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Behind Salsa’s advocacy tools are dedicated email deliverability experts who help ensure the industry’s highest levels of deliverability are achieved. Salsa allows you to take a smart, strategic approach: supporters can send personalized messages to different officials, legislators or political figures, and our time-saving features, such as ready to use lists of legislators, help streamline the process.

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Advocate with Salsa

  1. 1. Advocateby introducing a veryeffective, easy-to-useway for nonprofitsto equip supportersto take rapid actionon even the mosttime-sensitiveadvocacy issues.Today Salsa remains the authority in onlineadvocacy, enabling you to mobilize yoursupporters quickly, consolidating every aspect ofyour advocacy effort on the same platform. Whenyou Advocate with Salsa, you can easily designeverything from straightforward online letters andpetitions to tools that let supporters reach outto their legislators and media, all backed by ourdedicated email deliverability experts. Plus, you’llhave access to our time-saving features, suchas ready-to-use lists of national, state and locallegislators, to help streamline the process.Online PetitionsReady to get started? Our basic feature setmakes it easy to energize your constituents andmake their voices heard:• Create Online PetitionsQuickly generate online petitions bychoosing a template and creating a briefdescription. Salsa will also seamlesslyintegrate new petitioners into your list of supporters and email distribution groups to helpyou build your base of support, and increase your impact.• Write Letters to the EditorHelp your supporters get their voices and your positions in print with tools to write letters to theeditor of their local papers. Provide specific content, or help them create their own letters withspecified talking points.• Quantify Your Advocacy ImpactSalsa advocacy reports put performance indicators at your fingertips, like who’s signing petitions inwhich geographic locations and more.Salsa first made its name in advocacyFeatures
  2. 2. Visit to view a full list of features and to request a demo. You may also call ouraccounts team at 866-796-8345.Advocacy Features Salsa Startup Salsa Enterprise Salsa FederationOnline Petitions • • •Targeted Actions - National • • •Targeted Actions - State • • •Custom Actions • • •Targeted Actions - Media • • •Targeted Actions - Local • •Targeted Actions - International •Advocacy ActionsSalsa’s advocacy action features increase your voice inpolicy issues and help you become a game-changer:• Put Targeted Action Messages inYour Supporters’ HandsMake it easy for your supporters to send targetedemail or fax messages to legislators, businessleaders, and political figures. You create the copy,select your preferences, and we’ll take careof the rest.• Address LocalizationSalsa uses sophisticated constituent targeting capabilities to help you reach decision makers fromyour city and local government, state officials, national leaders and even internationally.• Get Strategic with Personalized Custom ActionsDon’t just send one letter to all targets, compose multiple letters with different content and thenmatch them to assigned legislators. This way you can personalize messages to officials based ontheir responsiveness to your cause.Ready to take action and Advocate with Salsa? 866-796-8345 @salsalabsignite action. fuel change.AFL-CIO uses the Advocate with Salsa tools to mobilizetheir supporters in an effort to ensure all people whowork are valued, respected and rewarded.