Evaluation question 4


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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 4 How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Media Technologies Media technologies have become very useful within the construction, research and planning of my final products, because without them I wouldn’t have created successful products. They have allowed me to learn new skills within various software's and experience new technologies to create my final products. Additionally, it has provided me to present my work in many ways clearly and professionally.
  3. 3. Final Cut Final Cut has enabled me to create one of my main final products – my trailer. Without this software I wouldn’t of been able to create a professional trailer to the expectations I wanted. It has allowed me to create text animations throughout my trailer to create some inter-titles which helped my trailer look more professional. Having the ability to play around with the sound helped me place together my trailer due to being able to incorporate various other sound effects if necessary. My knowledge of professional editing skills has improved over the course of creating my trailer due to the use of the software, I now feel confident using the tools used. Im much more aware of the various skills needed compare to when I was introduced to the software in AS when I had very little knowledge.
  4. 4. Prezi Prezi has been extremely helpful throughout all stages within my production. I have used it in my research mainly throughout to show and analyse various media products and theories to help come to the conclusion I have now with my final products. The use of being able to incorporate music, videos and images helped me shows the facts and figures needed. The use of Prezi itself is a lot easier and good use of involvement due to the fact you can navigate yourself round the presentation yourself in a more interactive way, instead of using a step by step presentation. It allows you to show the audience in more depth what you are wanting to present. This site has been one of the most useful medias needed when creating the research for my production, and has been a vital part of my coursework development. http://prezi.com/j9ctttsvctjw/evaluation-question-3/ http://prezi.com/-2pievbqtvph/magazine-cover/ http://prezi.com/ay7zk3wt-dks/poster/ http://prezi.com/wtd_-1r0xqiq/untitled-prezi/ http://prezi.com/rll5sfmzizf2/marketing-campaign/
  5. 5. Blogger Blogger has been the home for my research and has been vital to be the main backbone to my production all together. I have used it effectively to demonstrate all my work clearly. Presenting my work online has proven to be more efficient in the long run, due to this site Blogger. Its great to see the process I have gone through from day one to till the end, to prove the success you’ve made. Additionally, due to the products being made were all digital it was easy to blog updates and keep up to date with new blog posts needed. I am now aware of blogger a lot more due to it being taught since AS and has been a software I have used in most of my projects. http://samanthalaingadvancedmedia.blogspot.co.uk/
  6. 6. PowerPoint Very like Prezi PowerPoint came in very useful when dealing with my research it was a quick media in which I could present and analyse my findings and include it to my blog. It allowed me to show various images and texts accordingly, and therefore was useful when creating a time lined research due to everything needing to be in chronological order, this allowed the audience to easily understand and follow the development in which I was creating. It has been a very useful and simple software which has came in handy when constructing my final products research.
  7. 7. Photoshop Whilst using Photoshop is allowed me to create two of my final products which I needed to make my final production successful. The software contains various useful editing tools and features. I used Photoshop to professionally edit all my images which I used within my construction stages. Being able to control the brightness and contrasts of my images became very useful due to wanting to create a dark and grunge appearance. The ability to incorporate professional downloaded fonts into the software helped me create a more realistic product and made the construction stage simpler. From AS I had basic knowledge of Photoshop, of knowing the simple tools such as; cropping, colour, text etc. However, I believe after experimenting with different lightings and moving imagery about I have advanced my skills within the software.
  8. 8. Google Google has came in very useful when dealing with finding appropriate information for my blog process, whether that includes various trailers to help consider my genre. It also came in use when trying to find the correct facts and figures to help create my products to the right target audience. Additionally, it came in use when trying to find professional texts which I could compare my products too, therefore consistently improving and gaining inspiration for my final.
  9. 9. Facebook I used this social networking site to gain feedback from students in which are my target audience to help me with my final products, so I could create them to my best ability. One way in which I used this site usefully, was sending 10 questionnaires to various students. I also used this site to keep in contact with my actress, so she knew the location, time and date.
  10. 10. Youtube Youtube has been a useful aspect to my trailer, by allowing me to publish it onto my blog. I have also used it to collect trailer as research evidence to help decide on which genre my trailer would pursue. Additionally, it helped me focus on watching various trailers and allowing me to demonstrate there work into mine, by gaining inspiration and ideas. However, the main use on which this media site has helped is allowing me to upload my trailer and embed it into my blog as proof of my final piece within the coursework development.
  11. 11. Video Camera Having the video camera was the main technology needed to create my film trailer. It allowed me to film my work professionally and efficiently. It helped me put my flat plan ideas into real life scenarios. Whilst using the camera having an additional help of a tripod made my camera shots more clear and still, therefor there was no shaking or dropping of the camera. I could also vary the height and angle of the tripod to the correct position to help create the shot I needed. I also learnt various buttons on the camera for future cases in which I may used a video camera, I learnt about the auto button, and where the zoom in and out buttons were also.
  12. 12. Dafont This website came in very handy when I was creating my final products, especially when dealing with my poster and magazine cover. It helped me find fonts which would compliment and make my products look eye catching and professional. Due to the site holding many types of font, it was easy to search for the style I needed and see which font was right for my product. I found this site simple and efficient.
  13. 13. iMacs Having the opportunity to use the Mac’s within college has helped make the production more efficient and easy to control due to the software’s being installed within them for us to use to create our final products.
  14. 14. Free Sound Effects Being able to use this site helped create my final add on to my trailer, to add effects in which reality I couldn’t. I heightened the ‘creepy’ music which I wanted to include, this let me create my trailer to the best of my ability. The website itself allowed me to browse various musicians and bands that I could download and incorporate into my work. It was a quick and simple process to downloading and importing them into Final Cut.
  15. 15. Grab This tool was used very often when working through my project. It allowed me to grab particular information I wanted or needed to help create my research and evaluating development. It allowed me to input the images I grabbed into my blog and analyse them. It was also another effective form of comparing my products to professional products.