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Wallet empty use these tips to fill it back up






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    Wallet empty use these tips to fill it back up Wallet empty use these tips to fill it back up Presentation Transcript

    • Wallet Empty? Use These TipsWallet Empty? Use These TipsTo Fill It Back UpTo Fill It Back Upby imjetred | on April 14, 2013http://www.empowernetwork.com/imjetred/
    • A nice home and car is within your grasp ifA nice home and car is within your grasp ifyou learn to handle your money.you learn to handle your money.““ Yo u want to buy allthe nice things in life,Yo u want to buy allthe nice things in life,right? Anice ho me and car is within yo urright? Anice ho me and car is within yo urgrasp if yo u learn to handle yo ur mo ney. Thisgrasp if yo u learn to handle yo ur mo ney. Thisarticle willhelp yo u impro ve yo ur financialarticle willhelp yo u impro ve yo ur financialsituatio n and help yo u manage mo ney better.”situatio n and help yo u manage mo ney better.”
    • Find out the costs of yournew cityFind out the costs of yournew city• When you take a higher-paying job in a new city,consider that the cost of living could also be higher.Find out how much key goods and services such ashousing, food, and utilities cost in the area so thatyou don’t experience sticker shock when it is toolate.Find a bankthat offers free checkingFind a bankthat offers free checking• Some places to look for free checking that youmight not have considered include credit unions,local banks, and online banks.
    • Pay attention to current trends• As you invest in forex, it is important to pay attentionto current trends. Remember that you shouldalways sell high and buy low. Don’t sell on upswingsor downswings. If you don’t ride out a trend fully,you need to be really clear on your goals.Make automatic withdrawals• A good idea is to make automatic withdrawals to asavings account that earns high interest. This mightmake you feel like you are out of your comfort zone,but soon you will think of it as a bill and you will notnotice it but it will be growing.
    • • Here is the button to takeyou to FinancialFreedom.        • What you need to do is toprovide your emailaddress, and you willwatch a video to get afair idea about thisprogram. Then you needto sign up to join It HERE. 
    • Pool the funds• Families can pool their funds to buy majorpurchases that everyone can enjoy. Perhaps it is athird television, and then you can get everyone tochip in.Stop paying full price• If you really want to immediately improve yourfinancial situation, cease from paying the full pricefor anything. Don’t be a brand loyalist and usecoupons whenever possible. If you have found nodifference in quality or performance between twodifferent brand name items, buy the one you havethe coupon for if that will result in the greatestsavings!
    • Not every debt is a bad one• Good debts are investments like real estate. Homes andcommercial real estate can gain value and you can write offas a tax deduction some of the interest paid on the loan youused to finance their purchase. “Good debt” may come inthe form of paying for college tuition. Educational loans aregenerally low interest, and payments can be deferred untilafter graduation.Have an automatic withdrawal• A great way to save money is to put an automatic withdrawalin place to transfer money from your checking account eachmonth and deposit it into an interest-bearing savings account.At first, this might seem uncomfortable, but after somemonths, you will be used to it and the money that you havewill grow in no time.
    • Stay on top of current global eventsStay on top of current global events• If you are trading currencies, stay abreast of what’sgoing on in the world, as many things that happenglobally influence the movement of the markets.Americans tend to ignore news from outside the U.S.but this is a mistake when trading currencies. Youcan make wise market decisions when you stay ontop of current global events.Choose yourbrokercarefully• Remember that you are entrusting your future tothe broker you select, so do your homework beforeyou make your final choice. Ask for references andbe sure that you feel comfortable communicatingwith them. Your experience is also a majorconsideration.
    • • Give up bottled waterGive up bottled water• It is too expensive, and tap water is free. If the tastedoesn’t appeal to you, try buying a filter to put onyour faucet or adding some flavored mix drinkinside the water. This can improve your water’sflavor and help you give up the bottled water.• Getting your finances in order now will open up thedoor for you in the future. Use the advice givenhere, and you’ll be prepared to manage yourfinances much more effectively.Click here to read more of personal finance articles.Good luck and happy blogging!
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