Salvaje Corazon Overview: Tours and Experiences in Patagonia


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Welcome to Central Patagonia's newest and most exciting Bed & Breakfast, your home away from home in Coyhaique, the capital of Aysen, Chile's XI Region, a place of spectacular forests, rivers, lakes, glaciers and peaks.

Coyhaique, itself, is a handsome city surrounded by dramatic mountains. It is the jumping-off point for visitors who want to travel through Chilean Patagonia's most beautiful and unspoiled landscapes. Fishermen, photographers, and savvy travelers from around the world are discovering Aysen, the true heart of Patagonia.

Patagonia House is the perfect place from which to enjoy this adventure.

We will gladly arrange transportation from and to Coyhaique's regional airport in Balmaceda when you stay at Patagonia House.

You can count on our knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you with all the details that will make yours a memorable stay in Patagonia. Please click on the links, above, for tours of the house and region, and information about our services and the options available to you.

We look forward to your visit!

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Salvaje Corazon Overview: Tours and Experiences in Patagonia

  1. 1. Based in Coyhaique, Chile we offer the finest and most authentic travel experiences in Chile’s Patagonia region...
  2. 2. what sets us apart is our ability to cultivate the most wild and pristine experiences ....
  3. 3. as well as the most relaxing and luxurious...
  4. 4. our guests stay in the finest hotels and dine in the most authentic, fresh restaurants...
  5. 5. they also access Patagonia’s most remote, rugged and pristine locations...
  6. 6. we are also set apart by our integration into the true, local culture...
  7. 7. the Avenali family built Salvaje Corazon into the fabric of their own, home community...
  8. 8. today, the Avenali family employs the region’s finest artisans to create inspiration for each guest...
  9. 9. everyone who appreciates fine taste delights in the incomparably detailed, custom, artisan products and services we provide...
  10. 10. fresh pea-pods are served straight from the garden to your table, the scent of baking bread wafts in the air, and farmers deliver fresh cheese to our door...
  11. 11. beyond the family estate, our renowned guides lead expertly crafted tours of this most wild and dynamic corner of the world...
  12. 12. our world-class guides include the most accomplished climbers, National Geographic photographers, local explorers and more...
  13. 13. Salvaje Corazon’s operations staff have worked for the finest travel and production companies in Chile and the USA...
  14. 14. our team is experienced in working with high- profile celebrity and political and is ready to cater to your needs...
  15. 15. We Offer: ‣Signature Tour Packages ‣Custom Tours ‣Bed & Breakfast
  16. 16. Signature Tour Packages Dive into the best of both wild and luxurious Patagonia. Our package tours bring together the most passionate adventurers and learners from around the world for photography, fly-fishing, and outdoor adventuring.
  17. 17. Signature Tour Packages ‣ Fly Fishing ‣ Wine Country ‣ Photography ‣ Backcountry ‣ Adventure ‣ Art & Cuisine ‣ Estancia ‣ Best of North Buena Vista Patagonia ‣ Mountains, Lakes & Rivers
  18. 18. Custom Tours Craft your group’s itinerary with Patagonia’s most knowledgeable guides. We will leverage our decades of experience to provide you with your ultimate adventure in the wildest and richest corner of the world.
  19. 19. Bed & Breakfast Relax into our modern, artisanal estate overlooking Aisen’s mountains and valleys. Our staff will welcome you to the region’s finest accommodations as your foundation for experiencing authentic nature, culture, art and food.
  20. 20. Bed & Breakfast Facilities Services ‣Single Rooms ‣Massage ‣Double Rooms ‣Yoga ‣Suites ‣Hiking ‣Kitchen ‣Food ‣Porch ‣Wine ‣Common Space
  21. 21. we look forward to serving you