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    Banking Supervision Banking Supervision Presentation Transcript

    • Websites Database Banking Supervision, Basel I&II and Securities Regulations Group Members 1. Triswan Sirivedhin 0630607 2. Shujia, Shao 0656212 3. Aiping, Bao 0652113 4. Carolyne Muziki 0655508 5. Huajin, Song 0651741 6. Rolake Omolefullo 0654652 1
    • Index Banking Supervision……………………………………………………………………… 3 Basel I&II…................................................................................................................. 25 Securities Regulation………………………………………………………………………34 2
    • Websites Database 1. Banking Supervision No. Website owner Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 1 Bank for International Settlements International Publications related to organisation - accounting and auditing - banking problems - transparency and disclosure - Risks 2 Board of Governor’s of the USA The website provides manuals that Federal Reserve System arddocs/supmanual/ intended to provide guidance for conducting inspections of - bank holding companies and their nonbank subsidiaries. - Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering - Commercial Bank - U.S. Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banking Organizations - Trading and Capital-Markets Activities - Bank Holding Company Performance Report 3 Deutshe Budesbank Eurosystem German In this website you will find naufsicht/bankenaufsicht.en.php - An overview of the motives and aims of a Federal supervision on credit and financial institutions and Bundesbank´s specific tasks in the field of banking supervision - the banking supervisory regulations on equity capital and liquidity and on credit transactions 3
    • No. Website owner Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) - "Reporting" providing all relevant printed forms and regulations for institutions subject to registration. - reporting procedures of Exchange of Data Media and Data Telecommunication - rules and regulations relating to banking supervision 4 Committee of European Banking European Here you will find copies of all CEBS Roles of CEBS are to Supervision (―CEBS‖) Union publications, such as Annual Reports, give advice to the Standards, Guidelines, Consultation European Papers and the responses, the Commission on Commission's calls for advice and the banking policy issues speeches made by high level and promote representatives of CEBS. cooperation and convergence of supervisory practice across the European Union. 5 Financial Services Authority UK Regulations that related to banking FSA is an (―FSA‖) supervision in UK. An area of this independent non- website provides information specifically governmental body. It for consumers on financial products, is a company limited regulation and their rights. by guarantee and financed by the financial services industry. 6 Central Bank of Nigeria (―CBN‖) Nigeria Supervisory function of CBN on/framework.asp 7 Banque de France Eurosystem France http://www.banque- France’s banking regulations and supervision, including speeches and studies that related to banking 4
    • No. Website owner Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) supervision 8 Bank of England UK Basic principles of banking supervision ducation/ccbs/handbooks/ccbshb 07.htm 9 GT News - gtnews is a free cfm?id=1251 website providing relevant reading for the world's finance and treasury professionals. The library of over 2000 articles, interviews, guides, special reports, directories and rating changes is updated with about 10 new features weekly. 10 Centre of Economic Policy - Cooperation in international Banking Research p/4990.html Supervision 11 The Financial Sector Reform and - Strengthening of Banking Supervision in FIRST supports Strengthening (FIRST) Initiative ts/projectdisplay.cfm?iProjectID=5 Kosovo activities and 32 interventions mainly in the public sector, principally by providing technical assistance grants to policy makers and regulatory bodies. It also supports private sector activities when organised through institutions. FIRST's primary activity is the provision of advisors 5
    • No. Website owner Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) (independent consultants, consulting firms or employees of official agencies). 12 Institute of Development Studies UK Submission to the BASEL committee on The Institute of ance/pdfs/Basle_subSGJ_SS.pdf Banking Supervision:CP3 and the Development Studies developing world is a global organisation for research, teaching and communications on international development. 13 Financial Times US and Ben Bernanke defended the Federal Canada 0-9cf7-11db-8ec6- Reserve’s role in banking supervision, 0000779e2340.html pushing back against suggestions that this role should be hived off and given to a single regulator as in the UK and Japan. 14 Reserve bank of New Zealand New Zealand The Banking Supervision Handbook - nking/regulation/0094291.html banking supervision policy documents and regulations. 15 - Germany Keeping the state at arm’s lenth : rs/banking_Germany.pdf banking supervision and deposit insurance in Germany, 1974 - 1984 16 IMF International Observance of the Basel Core for organization c/cmr/banking.htm effective banking supervision 17 Financial Markets Group UK Central banking and banking regulation The Financial ubbookdetail.php?pdid=8 Markets Group Research Centre is now one of the The Organisational Structure of Banking leading centres earchdetail.php?wpdid=572 Supervision by Charles Goodhart in Europe for academic research 6
    • No. Website owner Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) into financial markets. The Group has developed strong links with the user community, in particular investment banks, commercial banks and regulatory bodies. 18 British Bankers’ Association UK FSA Draft Supervision Manual. The 4/19/89/117114.pdf British Bankers' Association and the London Investment Banking Association have reviewed the draft Supervision Manual and this submission is made on behalf of both organisations 19 One world trust UK The Basel committee process for ments/The%20Basel%20Committ ―Increasing Accountability through ee%20Process.PDF External Stakeholder Engagement‖ 20 The Federal Reserve Education US http://www.federalreserveeducatio From this website you will find a basic understanding for banking supervision, including quizzes that related to banking supervision 21 Banco De Espana Spain Report on banking supervision in Spain pervi/supervie.htm 22 Reserve Bank of India India Duties of the Reserve bank of India to UsDisplay.aspx? inspect and supervise the commercial m banks 23 US Department of the Treasury US International electronic banking is.htm supervision 24 UK Basel II: An introduction to the Capital is part of 7
    • No. Website owner Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 7096 Adequacy Accord and the Capital Pinsent Masons, an Requirements Directive international law firm with a long-standing interest in IT and e- commerce. 25 The Association of Corporate UK Basel Committee on Banking The Association of Treasurers al/papers/baselupdate.cfm Supervision : Update on the New Basel Corporate Treasurers Capital Accord (ACT) is the international body for finance professionals working in treasury, risk and corporate finance. 26 Czech National Bank Czech Banking Supervision in Czech rket_supervision/banking_supervi sion/ 27 - - http://web.upmf- EMU and Banking Supervision htm 28 The Federal Reserve Bank of US Banking Supervision and Regulation The Chicago Fed Chicago g_information/ supervises state member banks, bank holding companies and financial holding companies, and also provides these institutions with pertinent information to enhance their risk management processes. 29 Bank of Russia Russia Banking Supervision for Russia andart_acts/currency_regulations/ 8
    • No. Website owner Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 30 The Federal Reserve Bank of St. US Banking Supervision and Louise erts/bsr/default.html Regulation organized under following topics: - Consumer Affairs Letters - Discount Rate Changes - H.2 Reports - Other/Miscellaneous - Press Releases - Supervisory & Regulatory Guidance 31 The Federal Reserve Bank of San US Banking Supervision and Regulation Francisco dex.html including - Regulatory Information - Twelfth District Institutions - Banking Data & Resources - BS&R Publications - BS&R Events - BS&R Contacts - Insights for Bank Directors Online Training 32 Austria National Bank Austria Banking Supervision including b/period_pub/finanzmarkt/barev/b - Guidelines on operational risk arev.jsp management and bank – wide management - Guidelines on Market risk - Guidelines on Credit risk - New quantitative models of banking supervision 33 Government of China China China to strengthen banking 01/17/content_160995.htm supervision: 9
    • No. Website owner Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 34 Economic Commission for Latin Latin America The banking supervision agenda in America and the Caribbean Latin America 35 Price Water House Coopers - Strengthening confidence in the /ind/gov/ifi/pdf/russia_bank_super Russian banking system vision.pdf 36 Federal Reserve Bank of San US Financial Market Signals and Banking Francisco conomics/review/2006/er17- Supervision are current practices 29.pdf consistent with research findings? 37 The Federal Reserve Bank of US Supervision Manual and other Dallas ex.html interesting publications 38 The Federal Reserve Bank of US Supervision Manual and other Boston interesting publications 39 The Federal Reserve Bank of US Supervision Manual and other New York g/supervisionregulate.html interesting publications 40 The Federal Reserve Bank of US Area of the website includes Philadelphia ml - Examinations & Inspections - Community Regional Supervision - Banking Surveillance - Enforcement - Capital Markets 41 The Federal Reserve Bank of US - Roles and functional areas of Cleveland dex.htm supervision and regulation - Banking Legislation and Policy summarizes and updates pending banking and financial legislation, regulation, and judicial activity at the federal level and for the Third District 10
    • No. Website owner Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) states (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware). 42 The Federal Reserve Bank of US Supervisory study Richmond ng_resources/supervisory_studie s/index.cfm 43 The Federal Reserve Bank of US Supervision Manual and other Atlanta interesting publications 44 The Federal Reserve Bank of US Supervision Manual and other Minneapolis sup/ interesting publications 45 The Federal Reserve Bank of US Supervision Manual and other Minneapolis nce/SupManuals.htm interesting publications including - Commercial Bank Examination Manual (Board) - Consumer Compliance Handbook (Board) - Bank Holding Supervision Manual (Board) - Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) Examination Manual (FFIEC) - Information Technology Examination Handbooks (FFIEC) - User's Guide to the Bank Holding Company Performance Report (Board) - User's Guide for the Uniform Bank Performance Report (Board) 46 The Monetary Authority of Singapore Role of central of bank of Singapore 11
    • No. Website owner Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) Singapore ownload/Present1_files/v3_docu ment.html 47 The World Bank Group - The updated cross-country survey h/interest/2003_bank_survey/200 (covering 151 countries) of how banks 3_bank_regulation_database.htm are regulated and supervised, including requirements and regulatory powers regarding bank entry, ownership, capital, powers and activities, auditing, organization, liquidity, provisioning, accounting and disclosure, incentives for supervisors, deposit insurance, and disciplining powers including bank exit. The goal of this research is to draw conclusions for policy makers on key priorities in making their regulatory and supervisory framework more robust. 48 Asian Bankers Association - The regulatory and business 2003/Session5-Parrenas.pdf environment for risk management practices in the banking sectors of Apec economics 49 The Monetary Authority of Singapore Regulatory and licensing guidelines for Singapore bin/pt1Financial_Centre_Develop banks, merchant banks, finance ment_Banking.htm companies, notice to money brokers and money charger and remittance business 50 IMF International Publications that related to banking organization rch.aspx?NewQuery=banking+su supervision issues pervision&Site+Search.x=10&Site +Search.y=12 12
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) BCBS Consultation Document on Home- Host information sharing for effective Basel II implementation 51 Home-host information By the Basel Committee. A consultative rg/publ/bcbs120.pdf+basell+II+and+home- sharing for effective Basel paper host+relationship&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=4 II implementation 52 Marion Williams: Basel II – implementation of the New Capital Accord in 7/PDF_enews/0607_SB_05_EN.pdf+basell+II+and+home- Barbados host+relationship&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=9 53 Remarks on the alterations of Basel II on the home-host relationship host+relationship&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=16 54 Strengthening the Financial System of the Effect of Basel II on disclosure 202282/default.htm 21st Century through Sound Accounting and Disclosure 55 Disclosure as a Supervisory Tool: Pillar 3 of -22.html Basel II 56 Accounting disclosures +and+accounting+and+disclosure&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=8 57;jsessionid Basel II and Fostering the Disclosure of ARTICLES =FBA4829A5B4D073D45482D167E845743.tomcat1?fromPag Banks' Internal Credit Ratings e=online&aid=672008 58 THIRD PILLAR OF BASEL II 59 Does greater disclosure increase 13
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 19/en.aspx transparency? 60 Viewpoint: Basel II Will Not Unify Global Rules on Capital nd+accounting+and+disclosure&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=19 61 Can the Basel II approach to The operational risk provisions of the new governance work for SOX? capital accord could fill big gaps in 2DDE86256F65006F0CD0/%24File/BASELIIAPPROACHTO Sarbanes Oxley GOVERNANCEOCT04.PDF!OpenElement+basell+II+and+ac for managers of all companies, says counting+and+disclosure&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=31 guest contributor Bruce McCuaig 62 Challenges for implementing Basel II for European supervisors and+accounting+and+disclosure&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=34 63 PILLAR 3 OF BASEL:Disclosure as a pdf nd+disclosure+&hl=en& supervisory tool US&start=30&sa=N 64 Enhancing disclosure by Hong Kong banks 65 Valuing a Bank Under IAS/IFRS and Basel 297213&t=e&cat_id= II 66 BASEL II: THE REVISED FRAMEWORK OF d%3D5970%26lang%3D1%26intItemID%3D2101+basell+II+a JUNE 2004 nd+accounting+and+disclosure&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=40 67 Issues in credit risk modeling of retail 135937492692 markets 68 Procyclicality in Basel II: Can We Treat the Disease Without Killing sell+II+and+interest+rate+risk+in+the+banking+book the Patient? 14
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 69 Ruin Theory Revisited: Stochastic Models for ell+II+and+interest+rate+risk+in+the+banking+book Operational Risk 70 Credit Risk Versus Capital Requirements under Basel II: Are SME Loans and Retail Credit Really Different 71 The Basel 2 Approach To Bank Operational Risk: +II+and+interest+rate+risk+in+the+banking+book Regulation On The Wrong Track 72 ORPORATE DISTRESS PREDICTION MODELS IN A TURBULENT CDM-02- ECONOMIC AND BASEL II 11.pdf+basell+II+and+interest+rate+risk+in+the+banking+boo ENVIRONMENT k 73 Beyond Pillar 3 in International Banking Speeches on this issue p040921.html Regulation: Disclosure and Market Discipline of Financial Firms 74 Beyond the Third Pillar of Basel Two: Taking Bond Market Signals Seriously 22Rochet%22+%22Rebalancing+*+Three+Pillars%22&hl=en& ct=clnk&cd=17 75 Principles for the management of interest article org/publ/bcbs29a.pdf+basell+II+and+interest+rate+risk+in+the rate risk +banking+book&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=2 76 INTEREST RATE RISK IN THE BANKING article BOOK e.cfm%26PageID%3D5983+basell+II+and+interest+rate+risk+ in+the+banking+book&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=3 15
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 77 Guidelines on interest rate risk Article***** in the banking est%2520rate%2520risk%2520banking%2520book%2520_E N__tcm13- 59184.pdf+basell+II+and+interest+rate+risk+in+the+banking+ book&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=6 78 Guideline Impact Analysis Statement Article****** i- Guideline B-12 - Interest Rate Risk Management es/B12_IRR_GIAS_Feb2005_e.pdf+basell+II+and+interest+ra te+risk+in+the+banking+book&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=7 16
    • Articles Database for Banking Supervision No. Article Author Published year Web links 1 When Does Financial William C.Gruben, - Liberalization Make Jahyeong Koo, and 903.pdf Banks Risky? An Robert R. Moore Empirical Examination of Argentina, Canada and Mexico - CLAE Working Paper 9903 - Dallas Fed 2 Latin American Central David M. Gould, Senior Economist 1998 Banking: Have Reforms and Policy Advisor Federal Reserve d9805.pdf Made a Difference? - In Bank of Dallas and Depth, June 1998 - Dallas Fed Mary S. Rosenbaum, Vice President Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta 3 Can the Stock Market Jeffery W Gunther 2001 Tell Bank Supervisors Mark E. Levonian, and 02a.pdf Anything They Don't Robert R. Moore Already Know? 4 Mexican Banks open to Thomas F. Siems, and 1995 Foreign Investors Skip Edmonds 5 Privitization, William C. Gruben, Federal Reserve - Competition, and Bank of Dallas and 901.pdf Supercompetition in the Robert P. McComb, Texas Tech Mexican Commercial University Banking System, 6 Center for Latin - 2003 American Economics 0301.pdf Research Abstracts 7 The Mack Dollarization Kurt Schuler and 2006 Plan: An Analysis Robert Stein uler.pdf ―Dollarization : A Common Currency for the Americas? ‖ 17
    • No. Article Author Published year Web links 8 Dollarization and William C. Gruben, - Monetary Unions: Mark A. Wynne, and 102.pdf Implementation Carlos E.J.M Zarazaga Guidelines 9 The United States’ Ken Robinson, Senior Economist 2004 Monetary History and Policy Advisor Federal Reserve csummit-robinson.pdf Bank of Dallas 10 Capital Flows to Bill Block and 2004 Emerging Markets : The Kristin Forbes, Council of Economic global_forbes1.pdf Myths and Realities Advisers 11 When to Dollarize Barry Eichengreen, University of 2000 California Berkeley engr.pdf 12 An Overview of Banking, Richard W. Fisher 2005 and the U.S. and Texas 050912.html Economies 13 What is the balance of Norman S. Fieleke, vice president 1996 payments? and economist, Federal Reserve lofpay.pdf Bank of London 14 Depository Institutions - - Deregulation and .pdf Monetary Control Act of 1980 Federal Reserve Bank of Boston 15 The Federal Reserve - - System: Purposes and mplete.pdf Functions 16 Managing the Risk in Richard W. Kopcke 2006 Pension Plans and 6/ppdp067.pdf Recent Pension Reforms 17 Do Households Benefit Kristopher Gerardi, 2006 from Financial Harvey S. Rosen, and x.htm Deregulation and Paul Willen Innovation? The Case of the Mortgage Market‖ 18
    • No. Article Author Published year Web links 18 ―Collateralized Paul Willen and 2006 Borrowing and Life- Felix Kubler 6/ppdp064.pdf Cycle Portfolio Choice‖ 19 ―Risk Bearing, Implicit J. Christina Wang and 2006 Financial Services, and Susanto Basu x.htm Specialization in the Financial Industry‖ 20 ―Pension Accounting Peter Fortune 2006 and Corporate Earnings: 6/ppdp062.pdf The World According to GAAP‖ 21 ―Alternative Measures of Michelle L. Barnes and 2005 the Federal Reserve Jose A. Lopez 5/ppdp052.pdf Banks’ Cost of Equity Capital‖ 22 ―Do Bank Mergers Affect Joanna Stavins 2004 Federal Reserve Check 4/ppdp0407.pdf Volume?‖ 23 ―Financial Development, Borja Larrain 2004 Financial Constraints, 4/ppdp0406.pdf and the Volatility of Industrial Output‖ 24 Financial Innovation and - 2002 Monetary Transmission 02n1.html 25 Beyond Pillar 3 in - 2004 International Banking 04n2.html Regulation: Disclosure and Market Discipline of Financial Firms 26 The Corporate Jonathan R. Macey and Maureen - Governance of Banks O’Hara v09n1/0304mace.pdf 19
    • No. Article Author Published year Web links 27 Is Corporate Renée Adams and Hamid Mehran 2003 Governance Different for v09n1/0304adam.pdf Bank Holding Companies? 28 Incentive Features in Kose John and 2003 CEO Compensation in Yiming Qian v09n1/0304john.pdf the Banking Industry 29 What Market Risk Beverly J. Hirtle 2003 Capital Reporting Tells v09n3/0309hirt.pdf Us about Bank Risk 30 Using Collateral to Yaron Leitner - Secure Loans 2_using-collateral.pdf 31 Debt Maturity: What Do Mitchell Berlin - Economists Say? What Maturity.pdf Do CFOs Say? 32 A Review of Inflation Mike Dotsey - Targeting in Developed 2_review_inflation.pdf Countries 33 An assessment of the Robert A. Greene, 2004 Corporate Governance C. Benjamin Jones, Jr. and rces/supervisory_studies/pdfs/063004_cor Practices of Fifith David W. Powers, Jr., CPA pgovernance.pdf Federal Reserve District Banking Institutions 34` The Federal Reserve - - Today : Financial ucator_resources/federal_reserve_today/p Regulation and df/frtoday.pdf Supervision 35 Cross-Border Banking : Robert A. Eisenbeis and George G. 2007 Challenges for deposit Kaufman ydocs/wp0615a.pdf insurance and financial stability in this European Union 20
    • No. Article Author Published year Web links 36 The Major Supervisory Robert A. Eisenbeis and 2002 Initiatives Post FDICIA: Larry D.Wall 0231.pdf Are they based on the goals of PCA? Should they be? 37 Agency Problems and Robert A. Eisesnbeis 2004 Goal Conflicts 0424.pdf 40 Preconditions for a Maria J. Nieto and 2006 Successful Larry D. Wall 0627.pdf Implementation of Supervisors’ Prompt Corrective Action: Is there a case for a banking standard in the European Union? 41 Bank Instability, Janice Boucher Breuer 2003 Conflicts of Interests, 04/breuer.pdf and Institutions 42 Home country versus Robert A. Eisenbeis 2006 Cross-Border Negative ydocs/wp0618.pdf Externalities in Large Banking Organisation Failures and How to avoid them 43 Bank Crisis Resolution Robert A. Eisenbeis and George G. - and Foreign-owned Kaufman 405_eisenbeis.pdf Banks 44 Financial Regulatory Larry D. Wall and 1999 Structure and the Robert A. Eisenbeis 9912.pdf Resolution of Conflicting Goals 45 Is bank regulation Gary H. Stern 1999 necessary s1099.cfm?js=0 46 Rethinking Bank James R. Barth, 2006 21
    • No. Article Author Published year Web links Regulation : Till Angels Gerard Capro Jr., and 06-12/review.cfm?js=0 Govern Ross Levine 47 The Supervisory Richard J. Sullivan 2006 Framework Surrounding wp/Sullivan_Supervision_nonbank_pmt_pr Nonbank Participation in oviders_WP0403.pdf the US retail Payments Systems : An Overview 48 Financial Regulation, Thomas M. Hoenic 1999 Prudential Supervision, nanreg.htm and Market discipline : Striking a balance 49 Corporate governance in Wafik Grais and 2006 http://www- institutions offering Matteo Pellegrini Islamic financial services ontentServer/WDSP/IB/2006/10/26/000016 406_20061026114045/Rendered/PDF/wps 4052.pdf 50 Corporate governance Wafik Grais and 2006 http://www- and Shariah compliance Matteo Pellegrini in institutions offering ontentServer/WDSP/IB/2006/10/26/000016 Islamic financial services 406_20061026114045/Rendered/PDF/wps (English) 4052.pdf 51 Corporate governance Wafik Grais and 2006 http://www- and stakeholders' Matteo Pellegrini financial interests in ontentServer/WDSP/IB/2006/10/26/000016 institutions offering 406_20061026114045/Rendered/PDF/wps Islamic financial services 4052.pdf (English) 52 Financial development in Augusto de la Torre, 2006 http://www- Latin America : big Juan Carlos Gozzi and emerging issues, limited Sergio L. Scmukler ontentServer/WDSP/IB/2006/07/11/000016 policy answers 406_20060711115557/Rendered/PDF/wps 3963.pdf 22
    • No. Article Author Published year Web links 53 Banking on the Asli Dermirguc-Kunt 2006 http://www- Principles: Compliance Enrica Detragiache and with Basel Core Thierry Tressel ontentServer/WDSP/IB/2006/06/23/000016 Principles and Bank 406_20060623142348/Rendered/PDF/wps Soundness 3954.pdf 54 Banking Supervision in a Michael Foot 2006 Smaller Financial centre: _p.asp?lprogram=4&objectid=229957 Problems and Recipes for Success 55 Core principles for - 1997 effective banking JUSTINST/Resources/BasleCorePrinciples supervision 2.pdf 56 Banking on the Asli Demirguc – Kunt, 2006 Principles : Compliance Enrica Detragiache, esources/3_DemirgucKunt-Banking with Basel Core And Thierry Tressel Principles 57 Basel Committee on - 1997 Banking Supervision /155591/finsecissues/pdf/basle-core.pdf 58 Islamic Banking : Issues Luca Errico and 1998 in Prudential Mitra Farahbaksh /155591/finsecissues/pdf/wp9830.pdf Regulations and Supervision 59 Islamic Bank – Issues in Errico, Luca and 1998 Prudential Regulations Farahbaksh, Mitra s.cfm?sk=2524.0 and Supervision 60 IMF Staff Comments on - 2000 Proposals of the Basel tcom.htm Committee on Banking Supervision for a New Capital Adequacy Framework 61 Toward an Effective Jorge Cayazzo, 2006 Supervision of Partially Antonio Garcia Pascual, /wp0632.pdf 23
