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How negative keywords can increase your click through rate
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How negative keywords can increase your click through rate


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Google adwords is constantly changing and along with it are its use. In order to be on top of your game and become an adwords certified individual you also need upgrade and update your knowledge of …

Google adwords is constantly changing and along with it are its use. In order to be on top of your game and become an adwords certified individual you also need upgrade and update your knowledge of adwords.

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 1Powerpoint Templates
  • 2. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 2The features of Google adwords is constantlychanging and along with it are its use. In order to beon top of your game and become an adwords certifiedindividual you also need upgrade and update yourknowledge of adwords. We already learned andunderstood the use of Adwords keywords tool andadwords match types in previous articles. So, here weare going to have an adwords review based on howto use negative keywords.
  • 3. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 3What The Heck Is A Negative Keyword?First, let us get to know what negative keywords are.This is a type of targeting option for keywords, whichsome also refer to as a pay per cost (PPC) matchtype, that helps you to strain certain terms or phrasesout of your advertisement. This means that someusers are selectively filtered out because of thesecertain terms that you have specified which youbelieve is not related to your business.
  • 4. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 4Adwords Help Please!To better understand, let’s take for example that I ama seller of baby clothes and are looking for the bestadwords strategy which will give me a higher ROI formy adwords campaign. The screenshot below, on theleft side shows me keyword ideas related to babyclothes. If you look deeper, there are keywords thatare not useful to me since my niche is baby clothesand yet keyword ideas for kids, toddlers and evenhats are showing up. So, can I exclude these words?Yes, you can and that’s where negative keywordscome in.
  • 5. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 5So you can see from the above screenshot that withthe help of negative keywords, you easily weed outwords that are not relevant to your business ortargeted keyword ideas.
  • 6. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 6The next question in this adwords help article is how doesone use negative keywords in your adwords campaign? It’s abit complicated, but if you just follow the steps below it willbecome easier.
  • 7. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 7The First Step That Gets the Money RollingFirst off, you have to do keyword research first anddefine the keywords that you want to include inadword campaign. Just like what I did on the abovescreenshot. Also, scrutinize the keyword ideas thatthe keyword tool gave you; from here you would havean idea of what words that you want filtered out. In theexample above, based on the first search (w/onegative keywords) I saw search terms like: cheap,kids, toddlers and hats—which I don’t want my site toshow up in.
  • 8. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 8The first part is the crucial point where you need toidentify key terms that you feel will not add value inyour campaign. Consequently, if you identifiednegative keywords wrongly it may have correspondingconsequence on your adwords campaign, especiallyyour ROI.Even if you already have an adwords campaignongoing, you can still add negative keywords and youstill need to go through step one.
  • 9. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 9You Are Now an Adwords Certified IndividualThe next step is to add your negative keywords inyour adwords campaign by logging in to your Googleadwords account and opening up the specificcampaign where you’re going to add the negativekeywords. Scroll down the page, click on the negativekeywords and then click add.
  • 10. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 10Once you have clicked add, a new box will openwhere you can add one negative keyword per line.Once done, click save and your negative keywordsare now incorporated in your adwords campaign.
  • 11. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 11Congratulations! You are now a knowledgeableadwords certified individual who got adwords helpfrom us without even paying for an adwordsconsulting fee!
  • 12. Powerpoint TemplatesPage 12Give us a Call1300 76 00 84or visit us