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Happy at work3 thomson reuters_happyatwork_fordistribution

  1. 1. Constant Change Management-Sustainable EngagementPrograms: The ThomsonReuters ExperiencePETER BUENASEDASenior Site Officer & Head of HR
  2. 2. AGENDA• Company Overview• The Manila Transformation Agenda• Manila Site Strategy post-award• Employee Engagement in Focus• Top Takeaways – Strategy where it matters to employees – Stories to bring strategy to life – Knowing how to engage employees – Talent Flow – Diversity and Inclusion – Understanding generational dynamics
  3. 3. THOMSON REUTERSOverviewWe are the worlds leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals,combining industry expertise with innovative technology and powered by the world’s largest newsorganization, to deliver critical information to leading decision makers. Financial & RiskFinancial: Legal: Tax & Accounting: Scientific:Provides financial Westlaw is relied upon Checkpoint used by 99 Used by over 20 millionapplications for over half by 100% of the world’s of the top 100 U.S. researchers worldwide.a million professionals top law firms. accounting firms.globally. Reuters News: Reaches 1 billion news consumers every day. Media World’s largest independent global news agency.
  4. 4. OUR GLOBAL FOOTPRINT We employ more than 60,000 people and operate in over 100 countriesAs of Dec. 31, 2012 4
  5. 5. OUR VALUES We believe… This means we will….. Customers are • Know our customers, enable their success • Anticipate needs, provide solutions at the heart of • Be proactive, innovative and responsive everything • Provide value, inspire loyalty • Collaborate across boundaries and cultures Business is • Leverage expertise and resources into scalable opportunities global • Think and act as a world citizen • Respect and value diversity of all kinds People make the • Be the best place to work • Attract, develop, retain and reward good people difference • Create opportunities for excellence, performance, growth Performance • Set ambitious goals • Be committed and accountable matters • Deliver 5
  6. 6. AWARDS + RECOGNITIONS Thomson Reuters is proud to be recognized by some of the most important and influential publications and organizations around the world. FORTUNE Magazine’s 2012 World’s Most Admired Companies We ranked #1 Among Financial Data Service peers in Fortune’s 2012 List of World’s Most Admired Companies. Thomson Reuters Named To Ethispheres 2012 World’s Most Ethical Companies List For Fourth Successive Year Interbrand 2011 Best Global Brand Survey We rose to 37th in the 2011 Best 100 Global Brands, up from last year’s ranking at 39th and our fourth consecutive rise in the survey since our debut in 2008. Awardee, 2010 People Program of the Year Award – for the “Manila Transformation Agenda,” a change management program that capitalized on people and organizational strengths to grow local operations (People Management Association of the Philippines ) Awardee, 2011 Shared Services Excellence of the Year Award – for outstanding achievements as a key operations center providing high value services to the Thomson Reuters global network (International ICT Awards Philippines 2011) 6 Recipient, 2012 Philippine Quality Award Recognition for Commitment to Quality given by President Benigno S. Aquino III
  7. 7. THOMSON REUTERS MANILA• Second largest of nine Operational Centers of excellence – Bangalore / Hyderabad / Chennai / Gdynia (Poland) / Beijing / Bangkok / Costa Rica / Buenos Aires• 2,400+ employees; average age: mid-20s – financial analysts, data analysts, publishing specialists, customer support executives, sales and marketing professionals, lawyers, managers• World-class talents – Have taken on roles in other Thomson Reuters centers in New York, London, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong – Senior management are seasoned leaders from various industries and disciplines, holding global and regional leadership roles, responsible for driving and delivering on business goals and managing multicultural organizations worldwide
  10. 10. THE VIEW FROM MANILA • Vast differences in company culture • Impact of integration • Fear of losing jobs • Continued relevance in new business direction
  11. 11. IN MANILA THE MANILA TRANSFORMATION AGENDA 1. Strategic Leadership 2. Opportunities Amid Change 3. Effective Communications 4. Talent Management 5. Employee Engagement
  12. 12. STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP• Manila Management Council – Country governance, enabling strategy, shared services, communications, leadership development, government & industry relations, crisis management
  13. 13. STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP• Opportunity Seeking Forum – Build and differentiate Manila as center of choice – Build on core organizational capabilities – Provide the right organizational environment
  14. 14. STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP• Manila Value Proposition (2008) “To be the global center of excellence with an outstanding track record, a source of high quality talent, and a strong customer focus – able to execute and deliver great business results for the new company”
  15. 15. STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP• HR Strategy for the Business• Alignment Workshop• HR Restructuring
  16. 16. OPPORTUNITIES AMID CHANGE• Pitching the Manila Value Proposition: – Winning friends, influencing key stakeholders – A Balanced Picture, an informed decision – Excellent performance in a period of Change
  17. 17. OPPORTUNITIES AMID CHANGE• Birthing new business, growing existing groups• Wider organization generated revenues in moving operations to a more competitive location• “Companies go to where the Talent is”
  18. 18. OPPORTUNITIES AMID CHANGE• Better Careers, more Learning Opportunities
  19. 19. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION• Face-to-face, sustained small group meetings, informal talks, townhalls• High management visibility• All-staff communications• Consistent key messages: – Manila Value Proposition – Our capabilities – Our track record
  20. 20. TALENT MANAGEMENT• Redeployment: Zero lay-offs – Matching employees’ skills with business group requirements• Career Clinic• Flow the Talent Mentality KNOW GROW YOUR YOUR TALENT TALENT FLOW YOUR TALENT
  21. 21. KEY TAKEAWAYS• Strategic Leadership requires leaders agile enough to change strategies as the environment changes.• Help employees capitalize on Opportunities as they come.• Communications, to be effective, must have a high degree of transparency and integrity.• Talent is our driver and competitive edge.• Employee engagement is not just about fun; it’s building pride in the organization and its values.