    • No. Article Author Published year Web links Dollarized Banking Eva Gutierrez, and Systems Socorro Heysen , 62 Implementation of Basel - 2005 II -- Implications for the /072205.htm World Bank and the IMF 63 Emerging Issues in Chami, Ralph, 2003 Banking Regulation Khan, Mohsin S., and s.cfm?sk=16519.0 Sharma, Sunil 64 Does Deposit Insurance Demirgüç-Kunt, 2000 Increase Banking Asli /wp0003.pdf System Stability? Detragiache and Enrica 65 Financial Development Susan Creane, Rishi Goyal, A. 2003 in the Middle East and Mushfiq Mobarak, and Randa 03/eng/creane/index.htm North Africa Sab 66 Does Compliance with Richard Podpiera 2006 Basel Core Principles 2006/02/pdf/podpiera.pdf Bring Any Measurable Benefits? 67 Foreign Bank Inwong Song 2004 Supervision and /wp0482.pdf Challenges to Emerging Market Supervisors 68 Supervision of Financial Michael Gruson 2004 Conglomerated in the 4/cdmfl/eng/gruson.pdf European Union 69 Is One Watchdog Better Martin Cihák and 2006 Than Three? Richard Podpiera /wp0657.pdf International Experience with Integrated Financial Sector Supervision; 70 Regulatory Capture in by Daniel C. Hardy 2006 Banking, /wp0634.pdf 24
    • Basel & II No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 1. http://www.bisorg/publ/bcbs107.htm Report on Basel II 2 http://www.bisorg/publ/bcbs128.htm Basel II: International Convergence of Capital Measurement and Capital Standards: A Revised framework- Comprehensive version. st nd rd 1 2 and 3 pillars. 3 http://www.bisorg/publ/bcbs129.htm 2006 Core principles of effective banking supervision 4 http://www.bisorg/publ/bcbs130.htm Revised version of the 1999 core principles methodology(2006) 5 Report on the business impact of Basel EY_GFSRM_Basel_II_survey2006.pdf Financial_Services_-_Risk_Management_- II by Ernest & Young _Basel_II_Report_2006 6 Can Basel II enhance financial stability? ppb_84.pdf for a full text of this w&pubID=10b8b8481c7 A pessimistic view by Levy Economic document. institute of Bard college. 7 Impact of Basel II on emerging r041117a.pdf _content&task=search&x=17&y=4 economies 8 Implementation of Basel II: issues on 004/20041004/default.htm cross-border banking. 9 Impact of the Basel Accord on the credit 0 flow in Latin America 10 History, the accord, the accord in Gives links to all the different types of operation, pillars, criticisms, updates. risk and how they are managed. 11 Operational Risk – BIS Examines Progress Banking Systems Have in Emerging Economies in New Report 12 The new Basel Accord and Developing This is a working paper ter_id=481&kwd=+basel#14 countries: Problems and alternatives 25
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 13 Implementation of basel II: Implications m on World Bank and the IMF 14 A paper on a range of practice on advanced management approaches by the Basel Committee 15 Background notes on Risk sensitivity in ter_id=481&kwd=+basel#14 bank capital requirements 16 SA move on Basel II How the SA is address the n=com_content&task=search&x=20&y=3 implementation issues of Basel II 17 Africa must be apart of Basel II News paper extract, Accra Mail n=com_content&task=search&x=20&y=3 18 Minimum capital requirements for banks South African business report eId=2401917 to stay steady. 19 Emerging market banks may struggle South African business report ArticleId=2079877 with basel 2. 20 Africa must be part of Basel 2 accord ACCRA MAIL 21 Can Basel II really define uniform oft%3AenUS&q=enforcement+of+basel+II&btnG=Sea standards around the world? rch 22 Comments on the principles of Basel II By the Gorvernor of Bank of Kenya Mr oft%3AenUS&q=enforcement+of+basel+II&btnG=Sea Andrew J Mullei rch 23 One and a half cheers for the Statement of the shadow financial oft%3AenUS&q=enforcement+of+basel+II&btnG=Sea standardized approach regulatory committee. rch 26
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 24 Cyclical implications of Basel II capital oft%3AenUS&q=implications+of+basel+II&btnG=Sear standards ch 25 Basel II : implications for risk 3/rut030917.html management William L. Rutledge, Executive Vice President in charge Bank Supervision Group 26 A guide to Basel II New capital adequacy standards for lenders 27 The New Basel Capital Accord: 1-08.htm Implications for US Agricultural Lenders 28 Challenges and implications of Basel II ASIA oft%3AenUS&q=implications+of+basel+II&btnG=Sear for Asia ch 29 Implications of Basel II on Latin America Various articles on this matter 30 Enhancing bank transparency 31 Basel II: International Convergence of Capital Measurement and Capital Standards: A Revised Framework 32 Measuring operational risk management systems under Basel II 33 Home-host information sharing for June 2006 effective Basel II implementation 27
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 34 Management of liquidity risk in financial groups 35 Final Report of the Multidisciplinary Working Group on Enhanced Disclosure 36 Credit Risk Transfer 37 Basel II and risk management Methodology of measuring risk c.html 38 Risk management and solutions inancial_services/risk_management_home.cfm 39 Enhancing Risk Management under Remarks by Governor Susan Schmidt 005/20050608/default.htm Basel II Bies 40 Can International Capital Standards By Liliana Rojas-Suarez 00895 Strengthen Banks In Emerging Markets? 41 Will Basel II Contribute to Convergence Helmut Reisen n%22+intitle:%22Will+Basel+II+Contribute+to+Conver in gence+in+International+...%22+&hl=en&rls=com.micr International Capital Flows?* osoft:en-US&oi=scholarr 42 Basel II pdf +adequacy&sourceid=ie7& US&ie=utf8&oe=utf8 43 Basel II and developing countries: By S Griffith-Jones, M Segoviano, S diversification2.pdf diversification and portfolio effects Spratt - 44 Can the interest of developing countries By S Griffith-Jones, M Segoviano, S be protected Spratt - 45 implications of Basel II in Domestic 28
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) developing countries 46 Challenges for Basel II implementation +on+developing+countries&hl=en& in Chile en-US&start=10&sa=N 47 Basel II business impact +on+developing+countries&hl=en& en-US&start=10&sa=N 48 Impact of Basel II .Domestic financial By Liliana Rojas-Suarez regulations in developing countries:can suarez.pdf+impact+of+basel+II+on+developing+count they effectively limit the impact of ries&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=21 capital account volatility? 49 Base II capital requirements and A political economy perspective by developing countries Stijin Claessens 0and%2520Developing%2520Countries%2520Versio n%25203.pdf+impact+of+basel+II+on+developing+co untries&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=34 50 Credit risk management gaining prominence in the global banking pdf+basel+II+on+credit+risk&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=9 industry 51 Measuring and managing operational posures+to+related+parties&hl=en& risk :en-US&oi=scholart 52 CREDIT RISK MEASUREMENT ARTICLE good :- UNDER BASEL II, An overview and TtfvnxSiSEJ: implementation issues for developing 520susitarimas/BaselII87.pdf+basell+II+and+exposur countries es+to+related+parties 53 Bank Capital and Loan Loss Reserves Giovanni Majnoni, Margaret Miller, and 29
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 5Z- under Basel II Andrew Powell* ARTICLE ectorWeb.nsf/(attachmentweb)/39677_wps3437/%24 Implications for emerging economies FILE/39677_wps3437.pdf+related:- 54 Financial Stability Review By Bank of England themesandissues0212.htm Themes and Issues, Issue 13 12 December 2002 Article ***** 55 THE NEW BASEL CAPITAL by Frank Dierick,Fatima Pires FRAMEWORK AND ITS Martin Scheicher s%22+%22Impact+*+*+New+Basel%22&hl=en&ct=cl IMPLEMENTATION IN and Kai Gereon Spitzer nk&cd=3 THE EUROPEAN UNION 56 IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NEW MARUSA MRAK BASEL CAPITAL ACCORD IN %3D518+%22Hayes%22+%22Impact+*+*+New+Bas EMERGING MARKET ECONOMIES – dIssertation Warwick student el%22&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=4 PROBLEMS AND ALTERNATIVES 57 Implementation and Implications for Presented By: Nigerian Banks and Supervisory %22Hayes%22+%22Impact+*+*+New+Basel%22&hl= Authority. Simeon Adelowo Oyelade en&ct=clnk&cd=7 ARTICLE AFRICA****** 58 Basel II: What Legal Advisors Need To By John Jason Know ARTICLE ******* 59 Basel II Introduces New Capital Rules By John Jason ink=rss for Securitizations ARTICLE ******* 60 THE GLOBAL IMPLEMENTATION OF by Andrew Cornford 30
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) BASEL II: PROSPECTS AND o+related+parties&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=15 OUTSTANDING PROBLEMS ARTICLE ****** 61 Bank for international settlements =14&tmdid=0&fmdid=0&dtid=1&y=now official website 62 Basel II: Revised international capital framework 63 Other BIS-hosted organizations—(FsF) 64 Other BIS-hosted organizations—(IAIS) 65 Other BIS-hosted organizations—(IAID) 66 Definition of Basel Committee king_Supervision 67 Basel committee decision on Calibration s/EU/other_documentation/general/calibration.shtml of Basel 2 68 The new Basel Capital Accord 2.pdf 69 Explanation bank term of Basel 1 banking-supervision 70 Explanation bank term of Basel 2 71 News docID=506 Senior official of the China Banking China Regulatory Commission (CBRC) speaking to the press on the newly 31
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) issued Regulation Governing Capital Adequacy of Commercial Banks 72 http://www.osfi- Basel Committee on Banking Canada Supervision (Canada site) 73 News about Brasel 2 News tm Taiwan(Written in English) 74 Paper: risk-based capital (from Basel 1 to Basel 2) 75 Paper: Basel Capital accord and Asia 9/basel.pdf impact 76 Capital Reform – Basel 1-A and Basel II pital_reform_.html 77 Basel II Capital Accord 78 Capital Requirements Directive/Basel 2 /basel/index.shtml 79 Improved risk management key News e/News/olmc2006045-cn.pdf objective of Basel 2 Chinese version 80 Basel 2 for SMEs 81 BASEL II Compliance mpli.html 82 do Basel II Contracts, Contractor Rates for Basel Capital Accord (Basel II) Skills 32
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 83 Basel II implementation in Australia Australia in-Australia.cfm 84 Basel 2 solution for regulatory reporting and compliance with STB 85 Paper: Basel 2-a challenge and an opportunity to Indian Bank 86 Paper: Basel 2 raising the global risk O%20de%20Jong%20Brunnen.pdf bar 87 News: Bahrain prepares to adopt Basel ate=0&page=basel_login2&url=%2Fpublic%2FshowP 2 age.html%3Fpage%3D433322 88 News: Financial Insights Asia/Pacific Basel II Survey Finds 35% of Banks 6 Possess Less than 2 Years of Robust Data 89 Operational Risk in the Basel II 45441 Framework: A Survey of BIS Publications 90 Paper: Asia-pacific Basel 2 presentation Chinese version 24_Presentation_Chinese/$file/050124_Presentation_ Chinese.pdf 33
    • Securities Regulation No. Name Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 1 The Securities China The Securities Association of China is a self-regulating Association of China cn/en/homepage/in organization for the securities industry established in dex_en.jsp accordance with the pertinent regulations of Securities Law of China and Administrative Regulations on Registration of Public Organizations. It is a non-profit public organization with the status of a legal person under the professional guidance, supervision and management of China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China. 2 The International World http://www.iosco.or This organization is aimed to:• The protection of investors; Organization of Organizatio g/ •Ensuring that markets are fair, efficient and transparent; Securities n •The reduction of systemic risk. Commissions 3 The Securities and Hong Kong SFC is an independent non-governmental statutory body Futures Commission c/html/EN/ outside the civil service, responsible for regulating the securities and futures markets in Hong Kong. 4 U.S. Securities and USA The mission of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Exchange Commission is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, Commission and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation. 5 North American USA http://www.nasaa.o NASAA is the oldest international organization devoted to Securities rg/home/index.cfm investor protection. NASAA is a voluntary association whose Administrators membership consists of 67 state, provincial, and territorial Association securities administrators in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, and Mexico. 6 American Stock USA a comprehensive resource for investors and issuers seeking Exchange m/ the unique market environment offered at the American Stock Exchange. By continually cultivating new ideas and building relationships across the globe, the Amex is creating financial opportunities for individual and institutional investors and issuers spanning every industry sector and market size. 34
    • No. Name Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 7 Boston Stock USA http://www.bostonst Boston Stock Exchange has earned a reputation for creating Exchange a secure, stable trading environment marked by exceptional market quality, specialized trading services, innovative technology, and outstanding customer service. 8 Chicago Board USA Learn more about CBOE, In this website you'll be able to Options Exchange m/ access CBOE Press Releases, Annual Reports, and learn about Employment Opportunities offered by CBOE, etc. 9 Chicago Stock USA CHX anticipates launching its New Trading Model (NTM). Exchange / The core element of the NTM is a fully electronic Matching System. Additionally, CHX plans to provide routing services from existing order-sending participants to the CHX Matching System, CHX Institutional Brokers, off-Exchange Market Makers and other destinations. 10 Australian Securities Australia The Australian Securities & Investments Commission & Investments .au/asic/asic.nsf enforces and regulates company and financial services laws Commission to protect consumers, investors and creditors. An independent Australian government body, ASIC has regulated financial markets, securities, futures and corporations since January 1991.It responsible for consumer protection in superannuation, insurance, deposit taking and, from 2002, credit. It reports to the Commonwealth Parliament, the Treasurer and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer. 11 Financial Services UK The FSA is an independent non-governmental body, given Authority uk/ statutory powers by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. It is a company limited by guarantee and financed by the financial services industry. The Treasury appoints the FSA Board, which currently consists of a Chairman, a Chief Executive Officer, three Managing Directors, and 9 non- executive directors (including a lead non-executive member, the Deputy Chairman). This Board sets our overall policy, but day-to-day decisions and management of the staff are the responsibility of the Executive 12 Ministry of Finance Japan http://www.mof.go.j It contains the items of Minister’s statement, press release, p/english/index.htm councils, policy evaluation statistics, organization chart, divisional composition, functions etc. 35
    • No. Name Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 13 Securities Malaysia The SC is a self-funding statutory body with investigative Commission my/ and enforcement powers. It reports to the Minister of Finance and its accounts are tabled in Parliament annually. 14 Securities and Brazil Securities and Exchange Commission established that it Exchange .br/ingl/ should observe the following objectives: to assure the Commission p proper functioning of the exchange and over-the-counter markets; to protect all securities holders against fraudulent issues and illegal actions performed by company managers, controlling shareholders, or mutual fund managers; to avoid or inhibit any kind of fraud or manipulation which may give rise to artificial price formation in the securities market, etc. 15 Autorité des France The AMF was formed from the merger of the Commission marchés efault.asp?lang=en des opérations de bourse (COB), the Conseil des marchés financiers (CMF) and the Conseil de discipline de la gestion financière (CDGF).The objective in amalgamating these bodies was to improve the efficiency of France’s financial regulatory system and to give it greater visibility. 16 Shanghai Stock China SSE is a non-profit-making membership institution directly Exchange .cn/sseportal/en_us governed by the China Securities Regulatory /ps/home.shtml Commission(CSRC). The SSE bases its development on the principle of "legislation, supervision, self-regulation and standardization" to create a transparent, open, safe and efficient marketplace. The SSE endeavors to realize a variety of functions: providing marketplace and facilities for the securities trading; formulating business rules; accepting and arranging listings; organizing and monitoring securities trading; regulating members and listed companies; managing and disseminating market information. 17 Shenzhen Stock China Exchange main/en/ 18 Hong Kong Hong Kong It includes latest listed company information, investor, Exchange and exchange and clearing house participants, issuer services, Clearing Limited growth enterprise market, product, trading information, press room, regulatory framework and rules, listing matters and listed companies, market consultation, research centre, 36
    • No. Name Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) data& statistics, etc items. 19 American Stock USA A comprehensive resource for investors and issuers seeking Exchange m/ the unique market environment offered at the American Stock Exchange. By continually cultivating new ideas and building relationships across the globe, the Amex is creating financial opportunities for individual and institutional investors and issuers spanning every industry sector and market size. 20 New York Stock USA NYSE Group, Inc. (NYSE:NYX) operates two securities Exchange m/ exchanges: the NYSE and NYSE Arca (formerly known as the Archipelago Exchange, or ArcaEx 21 Chicago Stock USA The Chicago Stock Exchange provides a vital element of Exchange / competition to the marketplace. 22 Singapore Exchange Singapore SGX is Asia-Pacific's first demutua lised and integrated Limited .sg/ securities and derivatives exchange. SGX is also at the forefront of exchanges globally in attracting international issuers and is rapidly emerging as Asia's offshore risk management centre for international derivatives. 23 Australian Securities Australia It contains investor centre, price research& announcements, Exchange .au/ tools& resources, for professionals & companies, market supervision & rules etc. 24 London Stock UK http://www.londonst The London Stock Exchange is at the heart of global Exchange financial markets and is home to some of the best en-gb/ companies in the world. Discover how the business is structured and what makes it one of the world's leading equity exchanges. 25 Tokyo Stock Japan It contains corporate philosophy, charter of corporate Exchange, english/index.shtml behavior, business & financial information, board report, trading participants, crisis management, information services, regulations, history, privacy policy etc. 26 the Securities and USA http://www.sechisto the Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society Exchange seeks to make broadly available primary materials on the Commission impact that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society has had on the growth of U.S. and international capital markets since its inception, and to contribute to the 37
    • No. Name Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) understanding of how the SEC has shaped and continues to shape U.S. and international capital markets. 27 The University of USA http://www.utlaw.ed Financial Regulators Gateway Toledo College of u/students/financial lists all securities, banking and insurance regulators in the Law regulators/ United States. 28 ABA USA http://www.abanet. ABA Section of Business Law org/dch/committee. Federal Regulation of Securities cfm?com=CL41000 0 29 The World USA The World Federation of Exchanges, formerly FIBV - Federation of International Federation of Stock Exchanges, is the trade Exchange E/home.Asp?nav=i organization for regulated securities and derivative markets, e settlement institutions and related clearing houses, and their diverse services to capital markets. 30 Committee of http://www.cesr- CESR is an independent Committee of European Securities European Securities Regulators. The Committee was established under the Regulators terms of the European Commission.s Decision of 6 June 2001. It is one of the two committees envisaged in the Final Report. of the Committee of Wise Men on the regulation of European securities markets, chaired by Baron Alexandre Lamfalussy. The report itself was endorsed by Heads of State in the European Council and the European Parliament). 31 Council of Securities USA COSRA provides a forum for mutual cooperation and Regulators of the .br/ingl/inter/Cosra/I communication to enhance the efforts of each country in the Americas nter.asp region to develop and foster the growth of sound securities markets that are fair to all investors. Formed in 1992, COSRA is a vibrant international organization that has proven, through its principles listed below, to have a significant impact on the international cooperative efforts of securities regulators throughout the region. 32 Canadian Securities Canada http://www.csa- The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) is a forum for Administrators the 13 securities regulators of Canada's provinces and territories to coordinate and harmonize regulation of the 38
    • No. Name Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) Canadian capital markets. 33 Joint Forum of Canada http://www.jointforu The Joint Forum was founded in 1999 by the Canadian (Canadian) Financial Council of Insurance Regulators (CCIR), the Canadian Market Regulators WWWSite/aboutthe Securities Administrators (CSA), and the Canadian group.htm Association of Pension Supervisory Authorities (CAPSA). It also includes representation from the Canadian Insurance Services Regulatory Organizations (CISRO). 34 Municipal Securities http://www.msrb.or The MSRB makes rules regulating dealers who deal in Rulemaking Board g/msrb1/ municipal bonds, municipal notes, and other municipal securities. This web site contains useful information for municipal securities investors, dealers and the general public. 35 University of USA Securities Lawyer's Deskbook contains the text of the basic Cincinnati College of du/CCL/index.html federal securities laws and regulations, as well as links to Law the principal Securities and Exchange Commission forms under those laws and regulations. The Deskbook is designed primarily for use by legal practitioners and scholars, securities professionals, and corporate officers. It can also be used as a digital supplement in law school courses on the federal regulation of securities. 36 Philadelphia Stock USA It contains marketplate, quotes& trade information, daily Exchange m/ market volume summary items etc. 37 NADSADQ USA http://www.nasdaq. It includes company financials, revenue, pre-market quotes, com/ after hours quotes, analyst information, holdings summary, guru analysis, infoquotes, NASDAQ indexes, market indexed, sector indexes items etc. 38 State of Georgia USA http://www.sos.stat The Securities and Business Regulation Division protects Georgians by registering and regulating: securities offerings, securities firms, securities salespeople, investment advisers, charities, paid solicitors, cemeteries, and pre-need funeral service/merchandise dealers 39 State of Vermont USA http://www.bishca.s Securities Division Regulations, Bulletins & Orders These on-line texts were created for the use and secregs/Secregind convenience of the public, and should not be viewed or ex.htm relied upon as legal documents. While it guarantees that the 39
    • No. Name Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) material is free of either human or electronic error. 40 The State University USA http://law.lib.buffalo Federal Securities Law of New York .edu/departments/i nfo- services/research/b ibliographies/federa l/Securities.pdf 41 Nova Scotia Canada It was established to provide investors with protection in Securities a/nssc/default.asp accordance with Nova Scotia's securities laws from Commission practices and activities that tend to undermine investor confidence in the fairness and efficiency of capital markets. We also have a mandate to foster the process of capital formation where it would not be inconsistent with an adequate level of investor protection 42 Delaware Securities USA The Securities Division is a unit of the Delaware Department Division us/securities/ of Justice and is charged by law with the regulation of the securities business in Delaware. If you have a question or concern that relates to the rules and regulations that govern the securities business in Delaware, we hope that this web site will provide the information that you are looking for. 43 SEDAR Canada The System for Electronic Documents and Retrieval is the m/ official site for the filing of documents by public companies as required by securities laws in Canada. These documents are available free of charge on the SEDAR web site. 44 SEDI Canada SEDI is the System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders, /sedi/SVTWelcome established by the applicable securities regulatory ?locale=en_ca&pag authorities. SEDI facilitates the filing and public eName=splashPag dissemination of "insider reports" in electronic format via the e Internet and this website. 45 Cease Trade Orders Canada RS is the independent regulation services provider for Database from RS home Canadian equity marketplaces, including: The Toronto Stock Inc Exchange (TSX); TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V), Canadian Trading and Quotation System (CNQ), including 40
    • No. Name Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) its "Pure Trading" facility; Bloomberg Tradebook Canada Company; Liquidnet Canada Inc.; Perimeter Markets Inc. (BlockBook™); and Shorcan ATS Limited. 46 National Registration Canada http://www.nrd- This informational website - - was Database established to help firms more effectively prepare for and .jsp use NRD. The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) will continue to maintain and update this site in order to help you use the NRD system. 47 Alberta Securities Canada http://www.albertas The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) is the regulatory Commission agency responsible for administering the province's securities laws. It is entrusted to foster a fair and efficient capital market in Alberta and to protect investors. As a member of the Canadian Securities Administrators, the ASC works to improve, coordinate and harmonize the regulation of Canada's capital markets. 48 British Columbia Canada http://www.bcsc.bc. The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) is the Securities ca/ independent provincial government agency responsible for Commission regulating securities trading in British Columbia through the administration of the Securities Act. 49 Manitoba Securities Canada The Manitoba Securities Commission is an independent Commission agency of the Government of Manitoba that protects ml investors and promotes fair and efficient capital markets throughout the province. 50 New Brunswick Canada http://www.nbsc- The New Brunswick Securities Commission (NBSC) is the Securities Crown corporation established by the Province of New Commission e.asp Brunswick in 2004 to regulate the securities industry and ensure the efficiency and integrity of capital markets in New Brunswick . Funded indirectly by investors, through industry, its mandate is to protect investors from unfair, improper or fraudulent practices, and to foster fair and efficient capital markets. It develops and enforces securities regulation, and offers impartial educational information and resources to New Brunswick residents about the investing process. 51 Securities Canada To protect the public interest and promote efficient capital Commission of markets by licensing and regulating registrants, regulating 41
    • No. Name Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) Newfoundland and the environment for raising capital, cooperation with market Labrador participants and education of the public. 52 Securities Registry Canada http://www.justice.g As a regulator, the primary mandate of the Securities Registry is to protect the investing public. The Registry Registry/Securities serves as a gatekeeper for firms and their salespersons Registry.htm wishing to sell securities to the public. In addition, the Registry reviews prospectuses and applications for exemptive relief, takes enforcement action against persons and companies who have violated securities laws and provides various services to the public. 53 Ontario Securities Canada The Ontario Securities Commission administers and Commission enforces securities legislation in the Province of Ontario. Our mandate is to: Provide protection to investors from unfair, improper and fraudulent practices Foster fair and efficient capital markets and confidence in their integrity 54 Prince Edward Canada The Securities Office is the provincial authority responsible Island Securities a/securities/ for regulating trading in securities in the province. Our Office primary mandate is to protect Prince Edward Island investors from unfair, improper or fraudulent practices in the marketplace. We also work alongside the securities regulators of the other provinces and territories to facilitate consistent, efficient and effective regulation of the capital markets across the country. 55 Autorité des Canada http://www.lautorite. The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) is the body marchés financiers mandated by the government of Québec to regulate the province's financial markets and provide assistance to consumers of financial products and services. 56 Saskatchewan Canada The Securities Division of the Financial Services Securities Commission protects investors by regulating trading in Commission(externa html securities in Saskatchewan. Securities are forms of l link) investment such as stocks, bonds and units in mutual funds. 57 National Association USA As the world's leading private-sector provider of financial of Securities Dealers m/index.htm regulatory services, NASD has helped bring integrity to the (NASD) markets - and confidence to investors - for more than 60 years. 42
    • No. Name Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 58 National Association USA As the world's largest private-sector regulator of financial of Securities Dealers m/RulesRegulation/ services, NASD touches virtually every aspect of the Regulation(NASDR) index.htm securities industry. By law, every securities firm doing business with the American public must register with NASD. Today, about 5,160 brokerage firms and more than 663,535 stockbrokers and registered representatives fall under our jurisdiction. We register securities firms, write rules to govern their behavior, examine them for compliance and, when necessary, bring enforcement actions against those who break those rules. 59 Securities Class USA http://securities.sta The Securities Class Action Clearinghouse provides detailed Action information relating to the prosecution, defense, and Clearinghouse settlement of federal class action securities fraud litigation. The Clearinghouse maintains an Index of Filings of 2478 issuers that have been named in federal class action securities fraud lawsuits since passage of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The Clearinghouse also contains copies of more than 19,800 complaints, briefs, filings, and other litigation-related materials filed in these cases. 60 Ohio Securities USA http://www.securitie Generally, the Ohio Division of Securities oversees the securities marketplace in Ohio. Specifically, the Division is responsible for providing investor protection and enhancing capital formation by administering and enforcing the Ohio Securities Act, Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1707. The Division is a part of the Department of Commerce, which is in the executive branch of the Ohio state government.The Division is headed by the Commissioner of Securities. The Division carries out its functions through three substantive sections: licensing, securities registration, and enforcement. These sections are supported by a fiscal section and a data and records section. 61 Massachusetts USA http://www.sec.stat The primary mission of the Massachusetts Securities Securities Division Division is investor protection. Consistent with that mission, tm the division works to ensure a free and competitive securities market in Massachusetts, thereby increasing 43
    • No. Name Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) investor confidence, encouraging the formation of capital, and supporting the creation of new jobs in Massachusetts. 62 Maryland Attorney USA http://www.oag.stat It includes Protecting consumers, Law enforcement etc General items. ndex.htm The primary mission of the Securities Division is to protect Maryland investors from investment fraud and misrepresentation. 63 Indiana Secretary of USA The Secretary of State's office seeks to protect Hoosier State os/securities/ investors and consumers by bringing enforcement actions against companies and individuals accused of selling securities and other financial services in violation of Indiana's securities, franchise and loan broker statutes and by educating Hoosiers about prudent investing. 64 North Carolina USA http://www.secretar The offer, sale, and purchase of securities are subject to a Securities Division very complex system of regulation carried out by federal, state, and self-regulatory agencies. It administers North Carolina’s securities laws, which are located in Chapters 78A and 78C of the North Carolina General Statutes. The intent of these laws is to protect the investing public by requiring a satisfactory investigation of both the people who offer securities as investments and of the securities themselves. The Securities Division also addresses investor complaints concerning securities brokers and dealers, investment advisers and commodity dealers as well as complaints about offerings of particular investments. 65 Wyoming Secretary USA http://soswy.state.w The Wyoming Secretary of State Securities Division is charged with oversight of investment sales in this state. .htm Please use the resources of this office before investing with someone you do not know or getting into an investment with which you are not familiar. Contact us for more information about securities agents, broker-dealers, stocks and bonds, or potential scams. 67 Nevada Secretary of USA http://sos.state.nv.u Our purpose and mission is to protect Nevada Investors State s/securities/ through: the licensing of investment professionals, the registration of securities offerings , the enforcement of statutes regarding 44
    • No. Name Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) securities law, and education of the public 68 Securities Division - USA It contains statutes/rules, news releases, enforcement, Arizona Corporation licensing, capital formation, investor education etc items. Commission 69 Washington State USA http://www.dfi.wa.g The primary mission of the Division of Securities, which was Department of ov/sd/ established in the early 1930s, is to protect Washington Financial Institutions State residents from dishonest or fraudulent practices by people selling investments 70 South Dakota USA The Division of Securities sets rules and procedures to Securities Division us/drr2/reg/securiti ensure that investments sold in South Dakota meet es/ standards of full disclosure. These standards apply to three types of investments: securities products, franchises and business opportunities. The Division staff investigates investor complaints and takes appropriate action. The Division works with other states and federal agencies. 71 Tennessee USA The Tennessee Securities Division enforces the Tennessee Securities Division us/commerce/secur Securities Act of 1980 to maintain the integrity of the ities/ securities market and to protect investors. The Division also promotes investor education and the prevention of fraud in the securities industry. 72 Alabama Securities USA http://www.asc.stat The Alabama Securities Commission (ASC) regulates the Commission securities industry in Alabama. ASC is committed to protect investors against securities fraud and provides aggressive enforcement actions against any firm or individual who has violated the Alabama Securities Act or other state and federal statues to the detriment of Alabama investors. The Alabama Securities Act provides for the licensing and regulation of securities broker-dealers, agents, investment advisers and investment adviser representatives, and financial planners. 73 Division of Finance USA http://dfcs.oregon.g DFCS is part of the Department of Consumer and Business and Corporate ov/ Services (DCBS), Oregon's largest regulatory and consumer Securities protection agency. The division's mission is to encourage the widest possible range of financial services, products, and information for Oregonians; delivered in a safe, sound, equitable, and fraud-free manner. 45
    • No. Name Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 74 Mississippi USA http://www.sos.stat This section, part of the Enforcement/Regulation unit, is Secretary of State responsible for regulating both the sale of securities and the urities/ securities professionals who sell them. In addition, the unit p is charged with the task of working with federal and state prosecuting authorities to investigate and criminally punish violators of the state's securities laws. The division carries out these functions under the authority granted to it by the Mississippi Code Annotated, 75-71-101 et seq. (1972). 75 New Mexican USA http://rld.state.nm.u The Securities Division protects New Mexicans from fraud Securities Division s/Securities/index.h and financial abuse by: Licensing securities broker-dealers, tm financial advisers and other investment professionals, and by registering certain securities offered in New Mexico; Registering certain securities in New Mexico; Investigating financial fraud and violations of state securities laws; and Assisting consumers in avoiding fraud and making appropriate financial decisions. 76 Massachusetts USA http://www.sec.stat The Massachusetts Securities Division (the ―Division‖) is Securities Division requesting comments on proposed regulations that would reg/propreg.htm prohibit the use by broker-dealer agents and investment adviser representatives registered in Massachusetts of certain professional designations that state or imply a specialized knowledge of the financial needs of senior investors. 77 Securities and USA The Securities and Business Investments Division has Business ob/cwp/view.asp?a administrative jurisdiction relating to Connecticut's Investments Division =2249&q=299158 securities, business opportunity and tender offer laws. The State of Connecticut Division's objective is to protect Connecticut investors while simultaneously recognizing the legitimate needs of businesses which raise capital through securities offerings. 78 Securities USA http://www.sao.stat The Securities Department protects Montana investors by Department regulating securities transactions. The department registers Montana ndex.asp securities, brokerage firms, investment advisory firms and individuals working for those firms. 79 Utah USA http://www.securitie The Utah Division of Securities administers and enforces the Division of Securities Utah Uniform Securities Act. The Division administers the 46
