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Audience research

  1. 1. AudienceResearchResults
  2. 2. Gender Female Male Question -what is your gender? • It is equal as I purposely handed them out to ten girls and ten boys as I didn’t want them to be bias towards either gender. This means that when I’m creating my music magazine it will be generalized in both genders and not just one.
  3. 3. Age 15-18 19-21 22+ Question –How old are you? • I’ve decided that my target audience will be 15-18 as 14 people out of 20 were this age. They were also the range which has the best/most positive answers about the questionnaire. I believe this will also be the most successful target audience as 15 to 18 is the age where they’re mostly interested in music.
  4. 4. Sales Weekly Monthly Yearly Never Question –How often do you buy a music magazine? • After this question, I've decided to change my initial ideas from weekly to monthly. As that seems to be more successful with other music magazines and it will be easier for them save the money for it.
  5. 5. Popularity Mojo Q Kerrang NME Other Question –What type of music magazine do you read regularly? • As Q magazine got higher marks in this question, I’ve decided to use some ideas from their music magazine. Such as, regular content and featured articles. As Kerrang and NME also got high marks I've decided to also read though these and get some ideas from there.
  6. 6. Impact 1 2 3 4 5 Question: How relevant do you think the front covers colour impacts on you?(1 being very relevant and 5 being very irrelevant) • These results surprised me, although number 1 got the most votes with 8. Number 3 got the second highest votes with 7. I thought there would be a big difference and number 1 would be a lot higher. Although many people don’t think it matters to much. I am going to spend a lot of time making it right of my magazine.
  7. 7. Informtion Masthead Main image Coverlines Free Gift Other Question: What is the first thing you recognise on a magazine front cover? • As people think that the main image is most important, I will make sure the image is up to standard and looks professional.
  8. 8. Sales £1-£2 £2.10-£3 £3.10-£4 £4.10-£5` £5.10+ Question: How much would you be willing to pay for a music magazine? • Now I have seen peoples thoughts, I've decided to lower my initial thoughts and change the price from £4.50 to £3.50. This is an easy amount of money per month so I believe that the readers of this magazine will agree with this.
  9. 9. Favourite Band Arctic Monkeys You me at six Coldplay Courteeners Other Question: What is your favourite artist/band? • I asked this question too see what bands and artists interests the readers most, this gives me more of an idea for my regular and featured content. I will definitely be adding the bands above to my magazine.
  10. 10. Three words Different Strange Rubbish Quirky Great Concerts Bands Amazing weird Other Question: What three words come to mind when you think of indie music? • I asked this question to give me idea of what my title could be. However, I don’t think any of the popular words shown above were appropriate for a magazine title. However, there was a word “clash” used to describe indie music, I don’t really understand why somebody would link to two words together but I think it is a good name for a music magazine.
  11. 11. Colours on a music magazine Purple Pink Orange Red Black White Grey Blue Green Yellow Question: What three colours would you put on a music magazine? • This has helped me decide what colours my magazine are going to be, As red white and black were the main three colours chosen I have decided to use these as my main colours. However, this may be a problem as there are other magazines with these colours So I may also add the colour yellow to be more unique.
  12. 12. Methods of buying music Downloading from internet Buying from shops Question: What are your methods of buying songs and albums? • This question was asked so I knew if I was giving a freebie or was having a competition I’d know what people they would like to receive. People obviously prefer downloading music so I may offer a free music download in my music magazine.