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Salsa Case Study: Animal Legal Defense Fund Educates, Activates with Salsa
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Salsa Case Study: Animal Legal Defense Fund Educates, Activates with Salsa


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When the corporate agriculture industry launched efforts to limit photography and video at agriculture facilities, ALDF took action against these “ag gag laws." The campaign resulted in nearly 8,500 …

When the corporate agriculture industry launched efforts to limit photography and video at agriculture facilities, ALDF took action against these “ag gag laws." The campaign resulted in nearly 8,500 advocacy actions, taken by roughly 7,500 supporters using Salsa's nonprofit advocacy software.

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  • 1. Leveraging theNetwork for ResultsFor most Americans, their beloved pet is treatedas a highly respected member of the family. Butin the eyes of the United States legal system,animals are technically viewed as property- withthe same rights and protections as a householdchair or other inanimate object. The mission ofAnimal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) is to changeall that, seeking a re-categorization of the way thelaw regards animals, providing for their interests,ensuring their safety and allowing them to engagein behaviors that are natural for their species.“We envision a world where the law respectsand protects the interests of animals,” said LisaFranzetta, director of communications for ALDF.“We work to strengthen state and national lawsprotecting animals and ensure those laws areenforced through the courts.”Founded in 1979 by attorneys who were active inthe emerging field of animal law, ALDF has servedas a trailblazer for the stronger enforcement ofanti-cruelty laws and the humane treatmentof animals.Thousands of lawyers and a network of more than100,000 supporters bolster ALDF’s efforts throughlawsuits, legal assistance to prosecutors inanimal cruelty cases, educational programs inlaw schools, advocacy and public awareness.ALDF works with See3 Communications and Salsa to protect animals andconsumers through legislation
  • 2. ChallengeEducating Consumers on the Connection Between Animal Rights andTheir Food SupplyIn 2011-2012, the corporate agricultureindustry launched a concerted effort tointroduce legislation, nicknamed “ag gag” laws,in numerous states that would make it illegal totake photographs or video at agricultural facilities,as well as to possess and distribute suchmaterial. While these laws claim to protect theinterests of factory farms, they also serve toquiet potential whistleblowers and limit accessto evidence of farmed animal abuses, illegalworking conditions and risky food practices.“Ag gag laws present a fundamentalproblem for consumers who want anddeserve transparency about the origin ofServing as the leader of the anti-ag gagmovement, ALDF created a two-fold plan- createa petition for supporters to sign, and offer states apiece of counter legislation.“ALDF’s proposed Protect Your Food Act will helpminimize the risk to citizens of contracting food-borne illnesses by prohibiting state governmentsfrom purchasing or distributing food productstheir food,” said Franzetta. “They are aserious concern not only for animalprotection organizations, but also forthose focused on the environment, publichealth and even basic civil liberties.”With the potential to mobilize thousands ofsupporters, ALDF needed to find a way to unite abroad spectrum of ag gag opponents under onevoice, speaking out against the legislation andoffering state lawmakers an alternative that wouldbenefit both the residents of the state and itsbottom line.SolutionProtect Your Food Act and Education Campaign
  • 3. from any jurisdiction that passes an ag gag law,”said Franzetta.Ready to reach out to supporters, ALDF turned tostrategists at See3 Communications and Salsafor assistance.“One of the biggest obstacles for ALDF toovercome in their campaign was translating avery technical, legal issue into one that wouldevoke emotion and support from a broaderaudience,” said Nasser Asif, director of marketingat See3 Communications.The resulting campaign was a combination ofaction and education that included targeted,local advocacy actions and educational andemotion-provoking materials with the help ofSalsa partner, See3 to develop the campaign andspread the word through current supporters,social media and even some paid advertising.The new microsite,, hostedan online petition and was also home to aninfographic, helping create a link between thepublic health issue of protecting consumer foodand the ALDF core issue of animal protection.The final piece of the outreach campaign wasperhaps the most powerful. ALDF and See3created a 30-second video, designed to hookviewers with an edgy introduction and allow themto click directly through to a sign-the-petitionlanding page. The video was distributed throughpaid advertising on YouTube.“The video campaign is really where we saw thebrightest results,” said Asif. “Sometimes you haveto shock the audience a little to remind them ofthe issue at hand and create the desiredemotional response. That’s what we wereable to do here.”Salsa technology helped ALDF every step of theway, providing supporter management and emailtools, capturing new supporters and assistingwith fundraising efforts, even helping supportersreach their state legislators and local leadersthrough advocacy features.In this campaign, we were able to leverage the power of video to bringpeople into the conversation and the power of Salsa to connect realpeople with decisions makers,- Nasser Asif, Director of Marketing at See3 Communications
  • 4. 866-796-8345 @salsalabsResultsThe Fight Continues with New Supporters and More Than 8,500 Actionsand 18,000 Legislator Messages AlreadyUsing paid advertising and Salsa tools, ALDFwas able to track the success of their campaignin concrete terms. The banner ads drew morethan 1,600 people to the site,and resulted in 265 signatures. The video madeupwards of 115,000 impressions, with a clickthrough rate of a 1.68%, notably higher than theaverage 1% on other video ads.“One of the important things to remember whenlooking at the metrics for the video is that viewershad the opportunity to skip the ad after the firstfive seconds,” explained Asif. “In our case, about25% of all viewers stayed on the ad and watchedit to the end by choice. It obviously made a strongimpression on them.”In total, the campaign resulted in nearly 8,500actions, taken by roughly 7,500 supporters.Through the power of advocacy and the tools inSalsa, those supporters made their voices knownto approximately 4,300 targets (local, state andnational decision makers) through a total of18,000 messages. ALDF continues to fight effortsto enact ag gag laws through supporter advocacyefforts and ongoing advocacy for Protect YourFood laws in state legislative bodies.“The Protect Your Food campaign was a perfectexample of the kind of advocacy that the AnimalLegal Defense Fund is all about,” said Franzetta.“The abuse of farmed animals is so extreme, andthe legal issues are complex. The online petitionand multimedia elements of this campaign helpedus to tell a story that would both resonate witheach and every consumer and animal lover and,critically, give them an easy way to takehard-hitting, real-world action.”Salsa helps nonprofits and political campaigns ignite action and fuel changearound the world by growing and engaging a base of support online. Salsaprovides more than technology; it offers strategic best practices, training,highly rated support and a strong online community, so its clients can focustheir energy on their mission.