    • No. Name Country Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) Act by registering securities; reviewing exemptions; issuing no-action letters & interpretative opinions; licensing broker- dealers & their agents, investment advisers & their representatives, issuer agents, and certified dealers; and by providing investor education opportunities. 80 Pennsylvania USA http://www.psc.stat The Commission's goal is to protect the public from Securities deceptive practices in connection with offers, sales, and Commission purchases of securities in Pennsylvania while encouraging availability of equity and debt financing to legitimate businesses and industries in or affecting the Commonwealth. 81 Department of USA The Department licenses and regulates a variety of Corporations gov/ businesses that affect your life, including securities brokers California’s and dealers, investment advisers and financial planners, and certain fiduciaries and lenders. It also regulates the offer and sale of securities, franchises and off-exchange commodities. 82 Illinois Securities USA http://www.cyberdri The Illinois Securities Department is responsible for the Department regulation of the securities industry in Illinois. The duties of tments/securities/ the Department are as follows: Register securities offerings and the persons who sell them. Regulation of investment advisors, business brokers, loan brokers, and business opportunities. The Department is also responsible for protecting the investing citizens in Illinois by ensuring compliance with the Law and investigating any complaints of fraud or improper practices. 47
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) The role of technology in Dean Jovic, SunGard’s managing achieving Basel II compliance director for Basel II, reviews the %3Dcollect%26file%3DAsungard.pdf%26type%3Dpdf technology implications %26bu%3DPress%26details_captured%3Dyes+basell as banks gear up their Basel II projects +II+and+exposures+to+related+parties&hl=en&ct=cln k&cd=16 83 Securitization Fram ew ork in BaselII _tcm1623500.pdf+basell+II+and+exposures+to+relate d+parties&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=13 84 What Effects Will Basel II Have on the Global ABCP Market? +basell+II+and+exposures+to+related+parties&hl=en &ct=clnk&cd=14 85 Continued progress toward BASEL II BY BIS %20fonds%20propres/press_release150104.htm 86 BASEL II CREDIT RISK MITIGATION Basel_II_Credit_Risk_Mitigation.cfm?RenderForPrint= 1 87 The Ripple Effect: *************article How Basel II will on/ERisk_Basel_II_Whitepaper.pdf+basell+II+and+ex impact institutions posures+to+related+parties&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=25 of all sizes 88 Proposals for the Implementation of Basel II 48
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) _D606_F5E9_695DA6DC2B9BD879__18D9C9E1_D in Singapore 606_F5E9_65362AF342E6A205/CP_Implementation_ Basel2_Phase4_Nov06.pdf+basell+II+and+exposures +to+related+parties&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=28 89 Basel II - Revised international capital framework 90 Basel II, Sovereign Ratings and by Transfer Risk Stijn Claessens and Geert Embrechts untry+and+transfer+risk&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1 External versus Internal Ratings ARTICLE**** 91 Implementation Basel II" Working Group ON TRANSFER RISK otokoll_291105_212.en.pdf+basell+II+and+country+a nd+transfer+risk&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=5 92 MARKET RISK ********** 7.htm 93 The Three Pillars of Basel II: Optimizing by the Mix Jean-Paul DECAMPS ey/docs/Decamps_Roger_Rochet.pdf+basell+II+and+l iquidity+risk+ Jean-Charles ROCHET Benoıt ROGER 94 Incentives for Effective Risk Jon Danıelsson :OYSUDkhQMP8J: Management London School of Economics %3Fmode%3Dsimple+basell+II+and+liquidity+risk+ Bjørn N. Jorgensen Harvard Business School Casper G. de Vries Erasmus University Rotterdam, Tinbergen Institute, and NIAS 95 Basel II and systematic stability Article by deputy governor Bank of uidity+risk+&hl=en& England, Andrew Large US&oi=scholart 49
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) pfd document 96 Credit risk and role of capital adequacy **** regulation ads/Events/Past%2520Events/Suro1/regulation.pdf+b asell+II+and+liquidity+risk+ 97 Banking on Basel ****** seminar/2005/session1_philsherman_basel2pillars2n3 _klhksh.pdf+basell+II+and+liquidity+risk+ 98 Rebalancing the three pillars of Basel el21.pdf+basell+II+and+liquidity+risk+ 99 Financial regulation, credit risk and financial stability 100 Bank Capital, Liquidity, and Systemic Journal of European economic 2005.3.2-3.547?cookieSet=1&journalCode=jeea Risk Association 101 Deposit Insurance, Bank Regulation, and Financial System Risks MEGP05.pdf+basell+II+and+liquidity+risk+ 102 The Basel 2 Approach To Bank ************ Operational Risk: 516.pdf+basell+II+and+liquidity+risk+ 103 How to prevent new Basel Accord from Article uidity+risk+&hl=en&lr=&start=30&sa=N harming developing countries 104 A critique of the revised Basel II :s47acv9mmQ4J: cfr/2006/sept/JarrowR.pdf+basell+II+and+liquidity+risk + 50
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 105 Basel II: Risk Management and By Stanley Fischer Implications for Banking in Emerging Citigroup 02.pdf+basell+II+and+liquidity+risk+ Market ************ Countries 106 A Critique on the Proposed Use of :Ip-FENAKrG4J:www.ifk- External Sovereign Credit Ratings in Basel II 107 Cyclical Effects in Credit Risk Ratings and alpaper.pdf+basell+II+and+liquidity+risk+ Default Risk 108 Financial stability and the new Basel ****** :MdMszjtFN5IJ: Accord %2520susitarimas/BaselII65.pdf+ 109 Risk Measurement for Financial :-KqJqOehpsJ: Institutions ell+II+and+liquidity+risk+ 110 The new Basel regulation: the ***** unresolved issues 04.pdf+basell+II+and+liquidity+risk+ 111 Regulatory Developments in the Capitalisation of Banks Files/Regulatory%2520Developments%2520in%2520t — A Financial Stability Perspective he%2520Capitalisation%2520of%2520Banks%2520- %2520A%2520Financial%2520Stability%2520Perspe ctive%2520by%2520Caroline%2520Gavin%2520%25 20Rebecca%2520Stuart.pdf+basell+II+and+liquidity+r isk+ 51
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) The Securities Statutes, Rules, Regulations and Proposals, State and Federal 112 Caselaw, Statutes, Codes and Regulations, Federal Courts, State Courts, Commentary, Publications, Genera 113 US Securities and Exchange Commission 114 Complinet - the leading provider of html?product_id=346&rulebook_id=1736 compliance information solutions to the financial services industry - has a comprehensive library of legal reference texts including the Government Securities Act Regulations, codified to CFR Title 17, Chapter IV. 115 As the world's largest private-sector regulator of financial services, NASD touches virtually every aspect of the securities industry. By law, every securities firm doing business with the American public must register with NASD. Today, about 5,160 brokerage firms and more than 663,535 stockbrokers and registered representatives fall under our jurisdiction. We register securities firms, write rules to govern their behavior, examine them for compliance and, when necessary, bring enforcement actions against those who break those rules. 116 State Securities Regulators have been the front line of defense for Main St. investors for nearly 100 years. Many investors understandably feel that their 52
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) local state securities regulator is the logical place to start with a grievance when they believe a broker or investment advisor has treated them unfairly. We are often first to identify investment scams and bring enforcement actions to halt or remedy a wide variety of investment related violations, and may be able to obtain restitution for New Hampshire residents as part of enforcement actions. States are often an early warning system to alert the public, other regulators and policy makers to problems and may work with national regulators such as the SEC when necessary. 117 The Securities Regulation Division (SRD) is one of three operational divisions under the California Corporations Commissioner. SRD is headed by an Assistant Commissioner and is responsible for the qualification of the offer and sale of securities and the licensing and regulation of broker- dealers, broker-dealer agents, investment advisers, and investment adviser representatives pursuant to the Corporate Securities Law of 1968. SRD also registers the offer and sale of franchises under the Franchise Investment Law and licenses capital access companies under the Capital Access Company Law. 118 Capital Markets and Securities Law News, Primary Sources – Federal, Primary Sources - State (Blue Sky), etc. 53
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 119 The legislation 120 Securities Regulation in Canada 121 Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes 122 This quarterly journal features articles d=14938712 by noted practitioners and scholars in the field of securities regulation law. Provides in-depth coverage of significant trends in legislative, judicial, and regulatory activity. Keep up-to-date on topics such as takeovers, restricted stock plans, corporate disclosure, accountant's liability, SEC practice, and arbitration. For securities specialists, corporate compliance experts, attorneys and accountants representing public companies, securities brokers and dealers, as well as investment bankers and advisors. 123 This site will keep you up to date on all aspects of licensing, the impacts that licensing will have on the private security industry, progress being made and what those connected with the security industry may need to do as a result of the new regulations. 124 This site is designed to assist investors who have lost money. The SEC, NASD and Securities Law Information Center helps investors document their cases in order to best explain how their funds may have been improperly managed. Clients can then follow up on their own or with a law firm in an attempt to 54
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) recover their losses. Its goal is to help you: Understand the laws and regulations regarding your broker's management of your account; Determine what options you have; Prepare your case; Understand the arbitration process for recovering money. 125 Securities and Exchange Commission, Republic of the Philippines 126 Securities regulation in the United in_the_United_States States 127 U.S. Securities Regulation in a World of 50530 Global Exchanges by Reena Aggarwal, Allen Ferrell and Jonathan Katz. Recently there has been a dramatic change in the organizational structure of exchanges as they have demutualized and converted into for-profit entities. This has been accompanied by a public listing of shares on the exchange itself. These changes have been driven by technological and competitive forces and have resulted in a new paradigm for the governance of exchanges. The new organizational structure has raised several regulatory issues. At the same time that exchanges have themselves become public companies, there have also been major changes in the governance requirements of listed companies that trade on exchanges. Many of these changes have been prompted by the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, new exchange regulations, 55
