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From "Arab Spring" to rallies and movements bubbling up across the US, people around the world are organizing and demanding change. Whether your organization is local or national, with the right tools and techniques, you can tap into the rising tide of advocacy and make your voice heard.

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  • Engagement: Advocacy and civic participation is on the rise! Many of you on the phone will be one of the lucky groups who’s issue has caught the public eye. Perhaps it’s from elections, OWS, a natural disaster or by your own creative efforts. You’ve got their attention! Now what? Do you know what to do with them? Ever see the confusion arise in a cat that actually catches the squirrel he’s been chasing all day and now has no idea what to do with it? Just because your issue is on the front-page news and 5,000 have signed your petition, it doesn’t mean you’ve organized them. They’re not really yours to keep until you make them want to stick around. To put it a different way, organizing is what you do AFTER you get them to sign the petition. An engagement strategy is essential to the success of organizing (or squirrel catching) effort. The key to building your people power is to 1) move them up the engagement ladder and 2) to have a plan to do so.
  • Create a plan that will 1) set goals for participation at different levels of engagement with your organization (100 donations, 2,000 letters to Congress, 50 volunteers and 2) map out different campaign activities ( create logo, and 3) figure out how technology (online tools) can implement the plan. 
  • Assuming you are regularly collecting email addresses, you need a system for updating folks and moving them up the ladder. One easy way is to do this is through an email trigger series. The idea is that you create and automatically deliver a series of emails 1 day, 5 days, 10 days, etc. after someone takes action. The action could be anything from signing a petition, making a donation or signing up for your newsletter. It’s especially helpful for cultivating new donors and activists to make them feel welcomed and engaged.
  • Delivery:
  • The goal of this campaign is to 1) raise public awareness of SOPA and 2), and encourage people to write congress. As most of you know, this is legislation which could dramatically censor free speech and an open internet. It's too early to tell what the ultimate impact will be, but here are some early indicators, as of 1PM PT January 18: More than 10,000 people have commented on the Wikimedia Foundation's blog post announcing the blackout. SOPA has accounted for a quarter-million tweets hourly since the blackout began;More than 90 million people have seen the Wikipedia blackout pageMore than 4 million people have looked up their elected representatives' contact information via the Wikipedia tool.More interesting, was the transparency and collaboration used to create this powerful action. 1800 people contributed to the day of action idea.
  • ECA (Entertainment consumers association) - ECA in solidarity with Wikipedia, EFF, Daily Kos and tons of organizations went black and called on people to take action to stop the SOPA. They effectively created an action that was symbolic of the regulation that could be enforced if such legislation was passed. The only page you could see, ANYWHERE on their site, was their take action page. The action was tied to a timely vote in the senate and allowed folks to send emails to their Senators using Salsa.
  • Advocacy rising salsa labs

    1. 1. Advocacy Rising
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    4. 4. TAKE AWAY’S• Integrate "Theory of Change" in all your actions• Effective targeting, messaging and delivery• Best practices to make your online actions more effective• Engagement
    5. 5. Salsa Platform Capabilities Email Social Media Fundraising & eCommerce Supporter Website Forms CRM Database3rd Party Plugins Events Reporting Advocacy
    6. 6. Theory of Change• How does taking the online action help solve the problem the action is about?• Bad: Stop the war? Sign this petition• Good: PCCC’s Dollar a Day campaign against Norm Coleman
    7. 7. Find the Right Target• Can they be moved?• Example: Stop Glenn Beck campaign
    8. 8. Find the Right Message• Ask for (or against) specific things, like vote for or against this bill.• Come up with threats with teeth• Allow your supporters to customize the message• Example: PCCC Obama Social Security campaign
    9. 9. Find the right delivery methodAvoid the email black hole!1. Drop off in person2. Get video3. Report back to your supporters
    10. 10. Best Practices• Consider softer targets than Congress• Example: / Bank of America V.S.
    11. 11. Be up front with the details• On the Salsa action page, make clear:• Your theory of change (why signing this will make a difference)• Your delivery plan• Deadline
    12. 12. Use Salsa tools fully• Automatic redirect after signing• Autoresponder message• Simplify Salsa action template to focus your supporters on the action• Use HTML in your email to have a call out box and good looking buttons etc. to increase actions.
    13. 13. Setting up Follow-ups
    14. 14. Segment your list• Send email only to the part of your list that wants to hear it• Segment by issue type• Segment by activity level (can use scoring)• Segment by type of activity (i.e. donors, petition takers, letter writers)
    15. 15. Integrate your actions• Put links to your actions on your homepage, social media etc. Don’t make it hard to find outside of email.• Finally: always report back to action takers, win or lose. (Good opportunity for fundraising)
    16. 16. Query by Activity
    17. 17. EngagementOrganizing is what you do AFTER you get them to sign the petition. The key to building yourpeople power is to 1) move them up the leadership ladder and 2) to have a plan to do so.
    18. 18. Engagement Plan• Set goals for participation at different levels • 100 donations • 2,000 letters to Congress • 50 volunteers• Map campaign activities• Use technology to implement plan This way, when someone signs a petition, attends an event or donates, you’ll know exactly how to engage them with the next step.
    19. 19. Salsa ScoringUse Salsa scoring to know where supporters fall on your engagement ladder
    20. 20. Send Engagement Series
    21. 21. Salsa Case StudyThe Raise the Bar campaign ties many of the concepts reviewed on thiswebinar. In particular, you’ll notice their effective use oftargeting, messaging, engagement, delivery and integration ofonline/offline organizing.• Targeting: Instead of waiting for Congress to legislate fair trade policies, the campaign targeted Hershey’s who has 40% of the market share.• Engagement: One way they engaged their supporters was asking them to 1) create a logo and message for the campaign and then invited people to 2) vote.
    22. 22. Message• Instead of coming up with their own message, they drew on the collective intelligence of their supporters (crowdsourcing) who produced effective commercials, ads, videos and slogans. The winner received $1000 and their work featured at Green Festivals nationwide, on t-shirts, buttons, and bumper stickers.
    23. 23. Delivery• The announcement of the “brand jamming” winners coincided with Hershey’s Annual General Meeting for shareholders in Hershey, PA. To reinforce this message to shareholders on the day of their annual meeting, concerned consumers across the country are sent emails to Hershey and posted on the company’s Facebook wall. They join the 30,000 people who have already contacted the company to make it clear that cocoa made with forced child labor is unacceptable. As a result, Hershey took notice and began discussions with the Raise the Bar campaign.
    24. 24. Delivery
    25. 25. SOPA 24 HR Day of Action
    26. 26. Results + Next Steps of Action
    27. 27. Action Follow Up
    28. 28. THANKS!Laura PackardSenior Digital on TwitterCheck out our blog for more Salsa tips! Jeanette Russell Senior Partner Marketing Manager 406-880-jnet