Take it Up a Notch: Communicating for Impact on Twitter


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  • Teamsters post retweeted 14 times at the moment I pulled this screen shot
  • Being successful on Twitter doesn’t end with Twitter and landing pages. It comes from having a multi-channel communications strategy and taking the necessary steps to move people along the ladder of engagement after you get them started on Twitter.
  • Take it Up a Notch: Communicating for Impact on Twitter

    1. 1. #tweeting4nonprofits Hashtags, Tweets & Bitlys, oh my! Part 2: Take it Up a Notch: Communicating for Impact on Twitter
    2. 2. #tweeting4nonprofits Presenters Christine Schaefer VP Community & Marketing, Salsa Katey Parker Social Media Manager, Media Cause
    3. 3. #tweeting4nonprofits All the same rules apply (3) NP Comms (4) Fundraising (5) Ladder of Engagement
    4. 4. #tweeting4nonprofits 1. Don’t try to sell yourself in 140 characters, but do tell stories 2. Provide value to the audience 3. Be true to yourself (re: voice) but not at the expense of being heard Top 3 Communications Rules for Twitter
    5. 5. #tweeting4nonprofits 1. Don’t try to sell yourself in 140 characters or less
    6. 6. #tweeting4nonprofits …but do tell stories
    7. 7. #tweeting4nonprofits 2. Provide value to the audience
    8. 8. #tweeting4nonprofits 3. Be true to your voice (and be heard) …but don’t give speeches at cocktail parties.
    9. 9. #tweeting4nonprofits 1. Demonstrate tangible ROI from donation 2. Communicate an aspirational but realistically achievable goal 3. Asks from Individuals big motivator (power of RT and #ff) 4. Match the “headlines”, branding, etc. Top 4 Fundraising Rules for Twitter
    10. 10. #tweeting4nonprofits 1. Demonstrate tangible ROI
    11. 11. #tweeting4nonprofits 2. Communicate achievable goal
    12. 12. #tweeting4nonprofits 3. The Power of Friends
    13. 13. #tweeting4nonprofits 4. Match the headlines, etc. It’s more than just branding – it’s a seamless experience (with higher conversion rates)
    14. 14. #tweeting4nonprofits 1. Again, match the branding, headlines AND call-to-action 2. Segment your audience 3. Friends Inspire 33% of the time 4. Email is where it’s at 5. Follow-up first Top 5 Engagement Rules for Twitter
    15. 15. #tweeting4nonprofits Can’t emphasize this enough: • DON’T direct people to a generic page on your site • The hashtag or theme as headline • Call-to-action – level for Twitter audience • Think about audience and match it all to them Match it all: branding, CTA…!!!!!!
    16. 16. #tweeting4nonprofits Matching Matters It’s more than just branding – it’s a seamless experience (with higher conversion rates)
    17. 17. #tweeting4nonprofits
    18. 18. #tweeting4nonprofits Segment Your Audience Donated on #GivingTuesday Signed XYZ Petition Recurring Donor Social Influencer
    19. 19. #tweeting4nonprofits Segment Your Audience
    20. 20. #tweeting4nonprofits Friends Inspire 33% of the Time
    21. 21. #tweeting4nonprofits Friends Inspire & Spread the Word
    22. 22. #tweeting4nonprofits Friends Inspire, Spread the Word & Match Headlines
    23. 23. #tweeting4nonprofits Email is Where It’s At… Social Email Supporter Love
    24. 24. #tweeting4nonprofits Don’t Personalize, Individualize 244% e-mail opens 161% click through 330% revenue per mailing E-mail segmentation by demographics and interests Social + Segmentation + Email
    25. 25. #tweeting4nonprofits Follow-up First: before you tweet Plan Twitter Campaign Plan Email Follow-Up Launch Campaign Capture Info in DB Automation Kicks In Analyze Results
    26. 26. #tweeting4nonprofits It’s Not About You. It’s about them.