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) and changes mandated by the SEC. The new requirements have impacted the capital raising process globally and the choice of listing venue. These developments have in turn intensified competition among exchanges and may lead to a wave of cross-border consolidations. Globalization of exchanges will create challenges for nation-based regulation and we offer some suggestions for resolving the regulatory impediments. 128 The BC Securities Act, Securities Regulation, and Securities Rules, as well as notices, instruments, and policy documents, regulate trading in securities and exchange contracts within British Columbia. The BC Securities Commission has partnered with the Queen's Printer to provide up- to-date copies of the relevant act, rules, and regulations. The Queen's Printer usually incorporates amendments into the act, rules, and regulations within 14 days after they come into force. We update notices, instruments, and policy documents within one day of the amendments coming into force. 129 The Securities Lawyer's Deskbook (Deskbook) is made available with the understanding that the University of Cincinnati College of Law is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional services. If legal advice or other expert assistance is 56
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought. The information published in the Deskbook is for personal or professional use. The Deskbook user acknowledges and agrees that all proprietary rights in the information provided in the Deskbook shall remain the property of the University of Cincinnati College of Law. 130 Securities regulation in the United the-united-states States 131 This page has been compiled to allow on-line access to the Rules and Regulations of the Colorado Division of Securities. They are provided in .PDF format and can be viewed and printed without any additional software other than your WWW browser and Adobe Reader (a free program). Please note that this site is amended frequently and rules and regulations will be added as they are available. 132 Broker-Dealer & Securities Regulation 133 SEC Issues Final Rule Regarding Disclosure of Off-Balance Sheet Arrangements and Contractual Obligations by Daniel J. Winnike, Laird H. Simons, Eileen Duffy Robinett and Horace Nash of Fenwick & West LLP 134 Hazen's Securities Regulation: Selected 0&product_id=17350267 Statutes, Rules & Forms, 2007 ed by Thomas Lee Hazen. This booklet contains the full text of the 57
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) basic federal securities laws, the principle SEC rules and forms under those laws, and other related laws and regulations. It is designed primarily as a supplement to securities regulation texts used in law school courses. However, it can also serve as a basic reference for lawyers, securities professionals, corporate officers, and others who have occasion to deal with questions of securities law. 135 US Securities Regulation: All You Need port_id=63190 to Know about Going Public, Listing, Reporting and Private Placements. Guy P Lander provides you with a step- by-step guide to issuing in the US for domestic and foreign issuers, US Securities Regulation. 136 Reconciling Federal and State Interests 43621 in Securities Regulation in the United States and Europe by Roberta S. Karmel. Securities law in the United States is found primarily in the federal securities laws administered by the Securities and Exchange Commission and interpreted by the courts. The federal securities laws were preceded by state securities laws administered by state securities commissions and stock exchange regulations and listing requirements. Although key aspects of state securities regulation have been preempted, other aspects remain in tact. Stock exchange requirements now are part of the federal securities laws. Further, corporation law 58
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) is primarily state law, even though it is sometimes overridden by the federal securities laws. All of this regulation results in a fair amount of regulatory competitions that frequently is difficult to reconcile. Europe is struggling with similar problems in reconciling federal and state law and regulation concerning capital markets and public companies. This article outlines the framework and historical development of securities law in the United States and Europe and the long term trend toward federal regulation despite some countervailing actions by local interests. It also discusses the tension between federal and state interests in takeover law as an example of an effort to reconcile competing regulatory goals. One of the author's conclusions is that politics and economic history are more important than theory in explaining the dominance of federal over state regulation. Further, regulatory competition is not an appropriate method for making investor protection the reconciling principle between federal and state interests. 137 Securities Regulation: Liabilities and tID=1045&masterid=5850&CFID=608221&CFTOKEN Remedies by Marc I. Steinberg. =7 It provides you with the guidance you need to advise your clients on how to protect confidential information while facing disclosure and liability concerns under the securities laws. This comprehensive volume helps you deal successfully with such matters as: 59
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) disclosure of self-dealing; protecting confidential information; insider trading; ―soft information‖; bad financial news; merger negotiations; a company's duty to update information; public and private offerings; the ―fraud on the market‖ theory of reliance; shareholder remedies, including derivative suits; secondary liability; SEC enforcement; RICO; tender offer developments in the legislatures and the courts; going- private transactions; and more. Throughout the book, you'll find analysis of the latest court decisions, SEC regulations and releases, and federal and state legislation, including the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. 138 Banking Regulation versus Securities Market Regulation by Franklin Allen and Richard Herring 139 Securities Issues 140 The NASD announced yesterday that 64% of its members have approved a consolidation of its regulatory functions with those of the NYSE. The consolidation will result in a single regulatory division that will be responsible for member examination, enforcement, arbitration and mediation, as well as market regulation for the NASDAQ, AMEX, ISE, and Chicago Climate exchanges. The Financial Industry Association, a group of smaller firms, objected to the consolidation, 60
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) arguing that they would not be sufficiently represented, while other opponents of the plan claimed it might erode protections for individual investors. Larger firms favored the plan because it will cut costs and eliminate redundancy. The NASD will pay $35,000 to each member now that the merger has been approved. The streamlined regulatory division will begin operation in Q2. "The securities industry has embraced replacing an outdated regulatory structure with one that better serves firms and investors in a fast-changing marketplace," said NASD CEO Mary Schapiro, who will become CEO of the new entity. SEC Commissioner Paul Atkins favors the merger, calling it "a great step forward for efficient and effective regulation." (22/01/20007) 141 http://www.sec- Speeches- Securities Regulation - An International Perspective by Jane Diplock AO, Chairman, IOSCO Executive Committee, Chairman, Securities Commission of New Zealand (Tokyo, 30/10/2007) 142 Securities & Franchising, State of Wisconsin, Department of Financial Institutions 143 Investment and Growth Initiative: orpgov.htm Corporate Governance, Capital Markets, and Securities Regulation, U.S. Chamber of Commerce 144 Securities Regulation & Disclosure asp?topic=138&topicName=Securities+Regulation+% 61
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 26+Disclosure 145 State of Wisconsin, Department of Financial Institutions: A Brief History of Securities Regulation. 146 Anglo-American Securities Regulation, bn=9780521622318 Cultural and Political Roots, 1690-1860, by Stuart Banner, Washington University, St Louis. This book examines the regulation of the earliest securities markets in England and the United States, from their origins in the 1690s until the 1850s. Professor Banner argues that during the reign of Queen Anne a complex and moderately effective body of regulatory control was already extant, reflecting widespread Anglo-American attitudes toward securities speculation. He uses both traditional legal materials (including court opinions, statutes, and legal treatises) and as a broad range of non-legal sources (novels, broadsides, contemporary engravings) to examine contemporary images of stock markets and speculation practices, and he shows that securities regulation has a much longer ancestry than is often supposed. Insights from both legal and cultural history are utilised to explain how popular thought about the securities market was translated into regulation and, reciprocally, how that regulation influenced market structures and the activities of speculators: Innovative treatment of major subject, 62
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) with massive contemporary resonance; Unique mix of legal, financial, and cultural history; Appeal to professional legal and business audience, as well as academic specialists. 147 Securities Regulation in Canada: An Inter-Provincial Securities Framework Discussion Paper June 2003 / La On June 11, 2003, a discussion paper was released that takes an in-depth look at a passport system. Interested Canadians were invited to comment on the discussion paper by July 15, 2003. 148 About the Securities Regulation Division, California 149 Securities market regulation egulation/im_regulation_011.htm 150 Damon & Morey LLP attorneys practicing in the area of securities regulation and corporate finance provide representation for securities broker-dealers, investment firms, venture capital firms, investment advisors and financial institutions. Our clients have included companies engaged in a variety of industries, such as energy, restaurant, computer, retailing, ceramic technologies, television, telecommunications, banking, savings and loan, real estate and medical industries. We represent a number of companies with significant expansion and acquisition prospects whose growth will give rise to a need for sophisticated financial and legal 63
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) planning and representation. 151 Securities Regulation in Korea ISEC.html Problems and Recommendations for Feasible Reforms by Young Moo Shin This book offers a comprehensive study of Securities Regulations of Korea in the context of her rapidly growing economy. The first part of this volume sets forth the historical development of the Korean securities markets and shows how one developing nation, the Republic of Korea, has coped with her capital market promotion problems. The second part discusses the present securities regulatory laws and their problems as compared with those of the United States and Japan. In the last part, recommendations for feasible reforms for the future are presented. Finally, an appendix is attached to update recent development in the Korean securities markets and regulation thereof. Based on extensive research into both business and legal aspects of the Korean securities industry, this volume also provides a comprehensive review of current securities laws and enforcement techniques in Korea as compared with those in the United States and Japan and, as an analytical case study of Korea as a developing nation, furnishes a reference point for other developing nations. 152 Empowering Investors: A Market Approach to Securities Regulation by 64
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) Roberta Romano, Yale University This Article contends that the current legislative approach to securities regulation is mistaken. It advocates a market-oriented approach of competitive federalism that would expand the role of the states in securities regulation and would fundamentally reconceptualize the regulatory scheme. Under a system of competitive federalism for securities regulation, only one sovereign will have jurisdiction over all transactions in the securities of a corporation that involve the issuer or its agents and investors: the sovereign chosen by the issuer from among the federal government, the fifty states, or foreign nations. The aim is to replicate for the securities setting the benefits produced by state competition for corporate charters -- a responsive legal regime that has tended to maximize share value. As a competitive legal market supplants a monopolist federal agency in the fashioning of regulation, it will produce rules more aligned with the preferences of investors, whose decisions drive the capital market. Competitive federalism for U.S. securities regulation also has important implications for international securities regulation. The jurisdictional principle applicable to domestic securities transactions is equally applicable: Foreign issuers selling shares in the United States would be 65
