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Curriculum vitae (DOC)


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  • 1. VITA Alan E. Grunewald Professor of Finance--Michigan State University 2010 EDUCATION University of Wisconsin--Madison Major: Finance and Economics Minors: Law and Public Utilities Ph.D. 1955 Major: Finance M.B.A. 1953 Major: Economics M.S. 1951 University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee Major: Education. Minors: Economics and Sociology B.S. 1949 U.S. Army ROTC 1951 - 1953 U.S. Army Air Corp. – 18 months active duty 1945 – 1946 FOREIGN LANGUAGES Speak fluent German and some Portuguese and Spanish Studied French and Russian FOREIGN TRAVEL AND EXPERIENCE Extensive HONORS, SPECIAL RECOGNITION, RESEARCH FUNDING, AND GRANTS GRANT – MSU CIBER (Center for International Business and Education Research) to study the comparative competitive banking arrangements in Germany of US and German banks located in Germany doing business with firms doing business locally and internationally, the study to be conducted jointly with a professor banking chair colleague at the University of Potsdam where I taught numerous times banking in the Summer Academy; and concurrently to study with a professor, an expert on Africa and a well known consultant at the Technical University Berlin, as well as a long time acquaintance, the comparative competitive banking arrangements of US banks with banking facilities in Africa and African as well of those of other countries doing business in Africa in their relationships with African firms doing business locally and internationally. 2010 GRANT – GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BANKING – University of Wisconsin,
  • 2. Madison 1976 *Instructor, Commercial Banking, Finance Academy of the Federation of Russian States, Moscow – Summer Academy 2005 *Instructor, Commercial Banking, University of Potsdam, Berlin – Summer Academy Professor in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 *Through these activities I was honored with an invitation Moldavia to serve as her research professor at Michigan State University under a fully funded Fulbright Scholarship 2006 - 2007 Editorial Board – Journal of Research in Finance 1998-2001 Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society 1992 Westcap Corp., Houston, Texas 1990-1992 Continental Bank, Chicago 1983-1988 Graduate School of Banking, University of Wisconsin-Madison Lecturer 1980 Graduate School of Banking, University of Wisconsin-Madison Instructor 1980 - 1983 Advisor to Bank Simulation Program 1984 Professor for a Day, University of Missouri 1964 Finance Forum Fellowship, Joint Committee on Education, New York City 1956 Alpha Kappa Psi, Business Fraternity 1955 Beta Alpha Psi, National Honorary Accounting Fraternity 1955 Beta Gamma Sigma, National Honorary Business Fraternity 1955 Kemper K. Knapp Graduate Fellowship, University of Wisconsin 1954 *Activities such as these enhance the University’s Outreach Programs and stimulate interest in and promote success of the college’s efforts to “grow” its Study Abroad programs in Russia and the transformation of eastern European countries. CONSULTING EXPERIENCE/CONTACT WITH INDUSTRY AND GOVERNMENT VARIED AND EXTENSIVE In the course of my consulting activities extending over many arenas I frequently came in contact with the Bloomberg Financial Services information and data provider. Now that we have “Bloomberg” here it MSU I am able to become truly proficient in its power and use and will be a great help in the research projects being conducted. CURRENT RESEARCH INTERESTS My research interests throughout my career are largely oriented toward the real world of finance, banking and financial markets and have a decidedly applicable thrust. This is a very timely approach and courses and Masters programs are being developed focusing on applied banking and finance. Involvement with business enterprise is fundamental in this
