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The speed and agility with which you get a fundraising campaign up and running can make or break campaign success. Unlike other products that treat fundraising as an isolated function, Salsa leverages the power of the entire platform to handle the whole process.

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Fundraise with Salsa

  1. 1. Fundraisecan make or breakcampaign success.Salsa makes it easyto get a complete, highimpact campaign offthe ground rapidly,leveraging the power ofthe entire platform to handle the whole process.Since success hinges on a solid understandingof your donors and managing donorrelationships well, Salsa provides detailed donorprofile information and complete giving history,so you can fundraise more effectively. Knowingthat often includes special events, Salsa has allthe capabilities you need from creating customweb registration pages and event promotions tomanaging registrations and payments andother logistics.Online DonationsGet everything you need to create and control yourown recipe for fundraising success, including:Donor ManagementQuickly create online donation pages, analyze, organize and segment supporters, communicate withtargeted groups and manage fundraising data – all from one centralized toolset!• Customizable Donation PagesSecurely hosted “out of the box” donationpages can be easily tailored to meet yourexact needs. Require supporters to complete any standard or custom fields.• Tailor Donation OptionsSuggest donations amounts and options that are right for your cause, including recurring oranonymous donations, as well as “in honor of” or “in memory of” gifts.FeaturesThe speed and agility you need to get a fundraisingcampaign up and running,• Use Donor Profile Data to Build Winning Campaigns and Foster RelationshipsAnalyze and segment donor profiles to improve future campaign effectiveness andmanage relationships.• Peer-to-Peer FundraisingHarness your supporters’ interest in your cause by allowing them to spread the word to their familyand friends through their personalized donation pages.
  2. 2. Visit to view a full list of features and to request a demo. You may also call our salesteam at 866-796-8345.Communication Features Salsa Startup Salsa Enterprise Salsa FederationOnline Donations • • •Pledge Management • • •Integrated Merchant Accounts • • •Automated Transaction Emails • • •Offline Donation Sync • •Distributed Events • •Grants • •Storefronts • •Peer-to-Peer • •Private IP Address •EventsWhat sets Salsa’s event capabilities apart from the crowd?• Custom Event PagesChoose from Salsa templates or customizeyour event pages. Automatically send customacknowledgment triggers, redirect paths andthank-you messages. Supporters can evenmodify their attendee status.• Promote your EventSpread the word about your events with emailor online integration, social sharing and eventcalendars. Google Maps integration lets supportersfind events near them. You can even make your event searchable on your website.Ready to kick off your next campaign and Fundraise with Salsa?ignite action. fuel change.Bikes for the World uses the Fundraise with Salsatools to host their online donation program,collecting funds to help provide bicycles and partsto lower income people in developing 866-796-8345 @salsalabs