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This is draft ppt to present at Ananda Coomaraswamy memorial conference at University of Kelaniya, 8th September, 2012

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InforSys Ananda Coomaraswamy

  1. 1. What is InforSys Ananda Coomaraswamy ?  InforSys AC is an Online Bibliographical Information System of Ananda Coomaraswamy’s scholarly works.  It is a powerful Online Searching Interface that provides comprehensive bibliographical information as well as there accessibility information about his scholarly works (Books) within Sri Lankan Library Context (01 National Library, 13 University libraries, 04 Special Libraries and 02 Public Libraries).  InforSys AC is compatible both Boolean and truncation searching and users can retrieve information via Keywords, Titles, Accessible Libraries or publishing years of work etc. 9/9/2012 2
  2. 2. Who Powered to InforSys AC ?  There are two interfaces of InforSys AC  1. Offline Interface 2. Online Interface  Offline Interface has created using Computerized Documentation System/ Integrated Set of Information Systems - CDS/ISIS for Windows.  Online Interface has created using GenISIS DB Publishing  Both applications are introduced and updated by UNESCO and provided download facility free of charge to the libraries and similar organizations specially located in the developing countries. 9/9/2012 3
  3. 3. What are the Basic Features of WinISIS?  Own DBMS not need to depend third party.  Data Entry facility via pick lists.  Information searching facility via the Dictionary  Data import and Export facility. (*.txt, *.xls)  Printing facility.  Link to online resources stored in different locations.  Expert search and Guided search facility.  Boolean and Truncation search facility.  Source code reformatting facility.  Backups  Sustainable at virus or malware attacks 9/9/2012 4
  4. 4. What are the Some drawbacks of Win ISIS ?  Run under few restrictions (win32).  User friendliness Source Code.  Not support web 2.0.  Manual update of the dictionary.  Not annual upgrades. 9/9/2012 5
  5. 5. Which Bibliographic Data Covered by InforSys AC ?  Most of the Bibliographical Data of Books Authored by AC or Edited by Contemporaries which can be seen at the Academic, Special and Public Libraries including National Library of SL  Publishing Data of above works.  Pagination, ISBN and Republishing Data of above works.  Names of the Libraries (Through CODE) which can be accessible to those books within Sri Lankan Library Context. (It is covered at least one or more library for each province of SL)  Relative Keywords help to retrieve the appropriate work.  And more… 9/9/2012 6
  6. 6. Lets We move to Some Screen Shots of InforSys AC ? Official Logo of the system 9/9/2012 7
  7. 7. Screen Shots of InforSys AC cont.. Logon Window of Win ISIS9/9/2012 8
  8. 8. Screen Shots of InforSys AC cont.. Logon Window InforSys AC9/9/2012 9
  9. 9. Screen Shots of InforSys AC cont.. Main Window of InforSys AC9/9/2012 10
  10. 10. Screen Shots of InforSys AC cont.. Data Entry Work Sheet of InforSys AC9/9/2012 11
  11. 11. Screen Shots of InforSys AC cont.. Dictionary view of InforSys AC9/9/2012 12
  12. 12. Screen Shots of InforSys AC cont.. Search Result of InforSys AC9/9/2012 13
  13. 13. Screen Shots of InforSys AC cont.. Cover Image of Entry of InforSys AC9/9/2012 14
  14. 14. Screen Shots of InforSys AC cont.. Source Code of InforSys AC9/9/2012 15
  15. 15. Screen Shots of InforSys AC cont.. Bibliography output of InforSys AC9/9/2012 16
  16. 16. Screen Shots of InforSys AC cont.. Online Interface of InforSys AC9/9/2012 17
  17. 17. Who Decorated the InforSys AC ?  Prof. Anura Manatunga was encouraged us to do this type of research project.  Prof. Piyadasa Ranasinghe and Prof. W.A.Weerasooriya from Dept. of LIS, Uni. Of Kelaniya were given instructions us to develop the system.  Academic Staff members of our institutes (RUSL, PGIAR & BPUSL) were given their views to develop this system.  Librarians and their staffs were assisted us to collect primary data from the sample.  National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka (NSF) were sponsored us to host the web site.  Many of others who our family members, colleagues and AC followers were encouraged us to develop this information system. 9/9/2012 18
  18. 18. Mr. S.K.Illangarathne, Assistant Librarian, RUSL. Mrs. Nadeeka Rathnabahu, Assistant Librarian, PGIAR. Miss. Manori Samarakoon, Assistant Librarian, BPUSL. The developing team of the InforSys AC9/9/2012 19