ABN AMRO Private Banking - A Profile


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ABN AMRO Private Banking - A Profile

  1. 1. ABN AMRO Private Banking - A Profile
  2. 2. Dear Sir/Madam, In the challenging times of change we live in now, ABN AMRO Private Banking has actually emerged as a stronger private bank. It is my pleasure to present to you a profile of our private bank as it stands now. On 17 October 2007, ABN AMRO Holding NV (‘ABN AMRO”) was acquired by a consortium of banks through RFS Holdings (‘RFS’). This consortium consisted of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Fortis Bank and Banco Santander. On 3 October 2008, the Dutch government acquired Fortis’ stake in RFS and became the owner of ABN AMRO Netherlands, the International Diamond & Jewelry Group and ABN AMRO Private Banking, which includes ABN AMRO Private Banking Asia. While we prepare for separation from the consortium to become a stand alone private bank, ABN AMRO continues to operate as a separately capitalised and regulated entity under the supervision of the Dutch central bank. ABN AMRO is also managed independently by a separate Supervisory and Managing Board. Our fundamentals remain strong, with a Tier 1 capital ratio and total capital ratio of 10.9% and 14.4% respectively, as at 31 December 2008. We also enjoy good credit ratings, with Aa2 by Moody’s, A+ by S&P, and AA- by Fitch as at 31 March 2009. ABN AMRO Private Banking’s infrastructure in Asia and the Middle East consists of a network of 8 offices staffed by over 500 employees across the region. To address your needs, we have a range of products and services which may be customised to meet your financial goals. We have teams of dedicated professionals, from private bankers and investment advisors to product specialists and research analysts, always ready to serve you. If you are already our client, then you will be familiar with our continued commitment to provide you with the best possible professional service. If you are new to ABN AMRO Private Banking Asia, I hope that this will be the start of a long and fulfilling relationship where we hope to address your needs, both personal and business. For further details, I invite you to turn the page and enter our world. Warmest regards, Barend Janssens Head of ABN AMRO Private Banking Asia
  3. 3. ABN AMRO Private Banking - A Profile  01 Welcome to ABN AMRO Private Banking At ABN AMRO Private Banking Asia, our entrepreneurial origins stem from centuries of trade in the region dating back to 1824. Today, we continue to draw on our global reach and local relationships to manage our clients’ wealth. Our international network comprises some of Europe's oldest and most-prestigious private banks, including Neuflize OBC (France), with roots that can be traced to 1667, and Delbrueck Bethmann Maffei (Germany), with a history beginning in 1712. Following our acquisition by the Dutch state in 2008, we now enter into a new chapter of our history as a stronger private bank offering clients leading financial expertise anywhere in the world. Our business continues to stand firmly on solid ground with a renewed focus to cater primarily to High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals like you. Our strength as an international private bank lies in the following areas:  Global footprint spanning 12 countries with 65 branches and offices and over 3,000 full time employees  Sizeable establishment encompassing over 100,000 clients and EUR 102 billion in assets under management 1  Tier 1 capital ratio of 10.9% and total capital ratio of 14.4% 1  Strong credit ratings, with Aa2 by Moody’s, A+ by S&P, and AA- by Fitch 2  Network of experienced professionals including research analysts, economists, portfolio managers, estate planning experts and product specialists  Dedicated client service teams for each client consisting of private bankers, investment advisors and assistant private bankers  Open architecture model providing our clients with access to the best possible products regardless of location and provider
  4. 4. 02  ABN AMRO Private Banking - A Profile
  5. 5. ABN AMRO Private Banking - A Profile  03 Your Wealth and Well-being are our Main Concern We are committed to forging long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients based on personal attention, trust and confidentiality. We endeavour to make more possible for you and your loved ones by understanding and clarifying your individual situation, financial needs, investment objectives and personal wishes. By appreciating the broader, personal factors in your life, our advice and guidance are customized to help fulfill your unique needs, be it wealth creation, preservation or transfer. Wealth Creation Wealth Transfer As your responsibilities and challenges increase, it may Whether you would like to direct your assets to your heirs be more difficult to find the time to enhance your wealth or to a philanthropic cause, it is important to ensure that especially if your assets have augmented in size and your legacy is transferred in an effective way. At ABN complexity. By taking the time to understand your risk AMRO Private Banking, our Estate Planners can provide appetite and time horizon, our Private Bankers can help advice and structure a well-thought out approach that you in allocating your assets effectively to capitalize on can meet your objectives for succession planning. investment opportunities. Wealth Preservation Whether you are building a nest egg for your children, planning for retirement, or simply trying to buffer the eroding effect of inflation, wealth preservation plays a critical part in building your portfolio of assets. By putting the necessary framework in place, we can assist you in safeguarding your wealth, enabling you to ultimately enjoy the fruits of your labour.
