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how to reference using Harvard Referencing style

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Referencing powerpoint

  1. 1. Harvard StyleReferencing Guide
  2. 2. What is referencing?• Referencing or citing is a standard practice for acknowledging information sources in academic writing• Whenever you write an assignment that requires you to find and use information you are expected to reference all sources of information and ideas in your writing• At Somerset College we use the Harvard Referencing Style
  3. 3. Why reference?• demonstrate your reading & research• acknowledge the sources that have informed your work• enable the reader to locate the information you have used• To protect yourself from charges of plagiarism
  4. 4. In-text Citation There are two components to a Harvard reference: In-text citation: Insert an in-text citation each time you paraphrase or summarise someonelse’s ideas in your own words, use a direct quote or copy or adapt a diagram or table. Include the following details: – the author’s family name (do not include given name) – the year of publication – page numbers where available Click here for examples of in-text citations
  5. 5. BibliographyThe bibliography provides full bibliographic detailsfor all of the sources referenced in your assignment.It includes the following: – arranged alphabetically – a single list found at the end of your assignment where books, journal articles & electronic sources are listed together Click here for a comprehensive list of different items formatted f
  6. 6. Using Word 2010 referencing toolMicrosoft Word has an in-built referencing tool that willautomatically generate correctly formatted in-text citations anda bibliography.2.On the references tab, in the Citations & Bibliography group, click the arrow nextto style3.Select the style you wish to use (Harvard)4.Click at the position you would like to insert a citation5.On the References tab, click Insert Citation6.To add source information click Add New Source7.Fill in the source information by selecting Type of Source (e.g. book, website,journal article) and complete the remaining source information8.To create a bibliography click Bibliography>Insert Bibliography
  7. 7. Help?Having problems? Not sure how to format aparticular source?Email us at : orCome and see us in the Library
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