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Social Media, #GivingTuesday and End-of-Year Fundraising: You Can Raise $$ with Facebook and Twitter
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Social Media, #GivingTuesday and End-of-Year Fundraising: You Can Raise $$ with Facebook and Twitter


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Having a lot of shares, likes, tweets and re-tweets doesn’t necessarily translate into getting more donations. But it can! …

Having a lot of shares, likes, tweets and re-tweets doesn’t necessarily translate into getting more donations. But it can!

In this webinar, you will see clearly how to engage your base, expand your reach and garner both attention on #GivingTuesday AND greater donations for year-end. Plus, we will walk you step-by-step through how even with just a small team and some technology tools you can easily plan, execute and measure to segment and target the right people with the right message at the right time – which is key to fundraising success.

Published in: Technology

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  • A national day of giving on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Dec 3, 2013Celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support nonprofitsPartners create and commit to a project then help spread the word to their networks – online and offline
  • Education – webinars, articles, etc. Tweets and Facebook posts of social objects for our clients to share and spread the word
  • Basics of using Twitter for #GT campaigns- get going now so supporters get used to seeing it, interact with others who are participating, use the hashtag and other variations to find new followers and GET NOTICED! Don’t forget that tweets less than 140 characters tend to do better
  • Follow relevant people or heavy hitters (like the Giving Tuesday folks), ask them to follow you; Ask your current network to spread the word about your #GT campaign, encourage them to share with you how they plan to participate; Follow the rule- 60% retweets and useful info, 30% conversations and responses, 10% shameless plugs (announcements, events, etc.)Think about any new people you’ll want to followReach out to those who don’t yet follow youEngage your current networkBest practice- Follow the 60-30-10 rule
  • Where else to spread the word about #GT, intro the Berger book and the ideas of contagious
  • First, want to start with a shout-out to those of you waiting for the case-study of the org that ditched email and found a way to raise all their money on social media… I’m not going to give that to you.The reality: Most fundraising still offline, never mind off email … change is slowNonetheless, today failure to deliver your fundraising asks via every channel at your disposal -- offline (mail, events), email, and social -- means leaving BIG $ on the tableMost new donors are onlineAnd they are worth more ($118 vs. $51) – convert well to offline, other channels, but not vice versaAnd when you’re fundraising online, building in social media pays big time=> campaigns incl. Twitter raised 10x more in 2012=> 25% increased avg. lifetime value of LIKE when combo w other channelsSource:
  • Going to talk now about what’s possible when you overlay social data on your email list, particularly on your donor list. Most examples are using data from – but you can piece together similar data from other sources and I’ll try to give examples of that where I can.The punch line here is the more you can target and personalize your fundraising messages, the better the click through is going to be… the more you’re going to raise.
  • Attentively example – can actually “listen” to donors, see what they’re talking about online. Without a listening tool, you can look at what your Twitter followers or Facebook fans respond to best – which content gets shared, etc.For multi-issue groups, can help you pick which topics to build your appeal(s) aroundFor single issue groups, helps you identify the best way(s) to talk about your issue – e.g. a conservation group might talk about conservation, climate change, endangered birds, or fuzzy panda babies!
  • Kill the ones your donors don’t care about – do appeals around the top 3-5If you do have a listening tool, you can create donor segments and target your appeals – if not, you can target based on past activity or A/B test => Attentively integrates w/ Salsa!
  • With a social media match, you can get a strong sense of where it makes sense to invest your time – E.g. Pinterest can drive traffic / clicks if your base is using itOrgs vary wildly in how engaged their members are on TwitterYou might be surprised at the % active on LinkedIn – maybe not a great spot for direct fundraising, but yes on relationship-buildingIf you have a high % on Facebook but your FB-likes are low, can do some pre-fundraising work driving likes from email to FB – better for cross channel fundraising when the time comes
  • What you’re looking for are people who have a degree of online influence They’re heavy social media usersPeople listen / respond when they postThey’re into what you do – mention your org or cause at least occasionally Even better if they’re on your list, donors alreadyHow you find themSocial data match on your list – we use Klout, there’s also Kred, PeerIndex, othersTwitter search – search for mentions of your org, What you do with themBuild the relationship – follow on Twitter, put on a list and RT/respondCreate content for them – share-friendly Tweets, FB posts; build asking them to share into your comm planRecruit for a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign – tools are in Salsa!
  • Why is this powerful = small # action takers multiply audience
  • Who is hiding out on your email list? We’ve found...Top bloggers, like Deuce and Arianna HuffingtonMOCs, like Sen. Al FrankinJournalists, like Ann CurryBusiness leaders, like Steve CaseAnd lots of allies and advocates! (org logos)These people can help raise the visibility of your org via coverage – blogs, TwitterOr make a special appeal – feature them in an outreach
  • Why is this powerful? Just 1 hit = huge reach
  • HI, I’m Drew. The CEO of ActionSprout. Give Tuesday is an all channels event! I can’t think of a single communication channel that you might use that shouldn’t be utilized in support of this important day. I am going to talk about just one of those channels today: FB. Like all of your communications channels FB requires some real planning and work to lay the foundation before December 3rd..
  • Before I begin, let’s get the obligatory Facebook matters slide out of the way by simply saying that… if your target audience is human, they are probably spending 15 minutes or more a day on Facebook.
  • You have 10 weeks between now and Give Tuesday. That is not a lot of time! And, what you do between now and December 3rd will determine the impact FB has on your overall campaign that day. My goal for this presentation is to offer up some very tangible things you should be doing wit your Facebook page, between now and then. I’ll also try to leave enough time to share some idea for what you might want to do on on Facebook on Give Tuesday itself. So, grab a pen and let’s go.
  • First, I want to point out a painful truth and I have learned time and again watching organization that use ActionSprout. Most organizations do a very poor job leveraging Facebook to support campaigns like Give Tuesday. I have seen even the most gifted campaigner and fundraiser fail. The reasons Facebook fails organization during campaigns is because Facebook is different from other campaigning tools. The value Facebook provides campaigns can be very significant, but it’s not what most people expect or even hope for when they first start using it. So, how do you get the greatest value Facebook in supporting a campaign goal, such as Give Tuesday?
  • You can boil it down into three word, Reach, Prime and Capture… These are the three things I will touch on today. Reach is what I will spending most of my time because without it, nothing else really matters… Then, I’ll talk a bit about priming supporters to become action takers and not just observers…And finally, I will end by talking about capturing data so you can actually reach them on that day and get them to give!
  • So lets start with reach… First, Everything I am going to talk about today is focused on your news feed. Sure, your page is your brand on Facebook… But let’s be honest, people don’t visit your page… Your feed is what it’s all about.
  • After all, unless you’re paying to promote every post you publish on Facebook, for all intents and purposes your Fans ARE your Facebook page. You target your content to them, engage with them, and reach people through them. Thus, having more fans can mean greater reach, which is why investing in growing your FB fan base with high-quality fans makes sense. There are many ways to be building your page. One of the things that not enough organizations are doing today is working to convert your Email supporters to Fans on FB, too. And, if you can do this in a way that allows you to learn which ones of them area also Fans, even better!
  • But when it come to reaching people through your Fans, you need to engage your Fans with content that will get them clicking, whether that’s simply clicking like or share, commenting or taking a higher level action like signing a letter, pledging to do something or whatever. Content is always king on any communication channel, but on Facebook… GHopefully some of your are thinking “Great Drew… so tell us something we don’t know. Like how do we post great content that will make me King on December 3d?
  • It may be easier that you think. If you want to post great content, start with great content. Facebook is a sharing platform. The VAST majority of content flowing around Facebook is shared, not created… Lean into this fact.
  • A good goal is to have 80% of your posts contain content that has, in one way or another, already proven to have viral potential. The other 20% should be original content… (oh, but don’t be surprised when 80% of that fails to take off)
  • Finding high performing content on FB is getting easier and easier. If you have ActionSprout, you’ll see the top content from the pages your page likes, on the Inspire tab. If you don’t have ActionSprout you can still use our Free Facebook Page Analyzer to find the top performing posts on any page on Facebook (including the ones that have similar audiences and are working on similar causes as yourself). There is another awesome paid app called Crowdtangle that does nothing but this, too… And it does it really well.
  • Here’s an example of a post that the FB page managers at the Democratic Governor's Association pushed out on a Bill Clinton’s birthday. Do you think he had any clues (maybe from previous years) that his target audience would respond positively to a post that wished President Clinton a happy birthday? Maybe from last year when it posted a very similar post? I think so… But this time notice that he included a simple yet relevant call to action inviting people sign a birthday card. This reused post accomplished 5X the engagement of his average FB post.
