Maximize Your End-of-Year Fundraising
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Maximize Your End-of-Year Fundraising



Did you know organizations can raise 40% of their individual donations in the month of December by maximizing their end-of-year appeals? In fact, the best time to make end of year appeals is in the ...

Did you know organizations can raise 40% of their individual donations in the month of December by maximizing their end-of-year appeals? In fact, the best time to make end of year appeals is in the last five days of December. Now is the time to make your plan for end of year fundraising.



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  • NTEN may have this type of slide
  • About Salsa - Jnet
  • Blake
  • Blake
  • Blake
  • Blake
  • - Blake I’m a big supporter of “We Save Pets” They sent me a direct mail appealIt ends up in my stack of mail that I go sort through while having my morning coffeeNow I might just skip over this but I recall a post I saw on facebook yesterday from the organization talking about all the lives they saved. So I open the letter and it says I can go to their website to donate I want to do it before I forget so I grab my mobile phone that is sitting right by my side and I go to their website I pinch and stretch to find the donate button, not the best experience but then I get to the donation page…. I give up. I will wait until I get to work and do it from my desktop- if I remember… The result… one less puppy that gets a new home.
  • - JNET Moves lower dollar donors to a higher dollar bracket AND theme re-enforces programs. Sold out in 3 emails...only 4 emails have giftbag of the 17 emails sent. - This was a 2 month campaign because you have longer to chip off the goal..... most traction during first 2 weeks of nov and last 5 days of Dec. (Research giftbag in June.)
  • JNETHook to move low dollar donors and non-donors to a higher dollar bracket.
  • JNET - select a campaign and give a certificate on behalf of RAN.Matching gift/challenge program provides built in goals with deadline.Tap into year-end deadline momentum
  • JNET - Very successful in recruiting more new donors
  • BLAKEDeadlines, matching gifs and specific projects are effective ways to fundraise end year and year round.
  • JNETWhile you know who your donors are, consider using dynamic content to make custom asks.Explain how this works in Salsa
  • Blake
  • - BLAKEIf you chose 40% you were just about right. As of July- 38% of emails were opened on a mobile device. 38% of all email opens occurring in mobile devicesIn the last year, emails opened on mobile devices more than doubled, and have increased 80% in the last 6 months alone
  • BLAKEIf you don’t, your message and mission will get ignored.
  • - BLAKEBe The Match used social media to reinforce their email message in last year’s year-end campaignReach a different audience than those in your housefileBuild AwarenessKeep your organization top of mind between direct mail & email contactsPlatform to demonstrate value with rich mediaCoordinate and reinforce campaign messagingCommunicate campaign status
  • JNET- Basic Formula: 3 emails, and kicker. - Started thanksgiving with video to prime the pumpasked most active supporters they incorporated to the end of video.- Followed up with the “give a piece of the action – gift certificate”
  • JNET:Example of the “kicker” email to reel in donations- Also good to have a variety of signers.

Maximize Your End-of-Year Fundraising Maximize Your End-of-Year Fundraising Presentation Transcript

  • Maximize End of Year FundraisingTips, Tricks, and Best Practices to Implement This Year
  • Presenters Blake Groves • Approach Vice President Charity Dynamics • Channels • Cadence and Timing Jeanette Russell Senior Partner Marketing Manager
  • About Charity DynamicsCharity Dynamics has an award winning track record ofhelping nonprofit organizations raise money onlinethrough: • annual campaigns • event participant fundraising • new donor acquisition • micro-campaigns • social media campaigns • technical integrations and extensionsOur team will help you find and engage donors in waysthat fit your mission and goals. In the last severalyears, we have helped our clients raise millions ofdollars online.
  • Happy New We Save Pets Year! 444 5th Ave NY, NY 10103 Blake Groves 123 Main Austin, TX 78731Ring in 2013 with more lives saved!
  • CONTENT/APPROACH IS KEY When competing in a cluttered environment, you have to stand out
  • eCommerce• Provide tangible benefit for holiday giving• Tangible and intangible Gift Premiums opportunities• Provides opportunity for add-on gifts from current donors• Last-minute gift giving
  • Low Dollar Premium
  • Where the money goes
  • Dynamic Email Content
  • DON’T NEGLECT SOCIAL ANDMOBILEYour campaign is using these channels whether you know it or not.
  • Mobile Access to Email- #1 with a bullet Source: Litmus Email Analytics July 2012
  • Straight to the trash! Source: Litmus Email Analytics July 2012
  • Do the math• 100,000 emails• Let’s say 35% are opened on mobile or 35,000• Of which 70% immediately delete, (24,500)• Leaving a net list of 75,500 emails before you even begin to calculate CTR and conversion.
  • Work All Elements of the Ecosystem
  • Social Media reinforces your campaign
  • Campaign Approach Message 3 $2,900 Gifts Message 2 $1,951 GiftsMessage 1 4X!$1,811 Gifts 23
  • November Warm Up 24
  • “Just a few hours left” 25