Leveraging Your Advocacy to Build Power and Win


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  • Remind folks about the following. IF they aren’t using fundraising, they should talk to their account manager.Over 2000 clients40K campaign manager75M activists, supporters and donors
  • You have the campaign, the allies and policy but how do you organize your power?Advocacy gives you a great platform to recruit and engage your supporters, while moving. policy. he most effective groups integrate both online and offline tactics so you can take full advantage of recruitment, fundraising, and engagement,  metrics. You have the campaign, the allies and policy but how do you organize your power? Even if your issue is front-page news and 5,000 supporters have signed your petition doesn’t mean you’ve organized these people. They’re not really supporting your mission until you inspire them to get involved - where they are at.The great thing about online advocacy is that you have many ways to approach your supporters and give them options for taking targeted action. You just have to figure out how to best leverage your people power across all avenues.
  • t’s key to have online advocacy tools in place, you so you can track your effectiveness, group activists, leverage policy- This was sent to school board. You can send to anyone with an email in Salsa.
  • Before launching a call to action, consider the theory of change behind it. Gone are the days when folks take action without good reason, so use your people power wisely.Explain how your supporters’ actions help solve the problem. Just a short e-mail about why the call to action, why now, and why them will do. Let your audience know the result of your action. If you didn’t achieve your goal, explain why. (That said, make certain to set yourself up for success with realistic, achievable goals.) Salsa: Multi-content targeted actions.While you should still encourage folks to personalize their petition letters, this option makes your supporters’ work easy for them. Create alternative letter versions. Keep in mind that if you leave the content blank, often folks will send in blank letters.
  • Know, in detail, the process for decision-making and who’s most powerful at different stages of the process. Are they moveable if not, perhaps their funders/sponsors could help. It doesn’t take as many constituent letters at the local level. Add multiple pressure points.
  • Example of local targeting
  • Adding action takers to groups helps to streamline your communications
  • Each organization should define for itself the lines that separate the various levels of the pyramid—when a person graduates from one level to the next. Perhaps a supporter has taken online action consistently. Perhaps he or she has donated once, or five times. Perhaps he or she has turned out in person to something, or met with their elected decision maker. These activities can be defined and measured and given a value that is then recorded in the database.
  • Allows for easy, targeted communications for future engagement.- Activity, Issue, Location, Donation history- organized database. - repurpose your emails
  • - New people are most excited about a group when they first sign up. Stay in touch with them immediately.    - Great for observers + activists + donation
  • You can evaluate what’s working and what’s not through key metrics-Conversion rate-Where are new people coming in from?-Donations: appeals, redirect pages
  • Builds towards going beyond a staff-driven model to have super-volunteers helping to lead the charge with the assistance of staff. Your recruitment (low lever) works  to move people to the “mobilized” whether it’s donating, taking action, or even leading action on your behalf. At the pinnacle your mobilized supporters are themselves initiating and leading activities that recruit and mobilize others, and your campaign is able to punch well above its weight (and budget).The top of the pyramid is an organized and motivated volunteer network, during critical pushes. These are super-volunteers lead teams of other supporters, with paid staff and systems dedicated to assisting and holding it all together.- Takes time and $$- Training- Obama 2008 - “Respect. Empower. Include.”           
  • Leveraging Your Advocacy to Build Power and Win

    1. 1. NTEN 501 TECH CLUB – LOS ANGELES presentsLeveraging your Advocacy to Build Power and Win featuring Arts for LA sponsored by Salsa Labs hosted by Wire Media `
    2. 2. Presenters Build Local to Win National Abe Flores • How to identify and mobilize your top Arts for LA advocates • Developing a strong local foundation, teams and partners • Leverage advocacy to build strategic alliances Marcy Rye • How website design and content strategy Wire Media drive targeted action online • Create targeted actions and communications in Salsa Jeanette Russell Salsa Labs
    3. 3. Arts for LA envisions… government, education, business and residents value, support and fully integrate the arts – in all their diversity – in the fabric of civic life.
    5. 5. Policy Framework
    6. 6. Convene – Inform - Mobilize
    7. 7. Build the Network
    8. 8. PLANNING: Where to Start?
    9. 9. PLANNING: Know Your Audience Sofia Martinez -------------------------------------- Teenager Lives in South LA 2 siblings First generation First in family to go to college Very low income
    10. 10. PLANNING: Know Yourself
    11. 11. DESIGN: 1 Main Goal
    12. 12. DESIGN: MAYAMost Advanced Yet Acceptable
    13. 13. CONTENT: Have a Plan
    14. 14. CONTENT: Tell a Story
    15. 15. Creating Your Action
    16. 16. Creating Action Content
    17. 17. Targeting
    18. 18. Targeting
    19. 19. Use Groups to Segment
    20. 20. Group by Engagement
    21. 21. Streamline Engagement
    22. 22. Evaluate PerformanceMetrics- Advocacy- Email (A/B)- Sign-In Pages- Donations- Re-directs
    23. 23. Chapter Organizing
    24. 24. Thank You! Abe Flores Arts for LA NEXT 501 TECH CLUB EVENT Michael Pacheco from NUVO TV on Marcy Rye Wed, March 27. 6:30-8:00pm Wire Media Nonprofit Video A Crash Course on Best Practices Jeanette Russell Salsa Labs
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