Investment Banking


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Investment Banking

  1. 1. The EUROMONEY TRAINING CERTIFICATE in 3 day course Investment Banking What past delegates have said about this course: “Excellent course! Thoroughly enjoyed it, it gave me a very good introduction to this topic. The trainer is very 14-16 April 2010 knowledgeable and very Hong Kong patient. It has been a wonderful experience” Winning corporate finance business and identifying client needs Legal Counsel, Standard Chartered Bank The only programme in Asia that equips transaction originators “The course is very useful and relationship managers with the vital skills to win corporate to enhance skills in finance businesses. investment banking” AVP, Credit Corporate Banking Group,  Understand corporate objectives and identify clients / First Gulf Bank prospects needs  Advise and recommend appropriate strategies or investment banking solutions to clients  Assess and evaluate different financing alternatives and valuation methodologies WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Corporate finance Experience the process of effective negotiation ¢ professionals in investment  banks, corporates and law firms ¢ Venture capitalists Strategic planners ¢ Course Director: Management consultants Secure your place! ¢ and other strategic Jonathan Wearing consultants Highly acclaimed trainer in corporate finance and investment banking ¢ Lawyers, accountants and tax specialists Register before Why not recommend this 17 March 2010 course to a colleague? “ It was a very good workshop. I will recommend my colleagues to attend this course.” SUPPORTING PUBLICATIONS Find out more or register your place today! Web
  2. 2. Agenda Investment Banking COURSE BACKGROUND The investment banking sector has come under a great deal of Day 1 pressure as a result of falling economic growth and the tightness Registration commences at 8:30 How to finance the deal: structured financing of credit markets. In the new Programme runs from 9:00 - 5:00 daily environment it is even more  The depth of the Euro-market important that investment and corporate bankers understand Asset securitisation and asset-backed securities the needs of their clients and Overview: The difference between investment  prospects if they are to maintain banking and corporate banking  Convertible bonds a competitive edge to win deals. Understanding risk and being able  Shareholder value and stakeholder value  Leveraged financing to negotiate are paramount. This course aims to provide  The distinctive attributes of the “Bulge Bracket” firms practical “hands-on” experience Case study: Analysing a securitisation transaction in giving corporate advice and  How investment banks add value for their clients transaction structuring. Delegates will be provided with vital skills Private equity and venture capital to identify their clients’ needs, Exercise: SWOT analysis of corporate vs. investment as well as to provide sensible banks recommendations so that their  A typical structure clients will be making efficient  Risk and returns decisions on: Understanding the client/prospect via strategy the strategies to be followed  Public to private deals analysis ¢ ¢ the transactions to be structured  Financial ratios ¢ the valuations to be made  How corporates maximise shareholder value ¢ the instruments to be chosen  Recent developments  Defining corporate objectives and linking to  Structuring an LBO transaction METHODOLOGY investment banking products Instead of formal lecture sessions, this course puts heavy emphasis  Advising the strategy on worked examples, case studies and role-play exercises to ensure participants’ understanding of the  Promoting corporate re-structuring Day 2 techniques being discussed, and enables participants to apply the Case study: Analysis and review of local corporates as a knowledge learnt. One distinctive prelude to making a pitch Negotiating a venture capital investment feature of the programme is the interactive “hands-on” case studies and simulation exercises which Mergers & acquisitions Case study: Express delivery encourage delegates to think more closely about the strategic issues involved.  Identifying relevant targets for acquisition Working in groups as either investors or entrepreneurs, delegates negotiate the terms of a venture capital  Valuing synergies and their pitfalls investment  Financing the deal: the options Company valuation Case study: Cross-border acquisition Delegates are given an Information Memorandum on a  Introduction to valuation: what is the purpose? company operating cross-border. They should decide:  Generic choices for valuation techniques - Its value - Which companies are buyers  Accounting methods - How to pitch to prospective buyers  Net asset value  Cash flow methods © Copyright Euromoney Training 2010 Biography Jonathan Wearing Highly acclaimed trainer in corporate finance and investment banking Jonathan runs his own corporate consultancy and corporate the provision of acquisition finance and the development finance advisory business in the City of London. Besides of international banking business for a