  6. 6. 04  ABN AMRO Private Banking - A Profile A Dedicated Client Service Team Our Private Bankers are your personal point of contact who will discuss your specific circumstances and needs closely before suggesting financial solutions. In addition, you will be supported by an Investment Advisor and a group of regional Product Specialists with expertise in their respective fields. This dedicated client service team will uphold our relationship with you based on stringent standards of confidentiality and a high degree of personal assistance that you deserve. Research and Investment Advisory International Estate Planning While maintaining full control over your portfolio, take Our International Estate Planning (IEP) services help you advantage of our Research and Investment Advisory protect and transfer your wealth to future generations groups that form a global network of experienced efficiently, whether your business interests and professionals with local in-depth knowledge. Through investments are situated locally or in various countries. consultation with these experts, you can gain access to Our specialists’ application of the best methods and a wealth of knowledge, ideas and perspectives across correct timing to transfer wealth will translate into an asset classes to help you make an informed decision on optimal estate planning structure. These solutions will your investments. be according to your preferences and will enable you to preserve your legacy for your beneficiaries, ranging Discretionary Portfolio Management from your loved ones to the community at large. Enjoy the benefit of having a dedicated and experienced investment professional construct and constantly manage your portfolio providing you with peace of mind and enabling you to concentrate on other areas of life that matter to you most. Our Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM) service will support you in developing a tailored portfolio by taking into consideration your unique needs, circumstances and investment profile. Your Portfolio Manager will then monitor and actively take tactical steps to rebalance your portfolio according to dynamic market conditions and as your needs change through different life stages.
  7. 7. ABN AMRO Private Banking - A Profile  05
  8. 8. 06  ABN AMRO Private Banking - A Profile Our Products In addition to conventional investments in stocks and bonds, ABN AMRO Private Banking can offer a wide range of investment products given our open architecture model of sourcing products in-house or externally to best suit our clients’ needs. Investment Funds Structured Products Investment funds pool assets from different parties Structured products are hybrid securities containing which allow an individual investor to benefit from the debt components and embedded derivatives. These scale of assets allowing for a broad spread across investments are customized based on investors’ assets, sectors and regions, thereby diversifying risk. In preferences for certain asset classes, their specific risk addition, you can avail of the expertise of an international profiles, return requirements, and market expectations. team of fund managers and analysts. It is important to note that in addition to an exposure to the underlying asset, there is also an exposure to the Treasury Products credit or default risk of the issuer (or guarantor where applicable). The Foreign Exchange (FX) solutions that we provide present various alternatives for cash flow management, yield enhancement and hedging. Furthermore, you can Credit Facilities reduce risk by hedging your bond and equity positions However strong your financial position, there may still so that currency risk does not erode the overall return be times when you need extra funds to capitalize on of the investment. Our professional treasury advisors an opportunity or to prevent any imbalances in your offer a broad spectrum of foreign exchange solutions portfolio. Our collateral-based credit facilities are a ranging from simple FX spot or forward transactions to financing alternative which provides you with liquidity a wide variety of more complex derivatives. without impacting your investment goals or depleting your cash reserves. We can help with a wide range of Alternative Investments credit products, from mortgages and investment loans, to those facilitating exchange transactions or for the Alternative investments are investment vehicles with purchase of precious metals. In addition, we can tailor absolute returns that are normally less correlated to the credit solutions to suit your financing needs.3 market than traditional asset classes. The underlying approach of this asset class is different from traditional asset classes such as bonds and shares. These types of assets may include hedge funds, real estate, venture capital or private equity. Generally, alternative investments focus on sophisticated investment strategies and may use derivatives, leverage or short positions. These instruments can be used to complement your investment portfolio. However, the factors to consider when engaging in these investments include cost, different risk characteristics and less liquidity than traditional assets.