  22. 22. • First level text is Arial 24pt. Arial Bold is used to highlight words within the paragraph. All text within the field is gray. Line spacing is 0.5 above MANILA SITE – 2nd level text is Arial 20pt. Line spacing is 0.3 Above. STRATEGY • 3rd level text is Arial 18pt. Line spacing is 0.25 Above – 4th level text is Arial 16pt. Line spacing is 0.2 Above. Post-Award • 5th level test is Arial 14pt. Line spacing is 0.2 Above• All Line Spacing is in Lines not Points – All Line Spacing is set on the Master for each level.
  24. 24. MANILA VISION AND STRATEGY 2012-2013MANILA VALUE PROPOSITIONTo be the global center of excellence, a source ofhigh caliber talent with a strong customer focus, andthe ability to deliver superior business results.STRATEGIES HARMONIZE OPTIMIZE DRIVE specializations and market expertise through continuous learning leading to customer intelligence. OPTIMIZE Manila site capabilities by developing our new and existing performers and streamlining processes to increase our business value to Thomson INTENSIFY DRIVE Reuters. HARMONIZE expectation of stakeholders with activities to accelerate Manila’s strategic site positioning. INTENSIFY efforts at creating a world class environment that promotes high employee engagement and corporate responsibility advocacy
  25. 25. 2013 MANILA Business ACE sponsorship Program of criticalSITE STRATEGY “Know your Customer” competency certifications Hi Po Program sessions EVP and Appreciation of Employer our products from Branding a customer point of view A community of Innovation applied to specialists/ experts business systems, on critical domains processes Manila as a global center of excellence, a source of Succession planning Specialization/ Expert Career Track high caliber talent with a strong customer focus, and able to deliver Internal, external stories, social media strategy superior business Cost Optimization for Manila results Executive briefings + Employee Manila Experience for Engagement stakeholders “Know your Business” for Rewards + business Recognition acumen Global Programs + Diversity Corporate Campaigns Stake- & Responsibility participation holder Inclusion engage- ment
  28. 28. DEALING WITH CHALLENGES AMBIGUITY Help employees TRUST accept, adapt to change COMPLEX MATRIX ENVIRONMENT Engage, Influence stakeholders
  30. 30. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Interventions • Day 1 celebrations • Brand Ambassadors • Transition & Change Workshops
  31. 31. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Interventions• One Company, One Year
  32. 32. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Interventions• TRansformers: championing our Values• TRue Pinoy Christmas yearend event
  33. 33. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Interventions• Manila Achievement Awards – Highest site recognition for extraordinary individual and group accomplishments – Criteria: Project impact, customers/stakeholder feedback/adherence to corporate values
  34. 34. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Interventions• Corporate Responsibility and Volunteerism
  35. 35. EFFECTIVENESS: EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT• Second highest engagement scores in 2008, 2009, 2010; highest in 2011 worldwide Employee Engagement Survey Results 95 94 93 90 88 88 87 85 86 86 Corporate 84 Manila 80 75 2008 2009 2010 2011
  37. 37. #1: STRATEGY WHERE IT MATTERS TOEMPLOYEES• Strategies are broad, but anchored on sustaining competitiveness of Manila as a location• Strategies focused on HOW we can make the Manila Value Proposition a reality, not just on WHAT it is• Strategies were translated into something recognizable for employees to relate to as a site, not as separate business units
  38. 38. #2 STORIES BRING OUR STRATEGY TO LIFE• Key messages and stories consistently related what we do to the Site Strategies – Big wins / new businesses / team expansions / new roles – Talent Flow / Specialization / Process Excellence & Innovation – Global Filipino Professionals / recognitions / external awards• Use of multimedia communication channels to reinforce the message – All staff emails, townhalls, enewsletter, AVPs, slideshows, posters – Social Media: Thomson Reuters Manila facebook page – Employer Branding through external PR campaign for print and online
  39. 39. #3 KNOWING HOW TO ENGAGE EMPLOYEES• Involvement and commitment of employees in action planning for sustainable employee engagement programs• Reward and recognition of individual and group achievements• Highlight employee participation in corporate social responsibilities• Structure, support and mechanism for employees to drive their own activities, programs and interests
  40. 40. #4 FLOW YOUR TALENT• Cohesive approach, structure and mechanism for employees to Move In, Up and Around within their business units, across different businesses, to specialist roles and even to other locations
  41. 41. #5 DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION• Embracing Diversity & Inclusion • Better business performance, improved understanding of our diverse customers’ needs • Greater opportunity for out-of-the-box problem solving • Increased workforce productivity, engagement, job performance • Broader candidate pool to recruit great talent• Diversity Programs • Women@thomsonreuters: developing women for leadership, championing advocacies in the workplace • Pride at Work: professional and social networking, talent development for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender employees • 25 interest clubs ranging from sports to song and dance to faith
  42. 42. #6 GENERATIONAL DYNAMICS• Engaging Gen Y employees • Strong desire to make a difference: impact on the business, impact on critical decisions that change the world, impact on bettering lives of others • Strong aspiration for values: cares what a brand stands for, pride in being Brand Ambassadors • Technology and social media savvy: values peer relationships/ networks at work • Retention through Talent Flow: able to move in, up, and around the organization to move to greater challenges and opportunities
  43. 43. Questions