Use Video to Engage Your Supporters
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Use Video to Engage Your Supporters



- Understand the anatomy of a successful cause video...

- Understand the anatomy of a successful cause video
- Learn about the model for an effective video-driven advocacy campaign
- How to use video to grow your lists, reduce list churn and drive up your overall response rates



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  • The best stories make complex ideas to simple. If possible keep your story to one message, idea, theme; viewer often miss the point you really want too make if you present them with too many secondary messages
  • The best stories make complex ideas to simple. If possible keep your story to one message, idea, theme; viewer often miss the point you really want too make if you present them with too many secondary messages THIS IS GREAT… I HOPE YOU SAY THE EXACT SAME THING EACH TIME. FUNNY
  • Connect your work to big ideas, to things that matter to the viewer. Viewers are not inharently interested in your story, rather they want to feel how your story connects to theirs. They will connect to your story even more if you can paint an future that your story and together with theirs can aspire to.
  • If you have succeeded in getting their attention, take advantage of this by connecting the dots and showing the viewer how to take action, through your work, to make the aspiration real. And don ’t forget that just telling them is not enough, give them the tools to achieve this. Make an explicit call to action and give a link or other tools to make it as easy as possible
  • Background: Recognized nationally for their work telling the stories of military sexual trauma survivors, Protect Our Defenders is a leader in the effort to reform the U.S. Military ’s system for handling rape and sexual assault. Thirty percent of active women in the military today are sexually assaulted. Protect our Defenders won the recent Do Gooder Video Awards with a simple, yet hard hitting message, and a clear call to action (sign the petition) Video is the primary hook for inspiring action – notice how easily you can sign a petition, contribute or share
  • Using video testimonials and Salsa ’s organizing platform, Protect Our Defenders has grown from an initial idea and a handful of supporters to a solid organization (in just 1 year) that is positioned to drive a cultural change in the way the military handles its sexual abuse claims. Currently they have more than 15,000 signatures – supporters that have logged on, signed the petition and as a result, personalized emails have been delivered to the inboxes of the appropriate congressman.
  • A great redirect path asking folks to make a contribution, like or follow
  • This is the email confirmation asking folks to share the petition using FB, Twitter, or a tell a friend
  • Emphasis on ROI number
  • Example of the video - Can we add a clickable link to this? WE could but it may not work.. Might want to have something preloaded
  • The video encourages you to visit this campaign landing page and offer easy ways to get involved, namely collecting petition signatures using Salsa
  • This box appears when the visitor hits the FB “like” icon which posts the petition directly to the visitors FB wall
  • The petition takes you to your rep. where you can submit a letter and sign up for newsletters
  • Emphasis on ROI number
  • Video works most effectively when it creates a sense of identification between the viewer and the people in the story. People connect to people. As a result, be careful not to make your story about ideas, programs or policies, but the people who personify them.
  • Feelings make people act. Avoid policy talk and intellectualized language.
  • This is one point which will always trump production value and quality. A real moment and genuine emotion are truly powerful. If you try to fake it your audience will know it instinctively, and then you will have lost them.
  • The hook is Rebecca ’s personal story and instant connection with visitors. Your window for inspiration and action is short, so make is easy for a busy person to take action and not just to watch another youtube video. Notice how you can sign a petition, get involved, share or contribute while watching the video.
  • What he means is that its often better to tell stories of your works impact or to hear people outside your org talking about how great you are, than to hear you saying how great you. Like the moon, you can bask in the reflected light more than radiate your own
  • Finally, when I talk about the long form documentary work that I say that this work has the potential to take the audience someplace they can ’t go on their own and bring them back changed.

Use Video to Engage Your Supporters Use Video to Engage Your Supporters Presentation Transcript

  • Video-Driven Advocacy Tell Your Story Drive Action Don’t Break the Bank Michael Hoffman, CEO, See3David Gunn, Account Executive, Salsa Labs
  • About See3 See3 produces compelling content. Paired with creative strategy, we developonline campaigns that tell your story to drive action. OUR TEAM 35 OF AUDIO-VISUAL PRODUCERS, STRATEGISTS, MARKETING PROS, DESIGNERS, AND DEVELOPERS ARE COMMITTED TO BRINGING YOUR GOOD WORK TO THE PEOPLE INVESTED IN YOUR ISSUE.
  • David GunnAccount About Salsa Labs: • Integrated online organizing and fundraising platform • 2,000 organizations • 50K Salsa users • 75 million members • $25 million raised
  • Salsa Platform Capabilities Email Social Media Fundraising & eCommerce Supporter CRM Database Website Forms3rd Party Plugins Events Advocacy Reports & Statistics
  • KONY 2012
  • Tell a storythat’s worth telling.
  • Nonprofit StorytellingCan be done many ways… …But there are fundamentals
  • MAKING YOUR STORY WORKWHAT ARE YOU SAYING?A clear message – you know exactly what you’re trying to say to them. You are saying it in the clearest way possibleWHO ARE YOU TRYING TO REACH?Clear understanding of who you’re trying to reach – your audience is specific, there’s no such thing as a general publicWHAT DO YOU WANT THEM TO DO?A clear call to action – you know exactly what you want them to do
  • Easy
  • Great Re-Direct
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund Protect Your Food Campaign• Petition campaign encouraging lawmakers to resist anti- transparency “Ag-Gag” laws• Campaign microsite to educate the target audience and give them the right tools to advocate• Hard-hitting campaign video distributed as online pre-roll ads via YouTube’s TrueView platform
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund Protect Your Food Campaign
  • Campaign Microsite
  • Easy to Share Petition
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund Protect Your Food CampaignCampaign results • Pre-roll ad performance was excellent Over 30,000 views; 26% view rate 1.68% click-through vs. 1% average • Video motivates action Over 8,000 petition signatures
  • Oh no?! Hahaha! MAKE ‘EM LAUGH. MAKE ‘EM CRY.
  • Personal + Easy Actions
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Take the audience someplace they can’t go on their own . . .and bring them backchanged.
  • A story that invites the viewer to open a door tonew awareness, insight and responsiveness is a story worth telling.