  9. 9. Investment Advisory Investment ideas at the tip of your fingers All of us struggle to rationalise the mass of data thrown to us by an information-based global economy. The challenge is to filter out the unnecessary and concentrate on reliable signals that provide both perspectives and a secure basis for your investment decisions. ABN AMRO Private Banking’s Investment Advisory Service delivers you pre-filtered information and discerning market analysis drawn from specialist expertise in every financial discipline and local market knowledge across more than 60 countries and every major financial center in the world. As our client, you have access to an assortment of information tools such as the Quarterly Outlook publication, the Global Weekly, sector and company updates, investment opportunities, and much more. All this knowledge is centrally coordinated to provide a comprehensive global overview of business sectors and specific securities. Investment Proposal suited to your circumstances and objectives If you prefer to plan your own investment strategy, our Investment Advisory team can provide detailed recommendations that suit your investment profile to diversify your risk and capitalise on the best available investment opportunities. The Investment Advisory process essentially comprises of four clear steps: 1. Investment Profile: Based on your needs and objectives, your Private Banker establishes your investment profile. 2. Investment Proposal: Your Private Banker develops a proposal based on your profile and recommendations from our Research and Investment Advisory teams. 3. Client Approval: Once you have approved this recommendation, the detailed execution of your investment plan can follow. 4. Review Financial Plan: Once implemented, your investment portfolio will be regularly reviewed with you by your Private Banker. We also offer a one-stop shop for execution, settlement and custody services. Once you have decided on an investment, your Private Banker can deliver and customize it through our dealing facilities. At ABN AMRO Private Banking, we are aware that your personal circumstances and financial priorities are likely to change over time. To ensure that your portfolio delivers on your requirements, your Private Banker works closely with our Investment Advisors to constantly monitor and review your investment plan against any changes in your lifestyle and objectives. Together, they provide active guidance on your portfolio mix, asset allocation and individual holdings. It is this combination of profound knowledge of the financial world together with a genuine understanding of your personal goals and financial objectives that lies at the heart of what the Investment Advisory Service can offer. Please contact a Private Banker or visit us at www.abnamroprivatebanking.com for more details on our Investment Advisory services.
  10. 10. Discretionary Portfolio Management The benefits you enjoy with ABN AMRO The Dynamic Asset Allocation Mandate * Discretionary Portfolio Management The uniqueness of the Dynamic Asset Allocation Mandate lies in the flexibility of distribution across and within Markets fluctuate constantly, requiring time for constant asset classes. The DAAM invests in passive, index linked monitoring as well as expertise in analysing the ever instruments and attempts to add value by capturing short changing investment landscape. Discretionary Portfolio term market movements through Market Timing Strategy Management (DPM) is the attractive solution should you Certificates without changing the long term asset allocation. wish to make your capital work for you but choose not to Hence, the positions in equities and bonds can vary between manage your investments yourself. With knowledgeable 0% and 90% of the total portfolio. This allows you to make and experienced professionals in our DPM team reviewing the most of market opportunities and benefit in a significant and actively managing your assets on your behalf, you will way from ABN AMRO’s investment outlook. have more time to enjoy life’s precious moments with your family and the peace of mind that your portfolio is in good The Absolute Return Mandate hands. The Absolute Return Mandate aims to manage your assets by minimising losses without sacrificing the potential upside Tailoring your portfolio to suit your of your portfolio. This objective is achieved by participating needs in positive markets while providing protection in a negative Should you decide to have all or part of your investments market environment. managed through DPM, your personal circumstances and investment objectives will clearly take centre stage. Our The Multi-Manager Mandate starting point is to determine your risk profile with you The Multi-Manager Mandate invests in equities and bonds according to your investment goals, life circumstances, through the mutual funds of other reputed fund managers financial reserves, risk appetite, and experience as an around the world. The selection of the fund is driven by the investor. Through close consultation with your Private quality of the fund manager and investment style of the Banker, determining these aspects of your profile will serve fund. as the basis for customizing your investment portfolio. Tailor-made Mandate To ensure you are up to date with your investments, you If you have specific investment objectives, our portfolio will receive a detailed portfolio report every month or may managers will be available to develop mandates to choose to view your statements online. Furthermore, you seamlessly suit your needs, whatever they may be. will meet regularly with your portfolio manager and/or Private Banker to review the composition of your portfolio, Please contact one of our Private Bankers or visit us at the performance of your investments and the applied www.abnamroprivatebanking.com for more details on our investment strategy. Discretionary Portfolio Management services. A brief description of the variety of investment mandates available to suit your unique needs: The Customised Mandate Exclusively for ABN AMRO Private Clients, the Customized Mandate leverages the expertise of a small group of portfolio managers with a stellar track record against industry benchmarks. The flexible approach to portfolio management attempts to achieve positive long term * Kindly note that the Dynamic Asset Allocation Mandate may not be currently available in all locations in Asia and the Middle East. performance regardless of market fluctuations.
