e-Business ideas in Telecom


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e-Business ideas in Telecom

  1. 1. Telecommunication Industry Group #2 Anilavo Datta – IT004 Ankit Saini – IT005 Ashok Patro – IT011 Chinmay Bajpai – IT013 Neeraj Kumar – IT024 Sameer Tandon – IT039
  2. 2. Agenda  Industry Overview  Echo system  Uniqueness of the Industry  Trends in the industry  Challenges & Changes Foreseen  Business On-Demand  Another C in e-Business  Applications
  3. 3. Industry Overview  Subscriber base to grow to 3.5billion by the end of 2010  Worldwide telecom market to grow to $4.6 trillion by 2011, compared to $3.9 trillion in 2010  African nations to become the leading growth markets after India, Russia and Indonesia  Broadband revenue is expected to grow by more than 13 percent a year through 2011
  4. 4. Echo System Banks Customer Government Telecom Dealer Partner Regulatory Suppliers Body
  5. 5. Partners Infrastructure Providers Device Manufacturers Application Developers Equipment & Content Developers and Manufacturers Enablers Network Operators
  6. 6. Unique things about the industry Zero tolerance operation Meeting ever growing customer expectations Dealer Relationships Short Product Life Cycle
  7. 7. Trends in the industry Advertising on mobile Internet on Mobile Music on Mobile Open access for application development Mobile banking GPS on Mobile
  8. 8. Trends in the industry Contd… Co creation Minimizing Operating Expenses Tie Ups High Marketing Expenses New advanced technologies High Consumer Focus
  9. 9. Challenges to the industry Decreasing ARPU High levi and duties imposed Spectrum management / allocation Reaching to the rural population Grey market of the handsets Statutory Requirements
  10. 10. Changes foreseen
  11. 11. Cellular System
  12. 12. Business On Demand Source: http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/ibm/library/i-ebodov/index.html
  13. 13. The Cs of eBusiness
  14. 14. One More ‘C’ Co Create
  15. 15. Idea Migration Fashion TO TELECOM
  16. 16. motleyAPP
  17. 17. Integration Design
  18. 18. Co Creation • Rental Plans Existing • Value Added Services Products • Mix and Match Applicationz MotleyAPP • Customized Plans Your • Innovative new value added services Products
  19. 19. And the Winner is . . . Final Voting Applications Conceptualized Applications up for garb
  20. 20. Rental plans
  21. 21. Value chain Analysis - VAS Enterprise Application Providers • Banks Telecom • Retails • Mobile OS Customers Operators providers • Government agencies • Media
  22. 22. How ? Customers Applications • Service(s) • A mean • Compatibility • User of the service • Integration Telecom Enterprise Operators
  23. 23. Value Value Value Applications Customers • Service(s) • A mean • Compatibility • User of the service • Integration Is value provided across the segment ? Telecom Enterprise Operators YES/NO Value Value
  24. 24. Retail Industry & Telecom industry Integrating CRM systems of Retail and Telecom Industry  Integrating the transaction systems  Telecom subscriber can deduct the amount from the balance of his/her mobile balance  Retail industry to use the reach of telecom industry to advertise their products  Increased use of smart phones and high speed data transfer technology
  25. 25. Integration across the value chain Retail Industry & Telecom industry Mobile advertisement Retail & Telecom CRM system Common Integrated Billing payment platform system
  26. 26. Advantage • Providing Value at each stages and across the whole process • Enhancing the customer satisfaction with the existing infrastructure by providing flexibility • B2B Relationship building in true sense  Telecom operators can use retail industry space  Reducing the use of credit card and hence removing the dependency of the connection between bank secure gateway and retail billing machine  A new way of billing option
  27. 27. References  http://www.technewsworld.com/story/48423. html  http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/news/223183 4/mobile-predictions-2009  web_meetstelecom.pdf from IBM  http://www.ovi.com/services/  http://www.zdnetasia.com/news/communica tions/0,39044192,62036599,00.htm
  28. 28. Thank You.