A primer on Chapters


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Accompanying recording here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRLzdOJU4k4

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A primer on Chapters

  1. 1. A PRIMER ON CHAPTERS Jake Patoski Training & Learning Manager
  2. 2. Chapters: Agenda • • • Basic chapter concepts (what data is and isn‟t shared between chapters) Adding new chapters and new chapter administrators Syndicating and sharing content between chapters
  3. 3. Not all organizations are created equal
  4. 4. Yet, all can share supporters
  5. 5. And, keep their own records -$110 donation -2 event reg. -2 actions -12 clicked emails -$100 donation -2 actions -2 clicked emails -$10 donation -2 event reg. -10 clicked emails 0 objects
  6. 6. Basic concepts: What data is and isn‟t shared • • • Supporters‟ membership in chapters is similar to belonging to a group. • Each chapter could be thought of as a group – so a chapter will only see supporters who exist in their „group‟. • A supporter can exist at the org level and not be assigned to any chapters. Most other data, such as groups, pages, etc., are created by chapter admins for their chapter alone. Only super admins at the org level can see ALL data, and push data down to the chapter level.
  7. 7. Basic concepts: What data is and isn‟t shared • • Supporters deleted at the chapter level only removes them from the chapter. At the org-level, they are fully deleted. Unsubscribes at the org level unsubscribe entirely. Unsubscribes at the chapter level are only from that chapter.
  8. 8. Creating chapters • Most important parts: • • • • Chapter name Status Assign campaign managers Optional: • • • • Location tab for tracking/organization Chapter Structure tab to set a chapter type (if available) and a parent chapter (if applicable) Chapter Sets tab for meta organization Options tab to set syndication availability
  9. 9. Creating campaign managers • Create them at the org level. • Assign them through the creation interface, or through the “edit chapter” interface.
  10. 10. Adding supporters to a chapter • Imports • • • Signup pages • • • If done at the chapter level, then automatically assigns to that chapter. If done at org level, must be assigned to chapter manually after import. Chapter level – correctly assigns to same chapter. Org level – must be assigned to chapter manually after import. Query • After running your query, find the supporter operations section and choose the chapter to add to.
  11. 11. Syndication Creating content at the org level to push to individual chapters. • www.salsalabs.com a link in the content looks like that. • Syndication is usually org-tochapter, but can be parentchapter-to-child, or chapterto-chapter
  12. 12. Syndication www.salsalabs.com a link in the content looks like that. • Once you‟ve syndicated emails, you decide whether to: • • • Not change any existing links in pages. Enter a new, separate page link. Create a copy of the existing link/page at the chapter level.
  13. 13. CONTACT INFO Read, learn, discuss – help.salsalabs.com Training & Learning Team – training@salsalabs.com Salsa Support – support@salsalabs.com
  14. 14. THANK YOU!