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List cleanup


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Companion video here: …

Companion video here:

It's a new year, and you've probably got a lot of new supporters, as well as some old supporters who haven't done squat in a long time. Now is a great time to scrub your supporter list.
If you've got some downtime, why not clean up your list? Whether it's purging inactive supporters, deduplicating your list, or figuring out where there are holes in your data, this webinar will steer you through the processes and tools used to keep your list nice and tidy.
Learning goals: 1) How to use the deduplication tool, 2) Which queries to run to find inactive supporters, 3) Other options/considerations for keeping up with the health of your list.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. LIST CLEANUP Jake Patoski Training & Learning Manager
  • 2. Agenda • • • • • • • • Intro Deduplicate supporters Correct/remove misformatted emails Query for people missing email address Remove people who haven’t opened/clicked an email Remove unsubscribed supporters A quick note on Scoring Deleted supporters - what happens on the other side?
  • 3. Introduction • • • • Keeping your list free of clutter, duplicates, and dead weight is important. A tidy list can result in tangible benefits: • Accurate reporting • Increased open rates • Decreased bounce rates List cleanup can be done weekly, monthly, or quarterly, but at the very least, do a cleanup annually. The tools and methods below can be taken on individually, or combined to do the most thorough cleanup job.
  • 4. Deduplicate Supporters • • Supporter Management -> Manage Supporters -> Deduplicate Supporters Select the fields to deduplicate on • More fields, higher threshold • Certain fields are more unique: email > first and last name > first name • Deduplicate by each Individual match or in a Batch
  • 5. Deduplicate supporters • Factors to consider when deciding whether and which records should be merged: • • • • • Receive Email value - data might be older, but who cares if that address is still subscribed! Last Modified - even if less complete data set, recency may be more important Completeness of data - is it more helpful to have a full address over an email address? or vice versa? Primary record’s data will be retained; Secondary record’s data will be merged into Primary. (Ignore if the records are not duplicates.) Merged/deduplicated supporters cannot be unmerged or re-duplicated.
  • 6. Correct/remove misformatted emails • • • • Arises from data entry error. This query uses the Salsa wildcard character %. If a supporter's email field doesn't follow the format of username + @ + domain + . + toplevel domain, then they're not receiving email! Can you fix these emails? Or just delete them?
  • 7. Query for people missing email address • • • These are usually offline supporters who have been imported. Before doing anything, make sure you know how your organization uses the Salsa database – just online, or your primary database? What to do with the results? • • • Decide if you might be able to find their email elsewhere Add these records to a suppression group Delete these records
  • 8. Remove people who haven’t opened/clicked an email • • • What are we doing here? These queries find supporters who haven’t opened/clicked an email since a specific date. What’s your criteria? 1 year for clicks, 6 months for opens? You can always hope these supporters snap out of it… but if it’s been a while, it might be time to say goodbye. • Or add them to a group that is usually suppressed. • Or reach out to them specifically and ask why.
  • 9. Remove unsubscribed supporters • • This is an easy one – if they’re already not receiving your emails, why are they still on your list? You may want to only delete specific unsubscribe types. • Or just suppress them.
  • 10. A quick note on scoring • • • The Scoring package allows you to assign a quantitative score to your supporters based on their activities. Scoring is more proactive, though slightly less specific. Two parts: • A score • • The ‘container’ for scoring entries (can be one or more scores combined) Fields: • • • • Name Description Status Scoring entries
  • 11. Scoring entries The bolded entries on the right are the only required fields for a complete score. Common objects – Supporter - award points to supporters for signing up to your list in the first place. Consider pairing this with a quick expiration time, like 10-60 days. Some organizations consider new supporters to be at an inherently high level of engagement. Donation - award points for each donation made (regardless of the size of the gift) Supporter Action - award points for each online activism action taken (petitions and targeted advocacy campaigns, including write-your-rep actions) Supporter Event - award points for each event registered for. • A ‘rule’ to score by • • • • • • • Reference Name Scoring category – usually ‘Normal’ but ‘Fixed Value’ could be used to tally total donations Object – can be hard to decide which! Feel free to contact support@ Multiplier – points per ___ (such as action taken, donations made, etc) Expiration – not to be mixed up with halflife; after this amount of time, the point value will reduce to the minimum value. Should scores reset after a year? Then 365. Minimum value – as a score ‘decays’ because of halflife or expiration, this will be the ‘floor’ of the score Halflife – less sudden than expiration, the score will decrease incrementally – after X days, the score will decrease by half.
  • 12. Deleted supporters - what happens on the other side? • • • A deleted supporter is not lost forever. Re-use the previous queries, but check the box. No data is lost when a supporter is deleted, so you can also query for a group (or put your supporters in a group before you delete them).
  • 13. Further Salsa reading • • List cleanup recommendations are all over the web – go Googling! Queries & Deduplication • • • Discussions on list cleanup on Commons • • • Deliverability • • • • • • Scoring
  • 14. THANK YOU! Contact Info ・ ・ ・