at your upcoming Career Fair. Please look out for our stand; where we’ll welcome the chance to chat with you further. To learn more about UBS and our events, or to apply online, please visit our website.
  12. 12. Notes
  13. 13. Times are changing. We are ready. We are standing at the dawn of a new era. It calls for experience and determination. Join us and become part of an innovative, entrepreneurial and diverse work environment. We offer more than 1,000 graduate vacancies worldwide for both the Analyst Internship Program for penultimate year students and the Graduate Analyst Training Program for finalists. For first year students we offer ‘Spring into Banking’ – a one week placement that introduces you to the world of Investment Banking. Join us in Asset Management, Finance, Global Banking, Global Markets, Human Resources, Legal, Risk and Capital, Group Technology and Operations, Private Wealth Management. To find out more about the opportunities available to you, please refer to our website for our campus activities. www.db.com/careers A Passion to Perform. This advertisement has been approved and/or communicated by Deutsche Bank AG and by each region with appropriate local regulation. The services described in this advertisement are provided by Deutsche Bank AG or by its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in accordance with appropriate local legislation and regulation. © Copyright Deutsche Bank 2009.