  • 3. era to provide students with practical experience, enhanced job opportunities and contributions and provides for highly currently relevant research. My current series of articles dealing with the entry of the Federal Home Loan Banks into the secondary home mortgage market and mortgage backed securities was made possible by my acquaintanceship with Alex Pollock President of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago and developer of the highly successful Mortgage Partnership Finance Program was Senior Vice President at Continental National Bank Chicago and head of the Research Division when I did research there. 1. The rapidly evolving transformation of the Federal Home Loan Banks into major players in the secondary home mortgage market and serious competitors to FNMA and FHLMC. Several of my recent articles trace this significant development in the area of financial institutions and financial markets. Community banks and home owners are initially the major benefactors of these innovative financial arrangements initiated by the Federal Home Loan Bank – Chicago but the major money center banks are also increasingly attracted to the benefits offered by the Federal Home Loan Bank System. 2. The commercial bank credit risk, capital adequacy requirements worldwide first formulated in the 1988 Basal Bank Accord are undergoing revision. These developments are being closely studied and their impact on bank conduct and competition analyzed. 3. The Federal Reserve, after years of effort initiated in 1990 to formulate a general commercial bank interest rate risk, capital adequacy standard (See “Report”, Comment, page 7) abandoned the attempt in favor of several alternative methods from which banks could chose to measure interest rate risk when subject to bank examination. My research in this area extends to the utilization of these various alternative methods of interest rate risk, capital adequacy by different groups of banks and also the introduction of this material into my class material. The efforts of the Federal Reserve were doomed from the start as there is no way to obtain agreement on the maturity of demand deposit accounts, a major component in measuring the size of the maturity gap between assets and liabilities. 4. Russia and the eastern European transfer national countries are eager to accelerate growth and development of their banking system and financial markets. A focal point in this effort is the introduction and utilization of mortgage-backed securities. A major benefit is the broadening of home ownership which contributes to economic growth and political stability. Through my work in Russia and Berlin I have revived my interest in mortgage backed securities and made this area a priority. INSTRUCTIONAL DEVELOPMENTS AND INNOVATIONS
  • 4. 1. Numerous years guest speakers from commercial banking and other areas (investment banking, regulatory agencies, corporate aircraft financing entities (Boeing Capital Corp.) were invited to make presentations to my classes. The purposes of these guest speakers were threefold: to provide students with real world banking perspectives, the opportunity to observe eminently successful role models, and enhanced career opportunities. The Business School exposure to industry and funding is also a benefit. 2. Initiated this year is a joint cooperative effort with the School of Hospitality Business to sponsor speakers of mutual interest to banking students and hospitality enterprise students to broaden their horizons to seek careers outside of their field of specialization. (Banking students may be attracted to the business of banking but prefer to work in the more exciting field of hospitality and entertainment.) The speaker in Spring 2003 was a vice president from the MGM Grand Casino in Detroit. The speaker in Spring 2004 will be from the international division of Bank One to discuss international banking and finance as it relates to hospitality enterprises and the financing and building of hospitality properties. The students benefit from this broader approach and the School of Business benefits through presenting the speaker with a substantial student audience creating considerable goodwill. Shortly after his presentation the speaker from the MGM Grand Casino inquired and pledged to contribute to the School of Business in some capacity. 3. After several years of extensive effort my Management of Financial Institutions (FI 413) and Commercial Banking (FI 878) courses are largely converted to course web page based instructional material. This is particularly true of FI 413. With this methodology reliance on costly text books is reduced, students rapid and easy access to all course material presented in class and class material can be easily kept abreast new developments in this rapidly changing and dynamic field of financial institutions whose business activities and increasingly carried out in the financial market place. The next phase is to append substantial text material for the large number of slides. 4. Re: Item 2. Please see attached pages 14, 15, 16, The Hospitality Business. 5. Having completed placing my graduate and undergraduate classes on the University on line Angel student class material access system my next step is to develop bank simulation models for class room instruction and student motivated self study programs to increase the students’ understanding of the functioning of a bank dedicated to safety and soundness, serving the public and generating revenue and income. TEACHING EXPERIENCE Finance Academy of the Federation of Russian States,