    27. 27. #tweeting4nonprofits Twitter: A user-centric approach • The user is at the center of a nonprofit’s communication channels. • Cultivating your community of users is essential to ultimately seeing value in achieving your end goals. • Twitter can be much like courting a prospective mate; it takes time to build a relationship User Content Platform Engagement Brand
    28. 28. #tweeting4nonprofits  Building an engaged following.  Receiving responses, retweets, mentions, favorites.  Being added to lists.  Participating in Twitter Chats.  Influencing a few hashtags. NOTE: Real world influence doesn’t always translate into Twitter influence. Influence on Twitter: What does it mean? Example: The “Bieber” Effect
    29. 29. #tweeting4nonprofits STEP 1: Engage • Respond, retweet, mention and favorite others. • Start valuable conversations. • Participate in Twitter Chats. • Include relevant Twitter handles in tweets, i.e.: “Check out this great article on food insecurity in @nytimes by @ssstrom” Twitter: Building Influence Remember: It’s a two way street.
    30. 30. #tweeting4nonprofits STEP 2: Reciprocate • Thank others when they share your content, or follow you. • Keep track of whose sharing your content, and share theirs when possible. • Use #FF to give shout outs to people who shared your content or possible partners. Twitter: Building Influence
    31. 31. #tweeting4nonprofits Twitter: Building Influence
    32. 32. #tweeting4nonprofits • Zero in on a few content areas related to your organization. • Use Google Alerts to keep track of timely news articles on your topics, and share often. Twitter: Building Influence STEP 3: Become a valuable news source
    33. 33. #tweeting4nonprofits  Identify and follow those with relationship to organization. (i.e. frequent donors, board members, spokespeople, partner organizations…)  Search hashtags for influential accounts tweeting about topics related to your organization.  Follow journalists/media who write often about your topic area. When sharing their articles, always include their personal twitter handle along with (or instead of) the larger publication. Twitter: Finding Key Influencers
    34. 34. #tweeting4nonprofits Twitter: Finding Key Influencers Ex. #hunger (Resource: Keyhole.co)  Use tools like Keyhole, Hashtracking or Twtrland to identify influencers around hashtags or keywords relevant to your org’s work
    35. 35. #tweeting4nonprofits  Add influencers to Twitter list.  Organize lists based on topic areas or relationship to your organization.  Observe & engage! NOTE: Lists are used for reading tweets only. You cannot send or direct a tweet to members of a list. Twitter: Creating Lists
    36. 36. #tweeting4nonprofits Hosting Twitter Chats  Twitter chats are an excellent way to build engagement with your supporters and help recruit new advocates, donors and volunteers.
    37. 37. #tweeting4nonprofits What is a Twitter Chat?  Public conversation around a unique hashtag, which allows users to follower a conversation or participate in it.  Arranged in advance; usually happens at a specific time, with a specific leader or speaker  They can be recurring (weekly, monthly) or happen around an event or big announcement.  Can have a formal agenda or be more of a free-flowing conversation (Ex. “#Q1: What concerns you most about our food system? #FoodChat”)  Great way to connect with people with similar interests
    38. 38. #tweeting4nonprofits Hosting Twitter Chats BEFORE:  Identify your organization’s goals for the chat.  Come prepared. Compile questions, talking points and resources to share.  Create a hashtag that participants can use during the chat, being mindful of character limits.  Spread the word!
    39. 39. #tweeting4nonprofits Hosting Twitter Chats DURING:  Respond, retweet, comment – but only as much as you can.  Include some sort of ask or call-to-action.  Link to more resources.  Say thank you.
    40. 40. #tweeting4nonprofits Hosting Twitter Chats AFTER:  Follow up, follow up, follow up: follow those who participated and engage with them after the chat.  Summarize in a blog post.  Encourage those who participated to share the blog.
    41. 41. #tweeting4nonprofits Questions?
    42. 42. #tweeting4nonprofits Media Cause @mediacause connect@mediacause.org www.mediacause.org Salsa @salsalabs info@salsalabs.com www.salsalabs.com Get in Touch with Us. Thank you!