Perform Nail Art Design At Home


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Like any other creative activity, drawing original and beautiful nail art designs takes a lot of time and practice. With all the abundance of nail art supplies, one's nails can look like a picture -- literally.

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Perform Nail Art Design At Home

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  2. 2. Mission Aveda Salon & Spa , 1506 66th St N , Saint Petersburg , Florida 33710-5506 , Phone : (727) 369-8166 Every man and woman likes to have a great looking shaped nail. However, people usually don’t get time to paint nails and keep them treated by the professionals, as not having time to be at salon and spa. Well the solution is here, nail art can be done at home by you. It is easy to do your own nails, and with the wide varieties of nail art on the shelves at stores, it is fun to find new designs. When you going to perform nail art at your place there are some steps you should follow as I mentioned below: Pre-requisites: • Cotton balls • Acetone nail polish remover • Nail file • Top and bottom coat • Various nail art designs • Nail polish variety Steps: 1. Clean your nails thoroughly with a nail brush. 2. Push back the cuticles, using a nail file to shape your nails and then buff them slightly. 3. Decide the design you wish to apply to your nails. You may look at nail places, through books and magazines, or on the Internet. 4. Search out the best brand on nail art design that you want to do. You can also order for the professional nail art design kit. 5. Choose the place to do your nail art where spills can be handled easily. 6. Keep the cotton balls and pure acetone nail polish remover on hand to fix the mistake if any done while performing nail art design. 7. Brush on a base coat before you start your nail art. To make the dark enough you should apply two coats of nail polish. 8. Give enough time to dry out the nails before you begin your nail art. 9. Start your nail art on top of the base coat. 10. Use your nail polish brush for designing your nail in stripes, dots or dashes. 11. Fine brushes and Marbling tools can be handy for to create and make the nail art attractive. 12. Give some extra looking by applying gems or stickers on your nail. You can do this by using nail glue and tweezers to hold the item and set on your nail. 13. Apply one to two top coats of clear, protective coating to protect your nails from chips and other wear. 14. Give some time to make to be dry enough. More information - PERFORM NAIL ART DESIGN AT HOME