  • 5. Moscow – Summer Academy 2005 University of Potsdam/Berlin – Summer Academy 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Michigan State University y 1964- Graduate School of Banking, University of Wisconsin--Madison 1977-79 Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul 1961-64 Michigan State University 1959-61 Technische Universität Berlin - Berlin 1957-59 Michigan State University 1954-57 University of Wisconsin--Madison 195l-54 ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERIENCE Associate Director of the banking program-Michigan State Univ. 1959-1961 Director of the banking program-Michigan State University 1956-1957 GOVERNMENT AND BUSINESS EXPERIENCE Robert Morris Commercial Bank Loan Officers Association - Michigan, Banking School, Director 1994-1996 Westcap Corp., Houston, Texas Investment Banking, Research Associate 1990-1991 Northwestern State Bank, Asset and Liability Committee - Advisory Board 1988-1990 Member Grant State Bank, Grant, Michigan, Director 1984-1985 Chemical Bank Montcalm, subsidiary bank of Chemical Financial Corp., Midland, Michigan, Director 1983-1997 Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company, Continental Illinois Corp., Chicago, Illinois, Research Associate 1983 - 1987 Chemical Bank, South, Central, Albion, subsidiary bank of Chemical Financial Corp., Midland, Michigan, Director 1980 - 1983 Michigan Bankers Association, Funds Management Committee, Advisor 1980 - 2007
  • 6. Michigan Bankers Association, Legislative Council, Advisory Member 1980-1990 Graduate School of Banking, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Advisor 1980 Northern National Bank, Grayling, Michigan, Director 1979-1981 USAID: Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil, Advisor and Professor 1961-1964 USAID: Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany, Advisor and Professor 1957-1959 PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION POSITIONS Chairperson, Nominating Committee, Midwest Finance Association 1986 - 1987 President, Midwest Finance Association 1985 - 1986 President Elect, Midwest Finance Association 1984 - 1985 First Vice President and Program Chairperson, Midwest Finance Association 1983-1984 Second Vice President and Membership Chairperson, Midwest Finance Association 1982-1983 Director, Midwest Finance Association 1977-1980 Member of the Editorial Council, Management International Review, 1958-1965 Secretary-Treasurer, Management International Review, for the United States 1958-1965 CONTACTS WITH PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS OVER THE YEARS Attend meetings of: American Finance Association; Financial Management Association; Midwest Finance Association; Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Market Structure Conference; Academy of Financial Services; Michigan Bankers Association.
  • 7. Also Attended: "IV Pan American Conference of the Comite' International de l'Organisation Scientifique," Buenos Aires, Argentina, November, 1962. U. S. Delegate. "Annual Meeting des Verbandes der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft," Hamburg, West Germany, May, 1959. Counseil Europeen du comite' International de l'Organisation Scientifique." West Berlin, October, 1958. "Deutscher Betriebswirtschafter-Tag," West Berlin, September, 1958. "Annual Meeting des Verbandes der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft," Hamburg, West Germany, May, 1958. "Fifth International Conference on Management Education," Baden-Baden, Germany, April, 1958. PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM ACTIVITIES Program Committee Midwest Finance Association 1985-86,1989,1992-94 Financial Management Association 1986-90,1992-94 Paper Presentations Midwest Finance Association 1977, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1987 Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Market Structure Conference 1976, 1978, 1979, 1985 Financial Management Association 1979, 1980 Illinois Economic Association, Chicago 1983 Michigan Association of Community Bankers 1981 Michigan Bankers Association 1979 Western Finance Association 1978 Southern Finance Association 1973
