Get that job you want with this advice


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Get that job you want with this advice

  1. 1. Get That Job You WantWith This Adviceby imjetred | on April 17, 2013
  2. 2. You’re not the only one out there jobsearching and strugglingEmployment, part 3Due to the economic downfall,getting a job is hard. You’re notthe only one out there jobsearching and struggling.Thankfully, reading this articleshould help you out.Keep reading to learn more.
  3. 3. Review the companyArrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your scheduledinterview. Review the company and the key points of emphasisbefore it begins.Demonstrating knowledge of current events and issuesindicates that you are prepared, aware and knowledgeableabout key info.This information can also be used for small talk before orafter the interview.Here is the button to take you toBe Your Own Boss. What you needto do is to provide your emailaddress,and you will watch a videoto get a fair idea about thisprogram.Then you need to sign upto join It HERE.
  4. 4. Use spell checkDon’t forget to use spell check! You willnot get the job you seek if your resume isrife with spelling and grammaticalerrors. Your potential employer willrightly think that you are lazy andsloppy. Therefore, carefully read eachword on your resume before you send it.
  5. 5. Be prepared for a tough interviewUse the night prior toprepare for a toughinterview. Haveeverything from yourrequired documents toyour clothes ready to goway ahead of time. Youwant your morning to runsmoothly so you can makeit to your interview ontime.
  6. 6. Acquaint yourself with your company’s competitorsMake sure to acquaint yourself with yourcompany’s competitors. This is a great way todistinguish yourself in the interview. They’llsee that you truly understand the industryand the major players in it.You will also project curiosity and a desire tolearn.
  7. 7. Stay in touch with hiring professionalsStay in touch with hiringprofessionals with employersthat interest you. Aconfirmation email for yourinterview is an excellent idea.After you go to your interview,try to send a message to followup with the people that were inthe meeting.This displays that you’re trulyinteresting in acquiring theposition, and yourcommunication skills are likelyto impress.
  8. 8. Do not make negative comments about pastemployersCompanies nowadays will check youronline posts, such as Facebook. If you donot post any negative comments, youwon’t have anything to worry about.
  9. 9. Play up your past successesWhile on interviews, try to play up yourpast successes without soundingboastful. You are free to mention ravesfrom old employers, or complimentsreceived from co-workers. You can beconfident, but avoid being self-indulgent.
  10. 10. Gain knowledge of the jobs of other departmentsGain knowledge of the jobs of otherdepartments at your place ofemployment. Your company isusually larger than what you do. Ifyou know how all of thedepartments work together, youwill be able to excel at your job.You need to be interested in and askquestions of people in differentdepartments. This will give you abetter understanding of thecompany as a whole.
  11. 11. Learn about the firmIt’s important to learnabout the firm you plan tointerview with before yougo. Look at their website,read through their socialmedia accounts, etc. Thiswill help you learn aboutthe potential employerand be prepared for yourinterview.Knowing these things cangive you an advantage overother applicants, showingyou have a sincereinterest in the company.
  12. 12. Watch how you answer the phoneOnce you apply for jobs, you should expect to get somephone calls from prospective employers. Watch how youanswer the phone. A solid first impression could mean thedifference between you getting the job or not.The difficulty associated with getting a job has increasedsince the decline of the economy. Even when things appearto be bleak, there is always hope for you and your goals.Learn all you can about what employment entails and usethe advice given to you here.Click here toread more ofemploymentarticles.
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