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Welcome series

  1. 1. SETTING UP A WELCOME SERIES IN30 MINUTESJake PatoskiTraining & Learning
  2. 2. • What is a Welcome Series?• Setup!• Autoresponse / triggers• Streaming emails• Conditions & Delay• Activating the series• Suppression from main communications• Things to keep in mindSetting up a Welcome Series in < 30 min
  3. 3. What is aWelcomeSeries?• A set of emails sent to a supporter afterjoining your list• or performing a certain action(donating, attending an event, etc.)• The series welcomes them to yourorganization, and gives them anorientation• On the technical side: emails configuredto launch:• at a certain time,• if specific conditions are met,• and only on specific pages• Uses these Salsa features:• Autoresponses / Triggers• Streaming Emails• Queries & smart groups forsuppression
  4. 4. Setup:Autoresponse/Trigger• Package: Email Blasts -> CreateAutoresponse• Complete all the fields on the Configurationtab, except Target Email.• Provide an internal-only ReferenceName,• leave the Type as “Reply Email”,• determine the From Name and FromEmail that supporters should see in theirinbox.• On the Contenttab, just like a normal emailblast, provide a subject line for the email, andpopulate content for the HTML Body and TextBody sections.• The Advanced Optionstab will have usconfigure the Send Conditions and TimedDelay. We will come back to those shortly!https://help.salsalabs.com/entries/22421676-Autoresponses-Email-Triggers
  5. 5. Setup:StreamingEmails• Did you notice the “Update Trigger toStreaming Email” button?• Clicking this will convert the autoresponse toa Streaming Email.• The Streaming Email interface is mostly thesame as a regular email blast• Main differences• the addition of the Stream Options tab, whichlets you set the Send Conditions and TimedTrigger Delay.• You will no longer configure the Targeting orValidation tab.• You can create a Streaming Email at any step of theautoresponse.• Fully set up an autoresponse, have less to doon a streaming email.• Double check each step!https://help.salsalabs.com/entries/22407142-Streaming-Emails
  6. 6. Setup:Conditions &Delay• You don‟t want everyone getting yourwelcome series, right?• Send Conditions make sure a supportermeets certain criteria before sending.• Welcome = new, so…• [[isNew]] == 1• Other conditions exist, so explore!• Question two: You don‟t want your newsupporters getting three or four emails rightin a row, right?• Timed Trigger Delay will delay your emailsending until the timer runs out.• Incremented by the hour, so two days later =48 hrs, a week later is 168 hours.https://help.salsalabs.com/entries/22421676-Autoresponses-Email-Triggers#3
  7. 7. Activating theseries• A welcome series needs to be „attached‟ to apage to run.• On the Follow-up tab of each Salsa page,you can attach autoresponders/triggers.• Click “Add an existing response” to find yourexisting autoresponses.• Add as many as are included in your series.• Now when a supporter completes that page,the triggers will line up and fire according tothe conditions and delays.https://help.salsalabs.com/entries/22546363-Sign-up-pages#4
  8. 8. Suppressionfrom regularemails• You may want to keep welcome seriesrecipients from getting your regular emails• First step: Create a group for your welcomeseries• Second step: Decide what type of query touse to identify welcome series recipients• Time based• Targeted by (Streaming emails only)• Status = New (Streaming emails only)• Convert Step 1 group into smart group usingStep 2 query• When targeting your regular email blasts,add condition for “Is not a member of” yourStep 1 group
  9. 9. Keep in mind…• There is no way to cancel/stop a welcomeseries once it starts.• A welcome series doesn‟t require streamingemails; but is helpful for statistics tracking.• Streaming emails combine the automationfeatures of autoresponses / email triggers withthe design template and statistics reportingfeatures of email blasts.• If you want to prevent other emails frombeing sent in middle of welcome series, youwill need to create a suppression group.• You‟re not limited to one welcome series.Consider creating different „sets‟ based onthe type of action taken: if they came in froma donation page, an action page, or a regularsignup page. Be sure to tailor your contentaccordingly!
  10. 10. CONTACT INFOWeb: help.salsalabs.comEmail: training@salsalabs.com
  11. 11. THANK YOU!