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It´s Story time III

It´s Story time III

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  • 1. The state of Yucatán has about 250 miles of beachfront property, here you can rent, live and enjoy in your beach of choice.
  • 2. If you wish to travel to other place, you can rent a car if you have a driver´s license
  • 3. One of the most interesting festivities of the Yucatecan people is the “Day of the Dead” which maintains a magic-religious meaning for all the indigenous peoples of Mexico.
  • 4. Mérida is a wonderful mixture of colonial city and cosmopolitan destination. With Mérida you can visit cathedrals, churches, Mayan ruins, museums and cenotes.
  • 5. There are not skyscrapers
  • 6. The Yucatán is one of Mexico's most tranquil and safest states. It is a good place for national and international sightseeing.
  • 7. Dzibilchaltún is the "place where there is writing on the stones," referring to the many memorial stones found at the site. To arrive that place, you have to take a map because you can get lost
  • 8. Mayan people are friendly, they cook traditional foods, the most important is the “Cochinita Pibil”
  • 9. On March 21st and September 22nd you can witness the incredible accuracy of Mayan astronomy as it was integrated into architecture
  • 10. Merida Yucatan is visited for foreign people each year.
  • 11. For visiting Merida in your next vacations, you can travel by car, bus or by plane.
  • 12. At the end, if you wish to visit Yucatan, I recommend to make an accommodation reservation firts