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Feed back session presentation facilitated by the Performance Development Team for the Sit Manager at Fashion Emporium

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  • Notes to be mentioned by the facilitator: Explain to the audience that the general purpose of the survey was to gather feedback from employees regarding a number of topics related to employee engagement, which wou
  • These two KPIs act as an “Umbrella” since they target at least one focus area of all the other 9 KPI’s
  • Notes for the Facilitator to mention: Define a potential priority as a probable weakness which the manager(s) should decide whether to add to priority list based on how many results he or she has Unfavourable.
  • Notes For Facilitator to explain: The only 2 top 10 Driver items for the focus group, resulted both as least favavourable
  • Notes to be mentioned by the Facilitator: Based on the goals set for the EOS to achieve, When explaining the KPI Employee Engagement, firstly define it as a combination of perceptions and attitudes that have a positive impact on employee behavior and thus positively impact a company’s success.
  • Salome muthoni mwangi_kenya_dhl

    1. 1. Feedback SessionFacilitated by the Performance Development Team
    2. 2. Session overview/Flow• Summary of of KPI Level results( KPI Highlights)• Focus Area KPIs, why the two? why is it important for the site(5mins)• Interesting correlations between results(3 mins)• Way forward post-EOS(action plan)-5 mins• Questions and Comments Presented by Performance Development Team
    3. 3. General overview of all KPIsReporting Group Headcount Surveys Overall Response Competed Rate %Fashion Emporium 5943 5252 88 Presented by Performance Development Team
    4. 4. WHICH RESULTS ARE MOSTNOTEWORTHY FOR THIS SITE? …. Presented by Performance Development Team
    5. 5. …Based on the 3 goals set for the Employee 2 key VariablesOpinion survey(EOS), which are namely…. Analyzed….. GOALS of the EOS  Growth rate in favorability RED* %Unfavorable YELLOW* %Neutral GREEN*%Favorable  Top 10 Driver Items Group “Best in class” Presented by Performance Development Team
    6. 6. Focus Area KPIs chosen ? why these two…. Presented by Performance Development Team
    7. 7. Why Employee WhyEngagement? Communication? • KPI: Communication, identifies• Employee Engagement is the key each employees opinion on purpose of the EOS Survey, constructive two way indicating that Job satisfaction, communication, helping mangers loyalty and willingness to be an identify problem areas advocate for the organization specifically in effective must be greatly compared, communication of strategy or analyzed and measured to meet their perception to the current the EOS goals. organizational culture and• Considering 75% of the leadership. employees have worked for more • Compared to any other KPI, than 3 years it is vital for them to Communication has two of the have pride and commitment to top 10 drivers ranked the least their workplace in order to be favourable by both the focus willing to achieve strategies. group and the comparison group. Presented by Performance Development Team
    8. 8. Focus KPI No 1: Employee EngagementBased on growth in Favourability ResultsTotal Favorability 2011= 58% and Total Favorability 2010=49% Overall% favorabilityRanking of Survey Items 2010 2011 % mostly falls between( from highest to least favorabi favorabi growth 54-65% , whichfavorable) lity(%) lity (%) in indicates a great favorabili Potential Priority ty areaOverall , I am satisfied with 56 9my Job at DHL 65I am proud to work for 48 6060 12DPDHLI would recommend DPDHL 47 5656 9as a great placeI really think about for a 45 52 7 52new job with anothercompany outside DPDHL
    9. 9. Focus KPI No 2:CommunicationBased on Favourability Results Top 10 DriverTotal Favorability 2011= 61% and Total Favorability 2010 =52% Items forRanking of Survey Items ( from highest to 2010 2011 % growth in the Focusleast favorable) favorability(% favorability favorability Group ) (%)1. I receive the information and communication 62 71 9I need to do my job effectively.2. My direct supervisor ensures that I receive 57 65 8important information for my work, which I am equalsunable to obtain myself. 3. Overall I am satisfied with the information 51 60 9 sharing and the Lowest % 60 communication in my work Favorable 4. In DPDHL there is area. 38 49 11 results open and honest two 49 way communication. Presented by Performance Development Team
