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Information that you must know before you begin any article marketing venture
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Information that you must know before you begin any article marketing venture


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Information That YouMust Know Before YouBegin Any ArticleMarketing Ventureby imjetred | on February 19, 2013
  • 2. Article marketing is a smart marketingmethod that many companies useArticle Marketing, part 4Businesses are constantly looking for ways to gain alarger, more diverse audience that will allow them tobring in more customers. Article marketing is a smartmarketing method that many companies use.The following article will teach you what you needto know about using this technique.
  • 3. Quality…Avoid article writing software andservices that rely on spinning. Theycan provide many articles in alimited amount of time, but manywill not guarantee quality.…Many don’t use proper English.Try your best to write your contentyourself. After a while, you’ll be ableto crank out articles quickly withlittle thought.
  • 4. OriginalityBefore marketing an article, onemust review previously publishedarticles, in order to maintainoriginality. By studying the otherarticles on the market, you may alsocustomize your new article to betterreach the target customer.
  • 5. Social media sites…Take advantage of social media sites like Twitterand Facebook can be used to gain new readership.After publishing one of your articles, don’t forget topost an update to announce it and include a link.…They even have the ability to share interestingarticles with their friends, expanding yourreadership even further.
  • 6. Freebies…Use freebies. These freebies make people thinkthey are getting a lot of value for their time with you,so they’ll be more apt to return or buy again.…If your free merchandise is branded with yourlogo, you also receive additional free advertisingwhen your freebie is used by your customers. Withthat in mind, select your products wisely.
  • 7. Title tagThe title tag is somethingthat you will want tocomplete effectively. It isimperative that youinclude keywords thatrelate to your site in yourtitle tag. Also, try todescribe your page in adifferent way.
  • 8. Good organization and self discipline…Good organization and selfdiscipline are the keys topreparing content for articlemarketing. Make sure youhave all of your resourcessorted and ready to usebefore you start writing yourarticles.…You can consistently addgood material to your websiteby scheduling specific worktimes.
  • 9. Longevity…Write content that will do well for long periods oftime. Avoid writing about information that canquickly change. You are going to want your readersto connect with your material at all times, even if youwrote it five years ago.…If readers can be satisfied with older material, theyare probably going to want to read more of your newmaterial too.
  • 10. TimeWhen you start with articlemarketing, you have toremember that you won’timmediately be successful.Too many people allowdiscouragement to set inand drop out due to the factthat there is no instantgratification. Give it sometime to see if you cansucceed.
  • 11. Title…What you title your article is of huge importance.It should be spun by hand so that the content istopical and contains the right keywords. Staycreative and informative to your reader at all times.…Most consumers trust the opinion of otherconsumers more than they trust professionalendorsements.…Encourage this exchange of experiences byadding a section to your site that includestestimonials about your products.
  • 12. HeadlinesHeadlines should becaptivating so that it catchesthe reader’s eyes and theyproceed to read your article. Ifyour headline is attention-grabbing, people are morelikely to read the wholearticle.
  • 13. Content and topic…Your content should sync nicely with your chosentopic. A link that claims to have tips aboutarticlemarketing should have just that. Tricking peopleinto going to your webpage will ensure failure.…Search engine algorithms also take this kind ofbehavior into account when indexing.
  • 14. Summary…A summary is as importantas the article itself. Thedescription information isfound under your titlewhenever your article appearsin a search engine. In order tomake someone feel like theyhave to read your article, thisinformation will need to beinteresting.…Include enticinginformation, but ensure thebest parts have to be foundby clicking the link.
  • 15. Keyword…Choose one keyword within an article to increase thepotential of more sales. Use the keyword wherever possible, inthe header, title, sub-headings and in the URL if possible. Inaddition, use it frequently yet strategically within the article’scontent.…That will make it easy to find your article in search engines,which in turn will give you a boost in traffic.Businesses look for ways that they can market themselves togain new customers and reach wider audiences. Articlemarketing is a technique commonly relied upon. With the tipsyou learned from this article, you can increase your audienceby using article marketing.Click here to read more ofarticle marketing articles.
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