  • 8. University of Florida, Gainesville 1973 "IV Pan American Conference of the Comite' International de l'Organisation Scientifique," Buenos Aires, Argentina 1962 Session Chairperson Michigan Bankers Association - Funds Management Program 2000 Financial Management Association 1972, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992-1994, 1996 Midwest Finance Association 1972, 1973, 1976, 1985, 1990, 1992 "Working Capital Management in Advanced Technological Societies," Office of West European Studies, University of Illinois, Champaign 1975 "Public Utilities Management Conference," Michigan State University, East Lansing 1973 Discussant Midwest Finance Association 1969, 1975, 1983, 1987, 1989 Financial Management Association 1971, 1978, 1986, 1998 Southern Finance Association 1972 Panelist Farm Research Management Conference, Chicago 1969 PROFESSIONAL MEETINGS Attend Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Conferences regularly each spring. PUBLICATIONS Books:
  • 9. Managerial Finance: Essentials, 2nd., (St. Paul, West Publishing Co., 1978). With C. O. Kroncke and E. E. Nemmers. Programmed Study Guide to accompany Managerial Finance: Essentials, 2nd., 1978. Instructor's Manual to accompany Managerial Finance: Essentials, 2nd., 1978. Managerial Finance: Essentials, (St. Paul, West Publishing Co., 1976), With C. O. Kroncke and E. E. Nemmers. Programmed Study Guide to accompany Managerial Finance: Essentials, 1976. Instructor's Manual to accompany Managerial Finance: Essentials, 1976. Basic Managerial Finance. 2nd., (St. Paul, West Publishing Co., 1975), With E.E. Nemmers. Programmed Study Guide to accompany Basic Managerial Finance, 2nd., 1975. Instructor's Manual to accompany Basic Managerial Finance, 2nd., 1975. Basic Managerial Finance, (New York, Holt, Rhinehart and Winston, Inc., 1970. With E. E. Nemmers. Instructor's Manual to accompany Basic Managerial Finance, 1970. Stock Valuation in Federal Taxation, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, May, 1961. REPORT Comment (Major Study): To Federal Reserve Board: On Proposed Rule Making on Revising Risk-based Capital Standards as prescribed by Section 305 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement Act of 1991 (FDICIA), 1992. Die Weiterbildung der Management Lehre auf Universitäts-Ebene. Berlin - Grunewald: Rationalisierungs-Kuratorium der Deutschen Wirtschaft, 1959. Occasional Papers:
  • 10. Translation of a Series of Harvard University Management and Finance Cases; Technische Universität Berlin, 1959 (mimeograph). Bulletins: Investment Policies of Public Pension Funds: Present and Prospective, MFOA, Special Bulletin, June 1, 1957. Investment Requirements of Public Pension Funds, MFOA, Special Bulletin, January 16, 1957. Articles: “Do We Really, Really, Really Need Bankers???” Michigan Banker, February 2010. “Liquidity Risk: Your Concept Choice,” Michigan Banker, December 2009. “Whither the Community Bank!?” Michigan Banker, December 2002. “What Your Federal Home Loan Bank Can Do for You.” Michigan Banker, June 2002. “Mortgage Partnership Finance: Getting a Better Deal for Your Bank’s Fixed Rate Mortgages.” Michigan Banker, December 2001. “Has Traditional Local Banking Died?” Michigan Banker, July 2001. “Banking Law Updates Pique MSU Professor Alan Grunewald’s Interest in Finance” Michigan Banker, July 2000. “How Long De Novos Can Remain Competitive is An Open Question”, Michigan Banker, April 2000. “Risk in Banking – Do We Know What it Means?”. Michigan Banker. April 1. 1999, pg. 74. “To the Community Bank CEO Interested in Long Secure Tenure: Ways to Keep the Bank Independent”, Michigan Banker, April 1998, pg. 54. “Section 20 Subsidiaries of BHCs Helpful to Community Banks”, Michigan Banker: 1997 Michigan Banking Holding Company Directory and Yearbook, May 1997. “Another Viewpoint on Continuing CU Squabble”, Michigan Banker, March 1997. “It Seems Like a Stretch, But There’s a Genuine Connection Between the Eurpoean Monetary Union and Commercial Banks Here”, Michigan Banker, December 1996.
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  • 15. Journal of Banking Research Journal of Applied Business Research Other: Consultant to the United States and foreign governments and to financial institutions. Conducted seminars on the management of short-term funds for treasurers of governmental units. Speaker: Directors' Seminars, Bank Funds Management Programs, Bank Management Programs, Chamber of Commerce Programs Travel widely: Europe, North Africa, and Southeast Asia, China, Japan and including India, Nepal and Caribbean. Meet with businessmen, professors and students. Captain, Civil Air Patrol, ret. Private pilot (current). Private pilot medical certificate (current). FCC Extra Class Amateur Radio License - AA8YS.