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Garbage is washing up on the deserted shores of Northern Australia. Research shows its a global concern. A garbage island is in the Pacific Ocean. We are consuming so much plastic - some of which ends up in our waters. Fish and birds eat it, we eat them...

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  • Garbage2.0

    1. 1. Garbage 2.0 Warning: These images might offend
    2. 2. I’m just back from Northern Australia where we were rescuing turtles from predators I was shocked at how much rubbish was on the deserted beach... our sunset supper by the rubbish collection lots of light globes of all sizes many thongs/jandles/glip flops - often left feet
    3. 3. Since then I’ve been researching ‘global rubbish’ and ... opening my eyes to a global concern
    4. 4. The largest rubbish dump is in a desolate stretch of the Pacific Ocean nearly a thousand miles from the nearest island. It’s BIGGER than Texas - twice the size Held together by a slowly rotating system of currents northeast of Hawai
    5. 5. Fish eat plastic we eat fish
    6. 6. Six times more plastic than plankton in the Pacific Ocean At least 80 per cent of the plastic in the ocean originated from the land. Thousands of cargo containers fall overboard in stormy seas each year. In 2002, 33,000 blue-and-white Nike basketball shoes were spilled off the coast of Washington.
    7. 7. Each year, a million sea birds and 100,000 sharks, turtles, dolphins and whales die from eating plastic.
    8. 8. “PCB + Plastic + Ocean + Sunlight = Autism”
    9. 9. Garbage 2.0 To Know about it needs people to To Learn about it. To Act. get involved. Lead. Follow. Be.
    10. 10. It’s all about you: What you wish to get involved in? What annoys you? (i.e. what do you have a drive to see changed?) Local - National - Global (any involvement is contributing)
    11. 11. Don’t be overwhelmed Positive Language is important Things are Good The world is great We can add to it
    12. 12. Do what inspires you to Be Great All images, websites and references can be seen through: Thanks for reading! Brought to you by: