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Traffic course 8 how to generate traffic using blogger






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Traffic course 8 how to generate traffic using blogger Traffic course 8 how to generate traffic using blogger Presentation Transcript

  • Traffic Course #8: HowTo Generate TrafficUsing Bloggerby imjetred | on November 19, 2012http://www.empowernetwork.com/imjetred/
  • When building your ownwebsites or blogs“One helpful tool that can help your site succeed is to learnhow to generate traffic using Blogger.”No matter how interesting your own website or blog may be,if noone visits it you are guaranteed to make no income from adsoraffiliate programs.…Of course, keyword research is an essential part of anysuccessful blog, so you can rank high in Google whensomeonetypes in the specific keywords you are trying to rank for.…Aside from SEO, however, you can get traffic to your site inmanyother ways, and one of the best methods is by usingBlogger.
  • Continue……Blogger, also referred to as blogspot, offers free blogs that canbe built in minutes and carry the benefit of ranking quite highlyin Google, unlike your new blog that stands on its own.…Though quite simplistic in features, you can make a very nicelooking blog and even monetize it with Adsense and otheraffiliate programs, so it not only helps generate traffic, it canbe another successful revenue source.…With Blogger, the url you choose willhave blogspot.com attachedto the end, but you do have the option to purchase a domain name,to make blogspot.com disappear, giving it a more professionalappearance.
  • Continue…Because Blogger ranks so quickly in Google, it can be used as atool to point traffic to your main website or blog, instead ofwaiting for your site to mature on its own, which can take a longtime.Though people use Blogger in many ways, the key is to buildBlogger blogs in your niche, so that the visitors have reason toclick through links, which will send them to your main blog.For example, if you have a main blog about auto parts, which youare trying to generate traffic for, you can build a free Bloggerblog very quickly that is just about car batteries or floor mats,then put in links to your main site.
  • Continue……One word of warning, however, is that Blogger does not like “popup” blogs that are all pointing to the same url, so be sure tohave links to other useful articles that you’ve written on othersites, like Squidoo or Hubpages and other interesting, relevantmaterial on the web.…Blogger has been known to shut down blogs that they feel arespammy and, because it is a free blog, they have every right todo so, so be sure to produce quality when building a Bloggerblog, or you will be wasting your time!Click here to readmore of trafficgeneration coursesarticles.
  • Good luck and happy blogging!P.S. Empower Network is by far the best and the mostprofitable Viral Blogging Platform in this planet. Watch this40 minute video and then join our Dream Team to startingblogging and making money online immediately.P.P.S. Click here to join the Dream Team NOW if you alreadysaw the video.P.P.P.S. Read this Income Disclaimer to find out thepotential of how much money you can make by joining thispowerful community.This is by far the best blogging platform you can getand will make you serious money.
  • We in no way guarantee any income of any type. YOU COULD MAKE NOMONEY AT ALL. All example of income are illustration of what’s possible,and there is actual documentation to back every claim up. We post ouraverage income on our income disclosure document to provide fulldisclosure because we believe in Empowering you to make great choicesand live an amazing life. Because you deserve it – so let’s make it happen.http://www.empowernetwork.com/imjetred/blog/traffic-course-8/?id=imjetred