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) able to opt out of the federal securities laws and choose the law of another nation, such as their country of incorporation, or of a U.S. state, to govern those U.S. transactions. 153 Securities Regulation And Emerging a71.html Markets: Legal And Institutional Issues For Southern And Eastern Africa by Kenneth Mwenda, World Bank Securities Africa/ Securities Industry Africa/ Securities Law and Legislation 154 The New Brunswick Securities Commission is responsible for the administration of New Brunswick's securities laws and has authority to make rules for the purposes of carrying out the Securities Act . 155 Canadian securities regulation governs regulation the securities traded in Canada by properly licensed investment dealers on behalf of private and public investors in an open financial market. 156 Differences between Canadian and .pdf American Securities Regulation 157 The National Bank is also responsible 0_00/?l=en&t=ho for the daily management of the Securities Regulation Fund, which performs various functions relating to the secondary market in government debt securities. 158 Uniform Securities Legislation Project, 16_commentary.jsp Commentary on Consultation Drafts (16/12/2003) 159 America Law & Economics Association 51&context=alea Annual Meetings (Year 2005): The 66
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) Essential Role of Securities Regulations by Zohar Goshen and Gideon Parchomovsky This Article posits that the essential role of securities regulations is to create a. competitive market for sophisticated professional…ongoing policy debates concerning the role and content of securities regulation. 160 The purpose of this web site is to provide information to the investing public on how self regulatory organizations (SROs) operate in the Canadian Securities Industry. 161 Philadelphia Bar Association ppNum=2&wosid=8QMTIbBwZqTm8P9YdkpzsM 162,20867,2 US set for securities regulation overhaul 1100097-36375,00.html by Jeremy Grant, Washington (January 23, 2007) 163 Canadian Securities Regulation: Issues 06.htm And Challenges by Jean-Marc Suret and Cécile Carpentier The idea of setting up a national securities commission in Canada has recently returned to the forefront. However, the debate is not based on a rigorous empirical study. Most arguments put forward to support the idea of the inefficiency of securities regulation are not supported by regulatory and finance theory, and are generally based only on unsupported statements put forward by pressure groups. Our study analyses the arguments put forward by proponents of 67
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) the centralization of securities regulation and highlights the current problems of the Canadian securities market. 164 Federal securities regulation egulation/im_regulation_031.htm 165 International Securities Regulation w/?view=usa&ci=0379208253 Definitive and comprehensive, International Securities Regulation is the first treatise on international securities with translations of laws and regulations of 30 jurisdictions entirely in English. 166 As part of the structural, regulatory, and legislative reforms undertaken in Jordan, a new securities law was passed in May 1997. It aimed to restructure the capital market to international standards and to make it efficient and transparent in order to protect investors and encourage investment. 167 Regulation of International Securities Issues by Paul G. Mahoney 168 Modernising securities settlement This consultation paper introduces and sing_securities_settlement/consult_mss_part4.cfm seeks views on new draft Regulations with which it is proposed to replace the Uncertificated Securities Regulations 1995 (―the 1995 Regulations‖). The intention to revise the 1995 Regulations was indicated in a previous Treasury consultation paper and the new Regulations have been drawn up in the light of comments received as a result 68
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) of that exercise. They have been modelled on the 1995 Regulations, but significant revisions have been made to accommodate the changes outlined in this paper. 169 The Ontario Securities Commission was backgrounder.jsp given rule-making authority pursuant to the Securities Amendment Act, 1995. By delegating this authority to the Commission, the Legislature has empowered the Commission to use its expertise to create the detailed rules necessary to meet the purposes of the Securities Act. Rules made under the Securities Act are binding and a person or company that contravenes a rule may be subject to enforcement action. 170 The Essential Role of Securities 2005/7/ Regulation Gideon Parchomovsky, University of Pennsylvania Law School 171 International Organization of Securities Commission (IOSCO) Objectives and Principles of Securities Regulation: This document sets out 30 principles of securities regulation, which are based upon three objectives of securities regulation 172 Centre for Corporate Law and papers/economic-market.html Securities Regulation: The Economics of Market Confidence: (Ac) Costing Securities Market Regulations, written by Jeffrey Lawrence 173 The Lithuanian Securities Regulation _28.pdf 69
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 174 EC Securities Regulation by Niamh Moloney entifier= This book provides an extensive and critical assessment of the EC's system of securities and investment-services market regulation or EC securities regulation. With the introduction of the Euro, the rapid evolution of EC securities markets and the adoption of the 1999 Financial Services Action Plan, completion of the single market in securities and investment services has emerged as a high profile priority at EC level. While the main planks of the legal framework of the single market in securities and investment services are now in place, the strains which the rapidly developing EC securities market is placing on this regime are also becoming apparent as EC capital markets deepen, stock exchanges link up, trading platforms develop, and retail investors, through the internet, are exposed to the wider EC marketplace. The object of this book is to consolidate and provide a critical assessment of this important body of law and its underlying policies and themes at a critical point in its development. While the book assesses how EC securities regulation has sought to construct a single market in securities and investment services, it also evaluates the substantive rules of the regime, including the EC issuer- disclosure regime, the prudential and protective rules applicable to 70
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) investment-services providers and the securities-trading markets regime, as well as the relevant Treaty provisions and the case law of the Court of Justice. The text also deals with the most recent developments in the area, including the progress towards completion of the Financial Services Action Plan, the implications of the Lamfalussy law- making model and the review currently underway of the pivotal Investment Services Directive. 175 The need for Centralized Securities r/24_1/08_TXT.htm Regulation in he European Union by Karen M. Smith Developing a system of securities regulation in the European Union has been a difficult task. Currently, markets are regulated at the national level and are guided by certain minimum standards established by EU Directives. The Investment Services Directive, enacted in 1996, was heralded as the final piece of legislation required to complete a unified market for securities. This Note discusses the ISD’s failure to result in a fully integrated market and concludes that EU markets need supervision by a centralized regulatory body to allow them to become fully integrated. 176 Substantive securities law reform: The curities_Reform/default.htm British Columbia Legislature adopted a new Securities Act in May 2004 that is written in plain language and designed to implement streamlined and simplified 71
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) securities regulation. The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) is finalizing the accompanying rules with the goal of bringing the complete legislative package into force mid-November 2004. 177 Annual review of federal securities l regulation 178 Changing times: key issues for /00000003/00000001/art00001 securities regulation and compliance by E. Sorcher, Alan; R. Kramer, George In the midst of one of the most challenging periods in decades, the securities industry is relearning the meaning of the ancient Chinese curse â–― â–œmay you live in interesting timesâ–?. The end of the 90â–™s bull market, September 11th and corporate wrongdoing have given rise to new rules and far-reaching new statutes. At the same time, technological change and global consolidation of markets and regulations also continue to drive change, as they did throughout the 1990s. The authors highlight some of the crucial regulatory and legislative developments that will have significant consequences for the securities industry. Legislative proposals in response to the recent corporate scandals, analyst independence, anti- money laundering rules, and the effectiveness of the Gramm-Leach- Bliley Act are among the issues examined. 179 Securities Regulation: The Canadian 72
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) c Dilemma by Douglas M. Hyndman 180 Moose Pastures and Mergers: The Ontario Securities Commission and the Regulation of Share Markets in Canada, 1940-1980, Book Reviews 181 Securities Regulation, Generally, The gulation_generally.htm Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) 182 http://www.blackwell- Recent Developments in International Securities Regulation by Robert Nottle 8683.1994.tb00048.x?cookieSet=1&journalCode=corg 183 The Canadian Chamber of Commerce 184 The Role of Securities Regulation in the an.html Development of the Thai Stock Market by John Fagan 185 Federal and state codes pertaining to securities_law/codes_and_regulations/weblistings.asp securities law 186 Securities Regulation & Disclosure asp?intStartRec=15&topic=138&topicName=Securitie s+Regulation+%26+Disclosure 187 Kansas Securities Regulation 188 Reporting on Internal Control: the rtification_ICFR_april06(1).pdf Applications of the CSA’s Proposed Approach 189 West’s Case Updates- Securities Law s.html 190 EU to launch database on securities s/2141096/eu-launch-database-securities regulation 73
    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) 191 The U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley witch hunt 1862 has forced IPOs overseas. Canada shouldn’t make the same mistake by Pierre Lemieux 192 Corporate Law and Securities _nel/chapter8_14.pdf Regulation in South Africa 193 Securities Links 194 International Organisation of Securities 7 Commissions 195 Best Internet Resources For Securities Lawyers by Robert J. Ambrogi 196 The International Organization of n_of_securities_commissions.htm Securities Commissions (IOSCO) 197 Quebec study argues against national 030805.html securities regulation 198 Singapore Government Securities slation.html 199 State of Georgia: Securities Offerings/ gs.htm Issuers 200 Does the European Union need a securities and exchange commission? By Pierre-Marie Boury Key points: Contrasting the current EU regulatory framework for the regulation of securities markets to the US federal system of regulation, this article examines whether the creation of an effective pan-European securities 74
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    • No. Website Summary of Website’s Content Remark (if any) era of regulatory dominance the United States has enjoyed since the end of the Cold War is over. It is unlikely that politicians will pass securities regulations as sweeping as SOX again without considering the potentially negative consequences for the U.S. capital markets. 204 Entering the U.S. Securities Markets: ticle=1034&context=lawfaculty Regulation of Non-US Issuers by Barbara Black 205 Securities Regulation: Improvements taPrefix=html&identifier=ADA397532 Needed in the Amex Listing Program 206 Private placements for small business (small securities offerings) by Wilson, Peter S., Jr. The expenses involved in the offering and sale of securities due to filing SEC registration statements and meeting the requirements of state regulators is time- consuming, expensive and can prove inhibitive to small offerings by small businesses. Private placements, those transactions not involving a public offering, are exempt from registration but are available to a small business. Accountants can assist clients in structuring and planning a private placement by analyzing the company's business plan to structure the offering properly and by providing necessary information. Structuring the plan entails the evaluation of control, cash flow, liquidity, capital requirements, and tax factors. Pricing decisions must be 76
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