Social media for Managers
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Social media for Managers



Wondering about introducing Social Media to your organisation? This presentation goes through: ...

Wondering about introducing Social Media to your organisation? This presentation goes through:
1. Internet trends in business and life
2. Digital business insights
3. Personal branding insight and tips
Here for you to learn and enjoy. If you're wondering about any element or have any comments, leave a comment. Thank you! ~Sam



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  • Watching TV is now Social (and TV has a lot more competition) <br />

Social media for Managers Social media for Managers Presentation Transcript

  • Be open-minded, there is much to learn
  • Be open-minded How can I integrate (rather than reject)? What opportunities are there for me? What risks to mitigate for our organisation?
  • Agenda World & Australia internet trends Organisational change You. Your organisation Your organisation
  • Agenda 1. Insight to Social Media - trends and case studies. 2. Discussion. 3. Social Media in Business 4. Discussion: What is important for BDM? 5. You. 6. Next steps.
  • What is Social Media?
  • Fastest-Growing Social Platform Active Twitter users 288 million. 21% of the global internet population now use Twitter actively on a monthly basis. Monthly active users grew 40% Q2 to Q4 2012.
  • Technology is useful and user-friendly (to increasing numbers of people).
  • People find interesting information...
  • …and share it.
  • TV is social
  • Going in. Sharing what’s happening inside.
  • Essential Baby. 139,000 parents leaving 10,000 posts a day. (Australia’s largest online community for women.)
  • Social media is about individuals, users and consumers, …and the dynamics that operate inside groups and networks.
  • It is integrated in our lives.
  • And becoming more and more helpful.
  • Data gets you walking
  • And Social Media is ubiquitous
  • Politics and Media are using a lot of ‘Social’ now.
  • Increasing use of Mobile + Social.
  • Many organisations are working out how to integrate the internet into their processes.
  • The best case study is your own. Leading organisations have explored & have learnt how to leverage.
  • Individuals are learning.
  • The reasoning is there
  • Customer service through new channels is expected (though doesn’t have to be 24x7 if communicated well)
  • Technology connects many (relevant) people.
  • Focused words reach many. e.g. Queensland floods on Twitter
  • Tech is becoming more helpful Each generation explores, learns and refines for the next.
  • With ease of tech comes learning & philosophical questions
  • Next step: Learning how to integrate the internet in your life.
  • Workforce changes The global economy and micro sourcing creates pressure for individuals to become more strategic (as does increasing computing and robotics).
  • Workforce changes Global market, cheaper tech and interconnectivity leads to greater ease for new market entrants.
  • ‘Crowd’ generated information.
  • Crowd-funding: Quicker action
  • Crowd-funding: Quicker innovation
  • “Mash-ups”: data combined – e.g. information from the ‘crowd” overlayed on a map
  • Online Word of Mouth
  • Organisations monitor sentiment
  • Social recruitment 73 percent of employ use online social media sites in recruiting People tap their networks, passing through trust barriers 49,501 14,878
  • Discussion: Which trends are important to you & your organisation?
  • Organisational Change
  • Ref: @armano again 
  • Ref: @armano again 
  • When one person isn’t happy it can spread quickly.
  • Poor online words disrupt an organisation.
  • 5 star service wins.
  • Collaborative cultures meet faster needs.
  • Organisations are experimenting and finding how to best use Social Media
  • Early adopters of Social Media (8+ years experience) reach their customers in unique ways.
  • Staff can pioneer ideas and lead their organisation to understand.
  • “Hey Crowd, what are your ideas for our organisation?”
  • Which idea is most important?
  • Ford “The major take-away was, if you’ve got a good product, turn it over to your customers. Let go of your fear. Turn it over to your customers and let them tell your story. Why? First, we had a really good product that we were proud and very confident in. “Second, people don’t trust big companies and government the way they used to. They trust third parties… the media, academics, analysts… But more importantly, they trust people like themselves. That’s exactly what we did with the Fiesta movement. We had 100 people (each provided with a Fiesta and instructed to do some story telling on social media platforms). If you couldn’t find someone in that 100 that was a bit like you, then that was our fault.”
  • Internal Policy
  • Using online well can lead to your organisation to be more productive, innovative, an easier place to work,... e.g. Zappos
  • WANTED: faster communication.
  • Organisations’ charts are changing Ref: @armano again 
  • Great service and clear communication face-to-face and online assists your organisation.
  • BONUS!
  • Discussion: What is important for us to do now?
  • It’s about YOU.
  • Sharing over time Observe Start to share So Much Value
  • Professionals are developing personal brands easily & quickly
  • The internet created a global economy. What’s your niche? What are you known for online? What do you look like on Google?
  • Employees profiled (& trusted).
  • What happens ‘inside’ can be seen more often now.
  • Tips: Personal branding 1. Professional background (& niche) on Linkedin. 2. A free professional website – e.g. 3. Thought leadership on Twitter, Facebook and blogs.
  • Tips: Using Social Media • Listen: what are people interested in & conversing about? • Sharing: – Have courage! – Remember sharing value will give you benefit longer-term • Ask for comment • Provide opportunities for others to add their wisdom
  • Tips: Get Involved “Take it seriously. Invest the time. It can be used trivially (and then so can a telephone) It can be incredibly powerful, incredibly influential Traditional media will become less of a focus. Online Word of Mouth increasingly important Tip for CEO's is get to understand it yourself. Use it yourself.” Visit the Savage Truth at:
  • If you don’t yet know about online media, get involved. Theory is very different to taking time to blog / tweet / use Facebook / YouTube. Personal use is different to business too. Learn what works, what’s appropriate. Ask for tips from others. Share what you learn. Involve people in your area who have used online media a lot. Encourage others to use. Tips: Social Media
  • Tips: Managing more information Allow the things that matter to reach you. Turn off the rest.
  • Discussion
  • Next Steps
  • May you FLY high! Thank you. Samantha Bell ~ CEO Internet Business Strategy and Social Media Coaching. Checkin to Runway Digital’s Pinterest board for references to material in this presentation.