    10. 10. Why is it important for the site? Improved Site Managem entThese two KPIs must be highly considered to demonstrate where we stand in reference to: (a) Their perception of working environment (b) working conditions, development of a leadership culture and (C) sustainable developmentBased on the Goals set for the EOS, these two KPIs should be focused on in order to achievethe goals
    11. 11. Interesting correlations between focus KPIs 140 120 100 FOCUS KPIs 80 % Communication 60 40 Employee Engagement 20 0 Both KPIs, based on their Average % Favorability Growth in Favorablity respective Survey (btwn 2010-2011) questions grew in Favorability at the rate ofBoth KPI scores show majority average % favorability below 65%implying that they are either Potential or obvious priorities that 9% between the yearthe manager needs to focus on as an improvement area and 2010 and 2011.create relevant action Plans for them. 4 Survey Items 3 Survey Items Total 4 Survey Total 4 Survey Questions QuestionsEmployee Engagement Communication
    12. 12. TAKING ACTION TOIMPROVE EMPLOYEEENGAGEMENT Presented by Performance Development Team
    13. 13. Improving employee engagement should be treated as an organization-wide concern , therefore, using the results from the EOS, we recommendthat… (A) DEVELOP ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION PLAN. The site Manager implements a long-term organizational Transformation plan focusing (B) RECRUIT EMPLOYEE-EMPLOYER on training both top and middle TASK FORCES TO IMPLEMENT level managers on how to deal TRANSFORMATIONAL PLAN with poor morale and negativity Employees form Task Force focused towards the organization and on finding solutions on the challenges foster an environment of Affecting effective employee commitment and loyalty from commitment to wards DPDHL . Also all employees. conduct frequent inter departmental evaluations to measure the impact of the plan over time. Presented by Performance Development Team
    14. 14. • ALERT!!! Always remember…THE EMPLOYEES MUST BE INVOLVED EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!!!Therefore, ED T COM MUNICAT (C ). TARGE MENT t to COMMIT uous commitmen (D) INVOL VE EVERY how cont in ent ONE ! S loyee engagem Do not to simply del ving emp hanges d o n ot implemen e ga impro that c tation to o te the by recognize ht! disassocia te from th thers and ernig a t y ou h appen ov s know th Hold "upd e process, loyee ate" meeting Le t the emp m and ac ting throughou s to the t the year are listening report to to ack. on th eir feedb the the emplo y ee r p os sible, link the progre ss of the a s on Wheneve ns that are taken and to hel p keep the ction plan ctio ey . specific a dings o f the surv communic lines of back to the fin ations ope n. Presented by Performance Development Team
    15. 15. Taking Action to Improve Communication PROSUMER Presented by Performance Development Team
    16. 16. Accountability is one of the most crucial ingredients when implementing anyAction Plans. Without accountability for implementing each Action step, little or noorganizational change will occur, therefore, we recommend that… (A) DEVELOP A STANDARDIZED COMMUNICATION (B) APPOINT COMMUNICATION STRATEGY STRATEGY DESIGNATE The strategy’s Critical Success It is critical to create a Factors, namely; open and communications strategy honest to way designate(Individual Supervisor or communication, centralised Task Force) responsible for sources of information and implementing the communications efficient channels of plan. communication accepted They will monitor and quantify the by all. progress and success of your Action Plan by measuring employee perceptions of the changes within the organization. Presented by Performance Development Team
    17. 17. (D ) CELEBRATE GROWTH! At the same time, it is important to celebrate the achievement of milestones in implementing Action(C ) INITIATE OPEN FORUMS Plans. Regularly recognize the effortTypically, this is conducted and good work that people put in tothrough a follow-up, "post make change happen. Celebratewave" employee survey, results not only in employeeinstituted between 12 and 24 communications but also bymonths following the previous acknowledging achievements publicly,survey. such as hosting a pizza party with the Task Force or by finding ways to incorporate these achievements within your organizations Employee Recognition Program. Presented by Performance Development Team
    18. 18. QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS?? Presented by Performance Development Team
    19. 19. “Nothing is more discouraging to employees than to be asked for their feedback and see no movement toward resolution of their issues.” Anonymous Thank you for Listening! Presented by Performance Development Team