  • Okay, so I have talked about the importance of creating content that will engage your fans and reach your target audience.So let’s move on the next key topic… Priming people to take action. In a perfect world, every single post you pushed out to your supporter on Facebook would work to Prime people for the action you want them to take. One good way to do this is by driving people to take action. Even if that action is simple and lightweight. Diving Action from your Facebook page can take all kinds of forms…
  • This is, of course why ActionSprout exists, but even if you don’t use ActionSprout, you should be asking supporters to take meaningful actions with and for you. And these actions should prime them for the end action you want them to take on Give Tuesday. Some examples of actions I would suggest asking people to take between now and GT include things like: Ask them to join you in thanking the supporters that helped accomplish something awesome (the very supporters you wan them to become one of)Invite them to join you in congratulating someone in your network that did something great that furthered your mission. Sign a petition or pledge to do something to make a change.On the 80% of posts that repurpose content, try to include an action that relates to the topic of the past itself but don’t be afraid to include a sort of generic action for people to take. Care about kids? Join For the 20% of the posts that consist of content that you create from scratch, I would focus on content that highlights the work you have done and the people that have made it possible. This not only allows you to build awareness of your work before give Tuesday, it also allows you to capture people for whom your work is really resonating… Thank and congratulate are great actions for this. By the way, donate is not a viral action… Actually, it sort an anti-viral
  • Here’s a simple action… What’s up with the birthday posts in this presentation… Anyway… This is another example of a post that the National Parks Conservation Association pushed out not long ago that went nicely viral. Like the DGA post, this post was really not very original. The FB manager knew from past experience that posts that celebrate our national parks do great! Moreover, posts with iconic images of those park… Oh, and with kids in them… Do very well. So, when the National Park Services' 97th birthday rolled around, they posted their usual Happy Birthday post. But this time, they included a simple call to action and let people sign a birthday card. This post engaged 4X their usual number of people. And actually have the capture data on this one.. It also resulted in them capturing 162 new emails from people that care about the National Parks Service and 2236 Facebook user id’s for use in retargeting some day down the road.
  • Which is a good segway into my final topic… Capture!This is pretty simply point in my presentation, really…
  • Simply put, if you’re not capturing email addresses or Facebook UI’s you will not be able to reach people on December 3rd…
  • Okay so that’s the last of the Reach, Prim and Capture slides In fact I am on my last slight of my deck here… So, let me talk a little about what you should be doing on Give Tuesday itself. First, if there was ever a day to reach people, this is it! So pull out the stop and do whatever you can to drive people to donate. For the past 10 weeks you have been working to reach, prime and capture people on FB. Now’s the time to activate them. Send an email to the people that have taken action on your page asking them to help you get things started. You might also want to pay to promote your posts on this day. There are different ways to target promoted posts on FB including targeting all your Fans, or a custom audience of people you have email or FB UID’s for. In terms of what to post on Give Tuesday: Don’t be afraid to post quite often on the that day. You want to be on people newsfeeds! I would probably focus on celebrating your successes that day and every day… I would also THANK the people that engage with you and support you work. Don’t be afraid to click right on over to a person’s FB page and drop them a Direct Message saying thanks… And of course you’ll want to drive people to donate! You can collect donations directly inside Facebook ActionSprout, but there is nothing wrong with sending them to your donation page on this day. Just keep in mind that on Give Tuesday, your Fans, your Supporters are the channel through with you will reach and activate other people on Facebook. And, I am about out of time. So, back to you…
  • Okay- you’re on twitter, you’re spreading the word to your supporters, what do you do when you actually get them to your site? Landing pages matter!
  • Turn one-time donors into year-round supporters with the right follow up. But first, you have to organize them! Get to know your new donorsEstablish smart groupsUse tagging #GivingTuesday, Online Donor, Volunteer, etc.Consider scoringActivity, Time, Other FactorsBy personalized, we don’t mean using their name, we mean addressing their interests- are they a first time donor who volunteers a lot? You’d send them a different message than a supporter who regularly makes large giftsUse groups, tags and scores to target supportersEngage new supporters with a welcome series and/or nurture campaignsCreate triggered or automated emails to respond to specific actionsWhen you email, send highly personalized messages
  • Transcript

    • 1. You can raise $$ with Twitter and Facebook in year-end’s just a matter of the ask. # GivingTuesday It’s not just a brand name, it’s a hastag. Use it now!