variety of corporate providing strategic advice and working on M&A transactions, customers. After six years of relationship management he is involved in the raising of early-stage and development responsibilities he spent two years organising problem loan capital for small companies with the potential for fast growth. workouts for companies that had fallen into difficulties, most He holds a number of non-executive directorships of investee notably ICL and Chloride Group. From there, Jonathan moved companies. to Citicorp Investment Bank Ltd, where initially he was a member of a small team responsible for originating euro- Jonathan began his City career in the corporate banking group market and corporate finance business with UK corporates. of Citibank N.A. London where his responsibilities involved This led to a specialisation on M&A activities followed by Find out more or register your place today! Web
  3. 3. VENUE All of our courses are held in 4 – 5 star hotels, chosen for their Valuation exercise: Project Water – valuing a business Prospectus and presentation exercise location, facilities and level of service. You can be assured of a through comparable company analysis comfortable, convenient learning  The class will be given details of Asian companies, environment throughout the and working in groups, will prepare a brief duration of the course. Valuation of companies: cash flow models presentation to the class of investment banking Due to the variation in delegate numbers, we will send  Concept of Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) opportunities. This will be followed by a class confirmation of the venue to you discussion of the effectiveness of the presentations approximately 2 weeks before the  Review of DCF methodology start of the course. and analysis of what opportunities may exist with  Calculation of free cash flow such companies ABOUT US  Calculation of cost of capital Euromoney Training courses are designed for ambitious  Cost of debt Research and analysis professionals who wish to gain practical skills based knowledge.  Cost of equity With offices located in Asia,  Delegates will review the work undertaken previously Europe and the USA and as  Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) on preparing to make a pitch to a corporate client to part of the global media group, Euromoney Institutional  Calculation of terminal value win investment banking business Investor PLC, we are in the perfect position to provide you  Calculation of enterprise and equity values with relevant, up-to-date and international expertise. Understanding the process of negotiation With an extensive range of Exercise: Calculating the cost of capital and using DCF financial, legal and audit training to arrive at company value  5 steps in the process of negotiation – specifics of courses we have met the training selling investment banking products needs of over 40,000 market professionals globally. Company valuation case study  Key behaviours of pitfalls to avoid in the investment Our courses are held on a banking world public or in-house basis, a Using excel modelling to determine the valuation of the full list of which can be found constituent parts of a corporate. Based upon the  6 key rules of the game when selling on the on our website. Visit www. conclusions reached, a proposal for acquisition/disposal telephone in the investment banking arena will be made.  Power and need perceptions are all important CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Day 3 Roleplay - Participants will present their marketing pitch to the Although Euromoney Training cannot warrant that the “client” (played by the trainer) whose information they attendance of this programme have analysed would automatically be recognised Corporate restructuring by your country’s Securities - Whole class review of the role plays and summary of and Futures Commission, it is  How restructuring needs arise key learning points highly likely that Euromoney Training courses can fulfil CPT  Causes and symptoms of decline requirements as they maintain Course summary and conclusion and enhance delegates’ technical  Diagnostics knowledge and professional expertise. Please check directly  Preserving shareholder value: ICI, GUS with your employer as the corporate licensee of your SFC registration, who is responsible for determining whether a training course satisfies CPT requirements. SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH IN-HOUSE TRAINING membership of CIBL’s corporate finance department, of which In-house training is an efficient and cost effective way to he was a Director. ensure that your employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to make a real impact in your organisation. In addition to traditional London flotation, takeover and Training can be arranged for anything from small groups to entire divisions and will take place at a time chosen by and rights issue transactions, he was involved in cross-border convenient to you. deals, covering India, Singapore, Australia and Europe. These For more information on holding this, or any other included joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, buyouts Euromoney Training course in-house, please contact: and company listings. Jonathan has an M.A. in Economics from Joanne Ma, Division Manager, Financial Training Cambridge University and was a visiting Lecturer at the City Tel: +852 2111 6620 Email: University Business School, from 1999 to 2003. Secure your place! Register before 17 March 2010. Email Telephone Facsimile +852 2520 1481 +852 2866 7340
