A Bottom Up Approach to Maximize Web & Social Media Reach and Influence


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There's a bottom-up revolution well under way in social media. It affects all aspects of our work, our business, our culture, and even our brains. This revolution is not just about tweets and Facebook likes, it’s about approaching your web efforts with more dimensions.

It's more than the digital media and widgets – it’s about touching hearts, creating community, telling stories, and building connections using the power of social media. This webinar will give an overview of the bottom up revolution and detail how to build a powerful bottom up platform. During the webinar you will learn:

• What it means to take a bottom-up approach to social media?
• How to sell bottom up, social media strategies to "old school" higher ups?
• What’s involved in building a "platform" that s central to any web strategy.
• How can you use the web and social media to generate more impact?
• What you can do to integrate non-digital marketing efforts with social media?

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  • rob kall, rob@opednews.com also www.bottomupmind.com
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  • A Bottom Up Approach to Maximize Web & Social Media Reach and Influence

    1. 1. A Bottom Up Approach to Maximize Web & Social Media Reach and Influence
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    4. 4. Salsa Platform Capabilities Email Social Media Fundraising & eCommerce Supporter Website Forms CRM Database3rd Party Plugins Events Reporting Advocacy
    5. 5. A Bottom Up Approach to Maximize Web and Social Media reachand Influence for Your Non-profit or Social Justice Work • Bottom-up vs Top-Down • Goals • Message • Platform • Social Media and Web Tools • Integration
    6. 6. Bottom Up• Definitions of bottom up and top-down• Connection• overview 80/20 pareto’s law• anthropology• neurophysiology• history• culture• business• economy• interpersonal
    7. 7. Message• Memes and message• Story
    8. 8. Platform• Content• content sources• subscribers/members• -incentives• widgets/tools-- social media• -share• -like• -tweet• -linkedin• -tell a friend• -printer friendly• stickiness, interaction• Reputation• newsletters
    9. 9. Social Media + Web Tools• facebook• twitter• linkedin• blogging• youtube• googlesearch /SEO• google alerts• inbound links/• crossposts• blogrolls
    10. 10. Integration• Print• events• mobile/smart phones• conferences
    11. 11. Rob KallEditor, OpEdNewsrob@opednews.com THANK YOU Op-Ed News Discount: 50% off 1 Day Onsite ConsultationJeanette Russell Salsa Discount: Senior Partner Marketing Managerjnet@salsalab.com, 406-880-jnet 30% off monthly + 50% set up for small NP