  11. 11. International Estate Planning Ensuring Your Legacy is Preserved and help ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of assets to the designated beneficiaries. Transferred Optimally With our hectic daily lives, it is often easy to leave thoughts Private Investment Company about the future at the back of our minds. Yet, when one A Private Investment Company (PIC) is an offshore company has a chance to reflect, most of us conclude that nothing is often used to hold personal assets for purposes of ensuring more important. confidentiality and consolidation of assets for easy transfer to successive generations. This is commonly regarded as At ABN AMRO Private Banking, we help you review and the most simple and cost efficient alterative way to shelter safeguard your assets so that you can transfer as much the assets from holding in individual name. wealth as possible to your valued beneficiaries according to your wishes. To create the right plan, what is required Trust is a thorough understanding of your objectives, financial A trust is a private arrangement where one person (the needs and family circumstances, coupled with the ability “Settlor”) transfers assets into the legal ownership of to anticipate obstacles and surprises. Our Estate Planning another person (the “Trustee”), who manages those assets team can offer such personalized service and in-depth for the benefit of third parties (the “Beneficiaries”). The experience in proposing the right plan for you whether you Settlor and Trustee agree and outline how the assets should wish to convey your inheritance to your loved ones or a be held and managed in a “Trust Deed”. This arrangement particular philanthropic cause. A well-executed estate plan facilitates the smooth and efficient transfer of assets to will ensure that your assets are safeguarded effectively and the beneficiaries in a manner prescribed by the Settlor. A can translate into a secure future for your loved ones and trust, as a comprehensive succession plan, also provides the future generations. for greater confidentiality and flexibility while being tailored to meet your specific needs. Furthermore, many of our clients have business interests, residences and other investments or relatives in more than one country. It takes a higher degree of preparation and Life Insurance expertise to ensure that your estate is designed with these A Life Insurance policy provides an effective succession complexities in mind. For those individuals, it is especially planning tool and option. It can ensure the beneficiaries’ important to work with an international wealth management inheritance is protected from life’s uncertainties and more institution like ABN AMRO Private Banking that can provide importantly provide them with immediate access to liquidity. a worldwide network of experts in managing your global It is a simple and flexible tool that provides for protection, assets effectively. liquidity and confidentiality. At ABN AMRO Private Banking, we can refer you to the appropriate life insurance specialist according to your requirements. Tools to Realize your Wealth Transfer Objectives Foundations Our Estate Planning service offers a range of tools A Foundation is a separate legal entity into which you can customized with your personal situation, wishes and transfer money for a specific purpose. The Foundation ambitions in mind: becomes the legal owner of the assets, which are managed by the Foundation Board. As a founder, you decide the A Will Foundation’s purpose and its designated beneficiaries. If one passes away without having made a will, the estate will be transferred in most countries according to the Please contact a Private Banker or visit us at www. intestacy rules, which could be applied in a manner not abnamroprivatebanking.com for more details on our Estate in accordance with one’s wishes. Delays and high costs Planning services. may also result from this. A properly executed will can
  12. 12. Contact Us Please feel free to approach one of our Private Bankers to inquire about the availability of our products and services and to address your wealth management needs overall. You can also find your local office at www.abnamroprivatebanking.com and read more about our products and services that may be personally relevant to you. 1 ABN AMRO Bank N.V. as of 31 December 2008, ABN AMRO N.V. Annual Report 2008 2 ABN AMRO Bank N.V. as of 31 March 2009 3 These credit facilities are available upon acceptance of your application. You must satisfy all applicable conditions precedent and sign any additional documentation prescribed by ABN AMRO Private Banking.
