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Companion slide deck for 4/4/13 webinar on creating a donation page in less than 30 minutes. Video recording of webinar here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLHPs4LdENU&feature=youtu.be

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Take-out Salsa: Donation Pages

  1. 1. Take-out Salsa: Donation pages in <30 minutes Jake Patoski Salsa Labs Training & Learning
  2. 2. Prerequisites / • The guide for this webinar!Getting Started https://help.salsalabs.com/en tries/23494632-Quick-Start- Guide-Donation-pages • A merchant gateway account • A template to use • Determining tax status • Get started – Navigate to your Donations package, and click the Create a Donation Page link
  3. 3. •Enter a Reference Name – only seen on the Salsa backendContent tab •Header section is your main content area •Include information about the donation campaign you’re running •Also include any information your supporters should know before they donate (tax- status, receipts, how the money will be used, etc.). •Content can be created using the WYSIWYG or by composing/pasting HTML code. •The Footer section is often left blank, but is a good spot for legal disclaimers or other non-critical information. •Click save & continue to advance to the User Info tab.
  4. 4. •Salsa requires the seven fields you see listed in grey on this tab.User Info tab •Click the add another field link at the to add additional fields to your donation. •To require a supporter to fill out a field, check the Required? checkbox to the right of each field. •If you would like to automatically add donors from this donation page to a group, click + Add a group . Then click the magnifiying glass icon or the field itself to bring up your group selection window. •Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add additional groups as needed. •Click save & continue to advance to the Amounts tab.
  5. 5. •Determine the suggested donation options byAmounts tab typing them into the Comma delimited Amounts section. •Nothing but numbers in this box! •Optional - allow supporters to make a recurring payment by checking the Include Recurring Payments box, or make it only recurring payments. •Merchant gateway dependent! •In the Merchant Gateway dropdown menu, select the appropriate merchant gateway installed on your account. •Click save & continue to advance to the Follow Up tab.
  6. 6. •Basically a requirement to add a follow up autoresponseFollow Up tab •Receipt •Alert your staff •Take further action •Click + Add a new response to create an autoresponse from scratch within the donation page workflow; or click + Add an existing response if you have previously created an autoreponse you would like to use again here. •Decide whether to 1) display a thank you message to your supporters after donating or 2) send them to a web page of your choosing. •Skipping Optional Text and Options for now!
  7. 7. • Show Publishing Tools in the upper rightView and test your of your screen, then click the View Pagedonation page link within that box -OR- •For Salsa Classic users, click the View Page link in the upper right. •A new tab/window will open up with your ready-to-share donation page. Copy the URL of that page to share with your supporters. •To test the donation page workflow, enter all 1’s in your credit card fields •This won’t actually send off to the gateway, instead it tests the workflow of the Salsa page itself.
  8. 8. • Adding a dropdown designation on donationAdditional pages - https://help.salsalabs.com/entries/22526051-resources Adding-a-drop-down-list-of-designation- options-to-Salsa-donation-pages • Autofill fields on donation page through email link - https://help.salsalabs.com/entries/22543883- Autofill-supporter-information-on-forms • Donation FAQ - https://help.salsalabs.com/entries/22544947- Donation-FAQs • Tracking your donations - https://help.salsalabs.com/entries/22544937- Tracking-Codes-Tags-and-other-tracking- mechanisms • Donation reporting – https://help.salsalabs.com/entries/22527882- Donation-Reports