    • 2. Speakers
    • 3. Year-End Fundraising is upon us…
    • 4. #GivingTuesday Hit Big
    • 5. Making the Ask = A Big $$$ Difference
    • 6. We started in July…
    • 7. • Create pre-campaign buzz • Join the larger #GivingTuesday conversation • The power of the hashtag: what others should you use? • Best practice: Use less than 140 characters Using Twitter for #GivingTuesday
    • 8. Follow  Reach Out  Ask  60/30/10 Using Twitter for #GivingTuesday
    • 9. • Up Next: • Social Listening • Finding Influencers • Targeting Message in Social • But, What About Facebook? • Building Audience • Getting Shared • When NOT to make the ask • Integrating Social Media into Overall Online Year- End Fundraising Strategy Share the Message Beyond Twitter
    • 10. MULTICHANNEL, TARGETED, AND PERSONALIZED What You Can Do Between Now and Giving Tuesday to Get…
    • 11. Multichannel FundraisingMultichannel: Ask Everywhere
    • 12. Segment Your Donor List They’re 34% more likely to open a highly targeted email… And 63% more likely to click through.
    • 13. Segment Your Donor List
    • 14. Segment Your Donor List
    • 15. Go Where Your Donors Are
    • 16. These are the everyday “influencers” who love what you do… Uncover Influencers - Evangelists
    • 17. Uncover Influencers - Evangelists
    • 18. Who’s hiding out on your email list? We’ve found… Top bloggers, like Dooce and Arianna Huffington MOCs, like Sen. Al Franken Journalists, like Ann Curry Business leaders, like Steve Case And lots of allies and advocates! Uncover Influencers - VIPs
    • 19. Uncover Influencers - VIPs
    • 20. Layer Social Data Into Donor Prospecting • Passion for the cause? • Mention your organization? • Other indicators of capacity to give? • Previous donor? • Cross-match wealth data?
    • 21. 15 minutes a day, everyday - 700 million people Over a trillion if you count those who use a couple of times a week.
    • 22. YOU HAVE 10 WEEKS + 1 Day
    • 23. No Panacea It’s all about the lead up, don’t expect miracles in one day from Facebook
    • 24. Reach, Prime, Capture Did I mention that you shouldn't’t expect miracles in one day from Facebook?
    • 25. REACH Your page is your brand People don’t visit your page It’s all about the feed (Facebook only delivers your content to 15% of your fans)
    • 26. REACH Your Fans are Your Amplifier Never stop growing!
    • 27. Content Makes You The King
    • 28. 20% unique content, 80% recycled over-performing content
    • 29. Post content again that is working well on your own page Adapt other pages high performing content to fit your unique message Re-post content that is performing well on similar pages Re-use Borrow Flatter
    • 30. Finding Over-Performing Content Look for content that perform significantly better than average, relates to your work, and can have a call to action added to it Yes it’s really that simple!
    • 31. 5X 5014 Engagement Avg 24,000 This Post
    • 32. PRIME PEOPLE FOR ACTION Ask people to take meaningful social actions
    • 33. Donate is not a socially sharable action “Join is in thanking our amazing volunteers” “Sign a letter to our super donor.” “Show your support for kids!” “Make a pledge to stand up for your rights!” “Join us in congratulating…” Give People Actions They Can Take
    • 34. 4X 757 Engagement Average 3640 This Post Supporter Emails Captured: 162 Facebook UID’s: 2236
    • 35. Get an email address so you can send them a message on Give Tuesday Facebook ID’s let you target promoted posts and ads to them on Give Tuesday Email FB-ID’s CAPTURE
    • 36. Email Promoted Posts Go direct to deliver your donation ask Post frequently about people giving and ask everyone to help thank them Remember Facebook only delivers 15% of your posts
    • 37. Reach & Activate Email, Wall Posts, Promoted Posts, Ads, Phone, Website, Twitter, etc.
    • 38. #GivingTuesday Landing Pages • Tracking • Reiterate Results • Conversion • Gift Suggestions
    • 39. Don’t Stop There!!! Donation Organize – tags, groups Thank You Series Year-End Asks w/QuickDonat e Cultivate in New Year – Social Media & Email Keep listening and learning to better target messages
    • 40. Phone: 866.796.8345 Web: Email: Twitter: @salsalabs Web: Facebook: /GivingTuesday Twitter: @GivingTues
    • 41. THANK YOU!