  13. 13. Private Banking Offices Worldwide Asia & The Middle East Kaohsiung France Room A1, 14th Floor Neuflize OBC China No. 6, Su Wei 3rd Road, 3 Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Liang Ya District France 25th Floor, Azia Centre Kaohsiung 802 1233 Lujiazui Ring Road Taiwan, R.O.C. Germany Pudong New Area Tel: +886 7 337 7707 Delbrück Bethmann Maffei AG Shanghai 200120 Fax: +886 7 535 7006 Bethmannstrasse 7-9 P.R. China D-60311 Frankfurt am Main Tel: +8621 2893 9600 Taichung Germany Fax: +8621 5047 1063 No. 185, 24th Floor Sec 1 Taichung Harbor Road Hong Kong Luxembourg Taichung 403 Taiwan, R.O.C. ABN AMRO Private Banking ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Tel: +886 4 2324 1380 46 Avenue JF Kennedy 37th Floor, Cheung Kong Centre Fax: +886 4 2323 5230 L-1855 Luxembourg-Kirchberg 2 Queen’s Road Central Luxembourg Hong Kong Tel: +852 3763 3700 United Arab Emirates Fax: +852 3763 3709 Switzerland Abu Dhabi ABN AMRO Bank N.V. ABN AMRO Private Banking Singapore Salam Street, P.O. Box 2720 Beethovenstrasse 33 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. 8022 Zurich ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Tel: +971 2 671 3040 Switzerland One Raffles Quay South Tower, Level 25 Fax: +971 2 696 3040 Singapore 048583 European Growth Markets Tel: +65 6597 8866 Dubai (Belgium, Jersey, Spain) Fax: +65 6597 8822 Khalid Bin Waleed Road, ABN AMRO Private Banking P.O. Box 2567 Roderveldlaan 5, bus 4 Taiwan Dubai, U.A.E. 2600 Antwerpen-Berchem Tel: +971 4 351 8480 Belgium Taipei ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Fax: +971 4 351 8441 Room B, 12th Floor, 7 Sung Jen Road Europe Taipei 110 Netherlands Taiwan, R.O.C. ABN AMRO Private Banking Tel: +886 2 8722 5388 Jachthavenweg 112 Fax: +886 2 8722 5089 1081 KJ Amsterdam-Buitenveldert The Netherlands
  14. 14. © 2009 ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Disclaimer Please note that the above is published for information and general circulation purposes only and does not constitute nor purport to constitute any form of advice, recommendation or offer to sell or issue, or invitation to offer, or solicitation, to buy, invest in or subscribe for any product or service, and any representation or warranty in respect of any product or service. The above does not take into account the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any particular person. The products and services mentioned above may not be suitable for all investors and a person receiving or reading the information set out above should seek advice from a financial adviser regarding the suitability of such products and services, taking into account the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of such person, before making a commitment to purchase or subscribe for any of such products and services. While the information set out above is based on sources believed to be reliable, ABN AMRO Bank N.V. (together with its directors and employees) makes no representations or warranties expressed or implied as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any of such information, and ABN AMRO accepts no liability for any loss whatsoever, direct or indirect, arising from the use of such information. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Products and services are available only in those jurisdictions where they may be legally offered. Charges may be made to products and services at any time without prior notice to you. US Securities Law ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is not a registered broker-dealer under the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the “1934 Act”) and under applicable state laws in the United States. In addition, ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is not a registered investment adviser under the U.S. Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended (the “Advisers Act” and together with the 1934 Act, the “Acts”), and under applicable state laws in the United States. Accordingly, absent specific exemption under the Acts, any brokerage and investment advisory services provided by ABN AMRO Bank N.V., including (without limitation) the products and services described herein and not intended for U.S. persons. Neither this document, nor any copy thereof may be sent to or taken to the United States or distributed in the United States or to a US person.