  4. 4.  I prefer course updates by email. My email address is . 5 easy ways to register EUROMONEY TRAINING CERTIFICATE Please fax back to +852 2866 7340 or email your details to Please quote reference WEB Delegates who successfully Please include the code that appears on top of the address label above in your email. complete this course will 1. Web receive the prestigious Euromoney Training Certificate 2. Email - a statement of excellence Related courses from Euromoney Training. Visit our website for the full recognised worldwide. schedule: 3. Telephone  Advanced Financial Analysis and Valuation Modelling +852 2520 1481 FREE SUBSCRIPTION  Corporate Valuation Techniques and Modelling 4. Facsimile Delegates will receive a free +852 2866 7340 3-month subscription to  Strategic Issues and Deal Structuring in M&A 5. Mail Asiamoney magazine at the GPO Box 11886, Hong Kong conclusion of the course. Registration form Yes, please register me for: Course fee: US$4,650  Investment Banking (HT4448) on 14-16 April 2010, Hong Kong All fees are net of withholding, business and local taxes. Can’t make this date? We schedule our courses throughout the year. Please contact us to check for Please note, payment must be received 2 weeks prior to course start. alternative dates and locations. Group booking discount When two or more colleagues from one institution attend the same course, there is a 5% discount on Delegate details the second and additional bookings. Funding support Surname Mr/Mrs/Ms The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) administers grants to financial sector organisations that sponsor eligible participants to training programmes that meet qualifying criteria. For enquiries, please First name contact the MAS at (65) 6229-9396 or via email at Position Department Payment details (please tick as appropriate) # Company  Cheque  Invoice  Credit card # To make this payment by credit card, please call +852 2520 1481, or visit Address asia, select this course and follow the ‘register now’ link to use our secure online payment system. I have read and understood the booking terms and conditions Telephone Fax Signature Date Email Approving Manager How did you hear about the course? Name Position Disclaimer Data protection Cancellation policy Incorrect mailing Euromoney Training reserves the right to The information you provide will be If any registered delegate cannot attend our vouchers are transferable within the same Please accept our apologies for mail which alter any part of the published programme or safeguarded by the Euromoney Institutional course, a replacement is always welcome. organisation, but not to be used in conjunction is incorrectly addressed. Should you wish to faculty. In the event of course cancellation Investor PLC group whose subsidiaries may Cancellations must be made in writing with any other discount schemes. Discount amend the address/ addressee details, please by Euromoney Training due to unforeseen use it to keep you informed of relevant (letter or fax) with Euromoney Training’s vouchers will not be issued for no-shows send or fax us a copy of the relevant mailing circumstances, Euromoney Training limits products and services. We occasionally allow acknowledgement. Written cancellations must without cancellation. Euromoney Training label (on the envelope or brochure) and we its liabilities to refunding the tuition fee of reputable companies outside the Euromoney reach this office 30 days before the programme reserves the right to the final decision if any will update our records accordingly. the course. Institutional Investor PLC group to contact commences. A full refund less an administra- dispute arises. you with details of products that may be of tion charge of US$150 will be given. For any Fee includes tuition, documentation, lunch interest to you. As an international group we written cancellation requests that reach us and refreshments. Delegates are responsible may transfer your data on a global basis for less than 30 days before the event, no refunds for their own flights and accommodation. the purposes indicated above. If you object to will be given. However, if you wish to attend An invoice will be sent upon receipt of contact by telephone fax or email another Euromoney Training course in the registration form. please tick the relevant box. If you do not Asia-Pacific region, a 75% discount voucher want us to share your information with other which values not more than 75% of the initial reputable companies please tick this box payment will be issued. Please note that the A Euromoney Institutional Investor subsequent course must take place within group company 1 year of the initial registration. Discount © Copyright Euromoney Training 2010